Sure Thing – Holding You Tight

June 5, 2014 in Singles

Sure Thing Holding You Tight DefectedAnother act now who are better known individually, as DJ Die, Joker and Futureboogie’s Christophe team up with some musician friends. Collectively, they are Sure Thing and this is their debut release.

There’s a nice range of mixes on offer, too. In its Original form, Holding You Tight is pure early 80s boogie pastiche, with a sweet female chorus (as well as a spoken Spanish main vocal), authentically spangly analogue synth sounds and a little bit of Troutman-esque voicebox action for good measure! Fellow Bristolians GotSome bring us a housed-up Bump-in-the-Trunk remix that goes straight for the dancefloor jugular with its insistent old skool keyboard stabs and seriously phat n’ chunky b-line, while Rob Mello’s two rubs sit somewhere between the two, operating at the same 114bpm tempo as the original but utilising a more contemporary sound palette.

It’s a toss-up between Mello’s No Ears Dub and GotSome’s rub as to which I’m feeling the most personally, but it’s fair to say the quality standard’s as high throughout as you’d expect from such a heavyweight team-up.

Out: This week

About: This comes to courtesy of Defected, who you can of course find here.

Oscar K – Jamming Love La Musica

April 12, 2014 in Singles

Oscar K Jamming Love La Musica Funky GreenWe kick off with some nu-boogie vibes this evening, coming on a new label to me, Funky Green.

In its original form, Jamming Love La Musica is a low-slung and languid affair, with a bassline that’s pure Imagination, a melody that recalls Thelma Houston’s You Used To Hold Me So Tight and a breathy, half-spoken/half-sung female “Love… la musica” vocal. Yuriy Poleg’s remix pumps up the beats and takes us into Negro-esque disco-house territory, while rounding out the EP is Moscow Summer, another unhurried nu-boogie groove… but all-instrumental this time to really let those squelchy analogue synths shine through.

Out: This week

About: Can’t seem to find a website for Funky Green but you can email if you want to know more…

Mannix feat Dina Vass – Standing Right Here

March 24, 2014 in Singles

Mannix Standing Right Here FavouritizmAustrian house veteran Mannix pulls off a double coup here: not only do the fine tonsils of Dina Vass grace this Melba Moore cover, he’s also managed to rope in NYC disco legend John Morales on remix duties.

The M+M man provides three rubs of Standing Right Here. His Main Mix is a sumptuous, many-layered, full-vocalled affair that would slot into disco or soulful house sets equally well. It’s accompanied by a fairly self-explanatory Instrumental and Dub, while you also get two mixes apiece from Timmy ‘Soul Central’ Vegas and fellow Vienna resident Eighteez Ladeez. The former’s Remix and Instrumental take the track into more boogified pastures with some gorgeously squelchy 80s synth-bass; I’m personally less enamoured of the slightly ‘funky house’-ish stylings served up by the latter, though I’m sure there are floors that’ll lap those mixes up.

For TIWWD’s purposes, though, it’s all about that M+M Main Mix. Sheer class!

Out: Now on Traxsource, everywhere else from 14 April.

About: This comes on Favouritizm Records, who you can find on Facebook.

Rayko – Ruso’s Theme

February 22, 2014 in Singles

Rayko Ruso's Theme NangTime for some nu disco/nu boogie vibes now courtesy of the ever-dependable Nang Records.

Three mixes of Ruso’s Theme to choose from. In its original form, the insistent female “I’m gonna make you love me” vocal and squelchy analogue synths have a slightly Patrick Adams-y feel. Slightly, I said! Pete Herbert then give us a Remix and Dub, both of which have a more luxuriant, orchestral vibe about them… and some killer space disco stabs to boot.

The EP’s rounded out by bonus cut Italo Fitness… and the title tells you pretty much all you need to know about that one. But it’s the Pete Herbert Remix of the title track that takes top honours for me.

Out: This week

About: You can find Nang on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website. Oh yeah, and apparently this trails a Nang full-length from Rayko called Rebirth, so keep ’em peeled!

Loz Goddard – Not Another Disco EP

November 6, 2013 in Singles

Loz Goddard Not Another Disco EP Luvbug RecordingsIf you see Loz Goddard in the street, feel free to point at him and shout “Liar! Liar! Pants on fire!”. Because despite his devious attempts to pull the wool over our eyes, this definitely IS a disco EP.

Three tracks to choose from. Over & Over has a hazy, lazy, druggy feel to its looping funky geetar and sampled fem vox, Persistance is a boogie-flavoured joint with chorused male vocals that sound like they’re imploring you to “mock the turtle”, though I’m almost certainly hearing that wrong, while finally This Time is another looping, filtered affair with spoken vocals from some guy who “doesn’t claim to be the person that started it” but does “like to know that he was there at the beginning and things he did started a movement.”

So yes, DEFINITELY a disco EP. And a rather fine one at that.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Luvbug Records, Nathan G’s label who are based in Australia and who don’t seem to really ‘do’ the internet, so this holding page is the best I can do for you links-wise.

Rucci & Fedelli – Afro Money

November 2, 2013 in Singles

Rucci & Fedelli Money Cosmic SumoA change of pace now with this slab of lo-slung, sleazy-yet-sunny nu-disco from Cosmic Sumo Records.

Sort-of title track Money in its Original form isn’t Afro-y at all… instead it’s all about the down n’ dirty funk bassline, cowbells n’ handclaps and chorused-to-the-eyeballs female vocals. If you dig Faze Action, Escort or The Phenomenal Handclap Band, you’ll dig this for sure. More surprisingly, the Afro Elements Mix on the B doesn’t sound particularly Afro-y to these ears either, being instead more of a pared-back, rhythmically-oriented pass, though maybe I guess the choppy Spanish guitars are a bit Afrobeat/hi life-y.

It’s the fat n’ nasty bottom end and overall euphoric feel that are the real stars of the show on either mix, though… this is music to snort coke and screw first-class flight attendants on your yacht in San Tropez to. Or failing that, for earnest young guys – some of them possibly with beards and/or cardigans, yes – to dance to in grotty back rooms and cellars. Either’s fun*.

Out: This week

About: Cosmic Sumo are based in Florence, Italy and can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud. Or indeed at their very own website.

* All right, I’m sort of guessing about the first one.

Marcato & Tiny Toon – Ough I Love It EP

October 5, 2013 in Singles

Marcato & Tiny Toon Ough I Like It Sleazy DeepKeeping with the sultry/sexy/sleazy groove we seem to have gotten into today, here’s the latest from Sleazy Deep.

Departing from SD’s usual “here y’are have 27 mixes” approach, there’s just the two originals to choose from this time out. The oddly-spelt title track is a chunk of sexed-up, midtempo nu-boogie that could have come straight outta NYC circa 1982, with a female rap vocal and space disco stabs to die for. Over on the B, In My Mind sits somewhere between nu-boogie and that very now ‘deep/tech house with soulful vocals’ sound, the vocal in this case being male.

It’s the A-side all the way for me here, though…

Out: This week

About: Find Sleazy Deep here and here (Soundcloud, web)

Kez YM – Late Night Blue Sound EP

September 12, 2013 in Singles

Kez YM Late Night Blue Sound City Fly RecordsA four-track EP that wears its old skool influences on its sleeve here from Kazuki Yamaguchi, AKA Kez YM, coming to you courtesy of City Fly Records.

Late Night Remedy opens proceedings inna soulful nu boogie/beatdown stylee, with its male vocals, funkified b-line and lush chords overlaid with party noise throughout. The track also revisits the female vocal from (or perhaps uses the same sample as? I’m not entirely sure) FPI Project’s Everybody All Over The World …. The deeper Andrs Remix of the same then takes us into more obviously ‘late night’ (as opposed to ‘party hearty’) territory. Sneak Into You is another midpaced affair in a very similar, albeit less vocal vein, but the pick for me here is Ladder Of Smoke, which not to put too fine a point on it is old-skool Chicago-style deep house revisited.

Out: This week

About: You can find City Fly Records, who are based in Leicester and Birmingham, on Facebook and Soundcloud. Hit up the latter and you can also currently download a free hour-long mix from Kez YM (as well as various other goodies).

Mister Gavin – Night Crush EP

August 8, 2013 in Singles

Mister Gavin Night Crush EP Stardust RecordsI’ve commented on here before about how Stardust Records have lately been toning down the hi-octane filter disco excesses and ploughing a slightly deeper disco-house furrow… and so it is with this new EP from Mister Gavin. Well, to some extent, though with four tracks in a total of nine mixes you can find everything from cosmic disco to blatant Daft Punk pastiche to the truly gorgonzola-tastic here.

I’m guessing you’ll be after the former rather than the latter so I’ll just quickly point you in the direction of the Kosmetique Censored Remix of the title track… but the cut I really wanted to talk about was Sunset Heights.

I recently read a book about America’s deep south, where the author met some Civil War re-enactors who sleep in ditches in their confederate uniforms ALL YEAR ROUND because ‘authenticity’ is everything. Which is a. dedication for you and b. clearly insane, but it’s relevant here because ‘authenticity’ is also a valuable commodity in nu-disco circles and if it’s authenticity you’re after then a record that manages to sound convincingly like a long-lost Phyllis Hyman 12″ from 1978 wouldn’t be a bad place to start!

Out: This week

About: Here’s where Stardust live on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Leon Sweet/2 Billion Beats – Show You/Noise In Your Eye

July 14, 2013 in Singles

smallsmallManchester’s mighty Paper Recordings celebrate their 150th release with a ‘double EP’… not quite sure how that works to be honest but anyway, what you get are one track from Leon Sweet, in four mixes, and two from 2 Billion Beats.

Starting with Mr Sweet’s offering then, Show You features one Cristabella May on vocals, and is in its original form a mid-paced deep houser with disco leanings that wouldn’t sound out of place on an album by sometime labelmates Crazy P(enis). The Dean ‘Sunshine’ Smith Mix is an anthemic, piano-led rub that’s got ‘Ibeefa’ written all over it, the Ron Basejam Mix is one for sweaty soul basements and features added breathy flute action, while Leon himself supplies a Dub just for good measure. As for the 2 Billion Beats cuts, Noise In Your Eye (described on the hype sheets as “a BIG floor disco track that plugs an LCD Soundsystem-shaped hole”) is a struttin’ nu-disco jam with added hands-in-the-air pianos, while Full Moon Boogie is in a similar vein but kinda bigger and raunchier… and with an epic breakdown just after the four-minute mark.

Out: These have been available for a couple of weeks on Juno but are out everywhere this week.

About: You can find Paper on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.