Lee Walker – Something Better Give EP

May 10, 2014 in Singles

Lee Walker Something Better Give Savoir Faire MusiquePredictably fine fare here from a producer and a label (Savoir Faire Musique) who are no strangers to this blog. But while the quality’s predictable the timbre certainly isn’t, as SFM turn the dark up by several notches…

On the A, Something’s Gotta Give is a chunky, techy affair, centred around a big, throbbing bass riff and liberal vocal bites (though I think it’s resung, not a sample) from Rick James’s Give It To Me Baby. The New Rules Womp Mix thereof is then definitely a surprise from this usually more soulfully inclined imprint, as we enter full-on warper territory! On the flip, You Just Better is another techy cut with another big bass-synth riff and treated “now listen to me, you better dance” male vox, and comes accompanied by an Ozzi Remix that tuffens up the drums and, again, gets some serious wobble on in the bass department.

Typical Savoir Faire tackle this EP is not – by any means. But seriously rocking, it most certainly is!

Out: This week

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