In-akey – Love For The Music

January 14, 2016 in Singles

In-akey Love For The Music EP Nite GroovesBusy busy busy but there’s just time before the clock strikes midnight to tell you about his wicked little three-tracker from Nite Grooves, which is the work of Ibiza-based producer Inaky Garcia.

Actually, I say wicked little three-tracker but there’s one track here that stands out head, shoulders and Abraham Lincoln-esque stovepipe hat above the rest! Taking the tracks in Oscars-stylee reverse order, then, Ezinhle is a perfectly acceptable, jaunty little prog-tinged house throbber with an Afro-Latin feel in the beats department, while Love For The Music itself, in its Beat Mix form, marries more straight-up 4/4s to an understated but funk-fuelled bassline and tops the lot with string sweeps and luxuriant pads, the end result being a laidback Balearic house epic with a decidedly euphoric feel.

But then we come to the Piano Mix, which is actually the lead track – and quite rightly so. Because here, a delicate intro of simple beats and gently tinkling ivories gradually swells into an absolutely ker-razy ass jazz-house workout with wukka-wukking funk geetar and some of the most wigged-out piano action this side of Thelonious Monk.

Me like, muchly.

Out: This week

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Various – No 590 EP

November 29, 2015 in Singles

No 590 EP NIte GroovesAnother excellent addition to Nite Groove’s ‘number’ series of EPs here.

No stranger to this blog, Matt McLarrie gets the ball rolling with Jazz Lemonade, a superb slice of garage-leaning deep house with a warm, fluid bassline, soaring sax, insistent piano stabs and spoken “jazz!” vox. Misty’s Circus Horns is a more driving house cut with a lolloping main synth/bass riff, tribal-tinged drums and a big, dramatic breakdown in the middle, while completing the EP is Because Of You from Severin Borer, a more contemplative, slow-burning houser with some pleasingly hefty bass throb and a blissed-out, almost Balearic feel in places.

All solid stuff, but it’s Jazz Lemonade that makes this EP essential.

Out: This week

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Rishi K – Paint The Sky EP

November 22, 2015 in Singles

Rishi K Paint The Sky EP Nite GroovesWe kick off in deep house territory tonight, with Rishi K doing the do for Nite Grooves.

Just two tracks make up the EP. Paint The Sky itself is a trad-style deep houser with warm bass, dubby inflections and snippets of soulful male vox (mostly just ‘uhs’ and ‘oohs’)… very west coast but then Rishi’s based in San Francisco, after all. Heat Of The Night then takes us into more sweeping, prog-tinged territory – familiar ground for Rishi – with synths that should have you drifting off into inner space nicely.

Both tracks are every bit as good as we’ve come to expect from Rishi, but the A-side just nudges it for me.

Out: This week

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Various – New Breed Of Deep House Vol 5

October 27, 2015 in Albums

New Breed Of Deep House Vol 5 Nite GroovesNo faulting the value-for-money with this latest in Nite Grooves’ New Breed… series, with 28 tracks that can be yours for a tenner. ’Course, that wouldn’t mean a lot if the music was rubbish. But we’re a long way from rubbish here!

Given the title, you might expect the 28 tracks here all to be the work of up-and-coming or hitherto unknown producers, but that’s not the case. There are plenty of new names, for sure – say hello Pete Grace, Lips, Heston, Bordertown and several others. But there are also plenty of more familiar talents involved, including the likes of Slok, Kruse & Nuernberg, Doomwork, Mat.Joe and The Checkup – not to mention, in the forms of Kerri Chandler, Mateo & Matos and Sunshine Jones, some certified scene legends.

Stylistically, it’s as varied as the line-up. Whether your deep house tastes tend towards the laidback and soulful (From P60’s I’m Not The Same), the cool and Berlin-ish (Lars Von Dalen & Mike Moorish’s stripped, druggy 4am workout Nightmares), the funk-fuelled and bumpin’ (Mat.Joe & Thabo Getsome’s Live Da Funk), the epic and proggy (Leo Aguilar’s Stay Hungry Stay Foolish) or the big, bassy and diva-tastic (Bordertown’s Let It Feel, a MONSTER of a Moda Black/Knee Deep In Sound-like houser), you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

Out: Now

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Various – No 256 EP/No 584 EP

October 18, 2015 in Singles

Time to get down with those ever-prolific Various Artists tonight, kicking off with not one but two new additions to the King Street label family’s ‘number series’ of sampler EPs.

No 256 EP Street KingLooking at the No 256 EP first, this one comes on young upstart imprint Street King and as such, the emphasis here is on contemporary house grooves built strictly with the floor in mind. David Mussen & Cool People give us the chunky, throbbing Every Now, Julian’s Ventus flirts with soulful and Balearic idioms, Roni Iron & Kled Mone ft Charitini’s Like A Child veers almost towards Disclosure/Hot Natured chart dance territory (but is pretty cool all the same, thanks largely to Charitini’s vocal, which straddles pop and jazz), while Samplers FX come with the terrace-friendly Don’t Catch Me. All are playable for sure, but the standout of this set for yours truly is The Jacker from MCMXC MADE, a tuff n’ struttin’ affair with lashings of ruff-edged bass and an old school “jack… jack… jack… jack” vocal.

No 584 EP Nite GroovesMoving on to the No 584 EP, this one comes on Nite Grooves but actually treads pretty similar musical ground to the Street King EP.  Le Visiteur’s In My Soul is another quite commercial-sounding cut with a Florence-like vocal, Mister Solo ft Bjorn Maria’s Lost In Time is a deep, dark groove that breaks out into tinkling ivories and a crooning male vocal, Soulfeed’s Triangls is a dark chugger built for warm-ups or late play and Stark D’s Meant To Be is a deep n’ moody late-night headnodder. Pick of the crop though for me is Jolyon Petch & Mobin Master’s Jumpin’, which marries very ‘now’ big dark bass to a snatch of the famous Musique/Todd Terry/Lisa Marie Experience “jumpin’ ” vocal and pianos beamed in straight from the podiums of Angel’s, Burnley circa 1993. And yes, I’m an ageing handbag tart and no, I don’t care.

Out: This week

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B-Liv – Basement Rules

July 28, 2015 in Singles

B-Live Basement Rules Nite GroovesAnother two-tracker now, and while we stay in deep house territory we turn our eyes towards the dancefloor with this offering from in-demand Mexican producer B-Liv.

The Original of Basement Rules is a moody, midpaced chugger with crisp beats, a rumbling bassline and nagging piano chords. Once the midsection breakdown comes along, it’s topped by a spoken male vocal (“house is more than just a feeling… it’s like a heartbeat… feel it in your soul”, etc), after which some lovely tinkling jazz ivories play us out. The Glitch Side Remix, meanwhile, comes from B-Liv himself and is a notch or two more upbeat, with a bubbling, techy feel.

Liking both but the A just wins out, I think.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by veteran NYC label Nite Grooves, which as you know is part of the King Street family and can be found here, here and here.

The Bassment – On The Road EP

July 20, 2015 in Singles

The Bassment On The Road EP Nite GroovesMore fine deep house/garage bizniss on this three-tracker from Nite Grooves.

Forever is up first, quite a chunky, bouncy cut that’s got strong garage leanings, what with its parping organ chords, ringing vibes/chimes and deep, spoken male vox. The pacier Glide Away takes us into slightly techier pastures, with a throbbing bassline and snatches of hip-house vox, while finally On The Road itself marries raw, thumping kicks and jazzy keys in the finest New Jersey tradition.

Excellent work all round – and a release that’ll delight long-term fans of the label – but On The Road wins it by a nose. Which’ll be why they made it the title track I guess!

Out: This week

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Rishi K – Transcending/Connect Within

February 28, 2015 in Singles

Rishi K Transcending Nite GroovesPredictably top-drawer deep house bizniss from our man Rishi here!

Transcending is up first, a pretty lively affair by today’s standards that feels a little like classic west coast deep house given a more bass-y contemporary overhaul. You then get three mixes of Connect Within to choose from. The original is a dreamy, throbbing number with a looped spoken “breathe in… breathe out” male vocal. Jarquin & Cano smoothe things out a little on a refix that rides a chunkier bottom end, while Sebb Aston adds some female “mm-mm-mmms” and takes us into more stripped-back, (Jersey) garage-leaning territory.

Not picking a fave here because frankly this is a superb EP all round.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of Nite Grooves, who along with the rest of the King Street stable can be found here, here and here.

Kruse & Nuernberg – Stealing Feeling

February 8, 2015 in Singles

Kruse & Nuernberg Stealing Feeling Nite GroovesGermany’s deep house masters Kruse & Nuernberg serve up a belter for King Street sub-label Nite Grooves here.

Their original mix of Stealing Feeling is, to cut a long story short, an organ-driven chugger that owes more than a little to the vintage sound of New Jersey. Roter & Lewis serve up a brace of refixes that tuffen up the beats somewhat, Marco Tegui performs a similar trick in the bass department, while Fedor K takes us into sparser, twitchier, techier territory. However the only remix that can really compete with the original to these ears comes from 2nd Skin, who adds soulful scat vox, skippier beats and some lovely spangly ivories.

I think it’s still the original that takes the gold for me, though. Just.

Out: This week, on Traxsource;  everywhere else from 17 March.

About: You can find Nite Grooves and the whole of the King Street stable, as you well know by now, here.

Sebb Aston – U Can Think EP

December 20, 2014 in Singles

Sebb Aston U Can Think EP Nite GroovesSeeing as it’s Saturday night, let’s end on a slighly more upbeat note with this fine four-track EP from Sebb Aston.

U Can Think itself is up first, a chunky classic-style house groover with various chopped-up vocal snips and a filtered main chorus, M1 organ sounds and some old skool, arms-aloft piano action to boot. The M1 then stays out both for You R Living with its looping soulful male “tell me why” vocal and seriously fat-assed bassline, and for Going Crazy which comes in two forms, the original being a dancefloor monster that’ll appeal to the speed garage/bassline house lovers while the darkhfunkh remix treads a deeper, darker path, both rubs sporting a looped male “music’s got me going crazy” vocal.

It’s like the 90s happened! Nuff said. 🙂

Out: This week, on Traxsource

About: This comes on Nite Grooves, which as you know is part of the King Street label family.