Moon Mood – Stargazing

November 15, 2015 in Singles

Moon Mood Stargazing Nang RecordsAfter last night’s ‘nothing but house’ selection, a more eclectic reviews line-up for you tonight, starting in the nu-disco arena with this latest offering from the mighty Nang and Russian producer Alexey Vorobyov, AKA Moon Mood.

In its Original form, Stargazing is fairly archetypal Nang material, all shimmering synths and lazily strollin’ beats. It’s accompanied by two remixes: the Pharoah Black Magic Breathless Remix takes us into slightly housier, more floor-oriented territory, while Irregular Disco Workers supply a stripped back n’ dubby take with a strong cosmic/Italo influence. That’s my personal fave rub of the title cut, but even better is bonus cut The Cove, which looks to early 80s boogie for inspiration with its syndrums and squelchy analogue synth-bass. Hypernova, another ‘typically Nang’ affair but pacier than Stargazing, completes a strong package.

Out: This week

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Rayko – Ruso’s Theme

February 22, 2014 in Singles

Rayko Ruso's Theme NangTime for some nu disco/nu boogie vibes now courtesy of the ever-dependable Nang Records.

Three mixes of Ruso’s Theme to choose from. In its original form, the insistent female “I’m gonna make you love me” vocal and squelchy analogue synths have a slightly Patrick Adams-y feel. Slightly, I said! Pete Herbert then give us a Remix and Dub, both of which have a more luxuriant, orchestral vibe about them… and some killer space disco stabs to boot.

The EP’s rounded out by bonus cut Italo Fitness… and the title tells you pretty much all you need to know about that one. But it’s the Pete Herbert Remix of the title track that takes top honours for me.

Out: This week

About: You can find Nang on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website. Oh yeah, and apparently this trails a Nang full-length from Rayko called Rebirth, so keep ’em peeled!

Rayko – In The Cave

January 17, 2013 in Singles

Rayko In The Cave NangOh go on then, just one more quickly! Seeing as we were just talking strange disco delights, here’s the latest from Nang.

Rare Wiri Records boss Rayko is the man at the controls for what’s an archetypal Nang nu-Italo offering in its original form, with Carpenter-esque synths a-gogo and a soaring, cosmic overall feel. Slovenia’s Ohm Fat then supplies a brace of rerubs that take us into housier territory, his Transcended Dub being my pick of the three mixes.

The Nang faithful should be plenty happy.

Out: This week

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Ilya Santana – Running To Your Love

July 13, 2012 in Singles

Ilya Santana Running To Your Love Nang

Good old Nang and their dependable nu-disco grooves! It’s not really essential, after all, for a label to reinvent themselves with every single release… sometimes it’s better just to stick to what you’re good at.  And nu-disco is something Nang are very good at indeed.

Not that they don’t throw the occasional curveball to keep us on our toes, of course, but this is archetypal Nang fare: polished nu-disco from label fave Santana, with a wistful female vocal from Sylwia Van Der Wonderland. That said, with a total of eight mixes on offer from Robot Needs Oil, Brioski, Sportloto and Rayko, there’s a decent amount of variation mix-wise, too: I’m not going into all eight individually, but the housier rubs from Robot Needs Oil and Brioski are the ones that are doing it best for me, particularly the latter’s interesting fusion of deep house and Italo sounds, while Sportloto’s laidback Omega Mix will serve you nicely for Sunday sessions and the like.

Overall, though: solid nu-disco fare from a label who are past masters of the art.

Out: This week

About: Here’s where to find Nang online, or you can HEAR the Rayko mix here.

Sare Havlicek – Escape Machine

March 18, 2012 in Albums

Been waiting a while for this! But here at last is the second album from Slovenia’s master of all things Italo and nu-disco, Sare Havlicek, which follows on from his 2010 debut, also on Nang, Toscana Nights.

‘Difficult second album syndrome’ doesn’t generally seem to affect electronic music producers as much as it does rock bands, for obvious reasons. Nonetheless, any artist’s sophomore long-player IS usually a pretty good indicator of whether they’re gonna be in this for the long haul, or whether their star is one that shone brightly but briefly. Thankfully on this evidence, we can officially file Sare in the former category.
What’s perhaps the trickiest feat for a second-album producer to pull off is to ensure some sort of continuity with his/her/their debut, without merely repeating the same notes in a different order. And Havlicek has managed to do that admirably here, for while Escape Machine largely stays in nu-disco territory (thus ensuring continuity), it also sees him exploring a broader sound palette than before. Where Toscana Nights was pretty much all about the analogue Italo synths, this time out pianos, strings and other instruments have a bigger role to play. There are also a handful of guest vocals (from Mitja, and from Charlie Denholm of Molly Wagger)
Stylistically, Sare veers a little closer than previously towards house tempos/rhythms as well – see, for instance, Sense Station, a piano-led romp for sun-drenched Iberican afternoon sessions if ever I heard one. That said, if it’s those glacial Italo analogue workouts you’re after, there’s still a few of those, too…
In fact, you could sum up Escape Machine by describing it as “like Toscana Nights, but more rounded”. And as I loved Toscana Nights, you can imagine how I’m lovin’ this.
Out: This week
About: Here’s where Nang live online

Toomy Disco – Always Awake EP

March 6, 2012 in Singles

Toomy Disco, I’ve only just found out, is a mere 22 years old. Which seems incredible, given the huge waves he’s managed to make on the nu-disco scene over the past few years. Here he is again with another excellent offering, coming this time on that home of excellent nu-disco offerings, Nang Records.

Always Awake itself is a throbbing, Balearic-tinged affair, with analogue synth sounds and some phat bass giving the track a real sense of urgency. Life Care is in a similar vein overall but this time featuring some spaced-out geetars and even more sense of impending drama – The Time & Space Machine would be proud! – while finally White Clouds veers into Havlicek-esque Italo territory, but with those psychedelic guitars also in full effect.
So, typical Nang fare in a word… but then from my comments above, you can probably guess I’m not seeing that as a bad thing!
Out: This week
About: Here’s where to find Nang Records online.

ALBUM Jan Ken Po – Unlimited Man

December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

This album’s actually credited to Max Essa presents Jan Ken Po… JKP being a new alias for the nu-disco stalwart as he changes tack ever so slightly. “More Berlin, less Monaco – that’s the ethos,” says the hype sheet. “Essa’s touched a new base.”

And indeed, this album’s a little more house-ified and consistently dancefloor-oriented than previous outings by this British producer based in Japan. But only a little. The beats may be a notch more driving, but the influence of Italo/cosmic disco still looms large and of course, Max’s large collection of vintage analogue synths still has a crucial role to play. So while there are tracks here such as lo-slung dirty funker Palm Beach Boy Trees that you might be surprised have come out of Essa’s studio, others, such as Metropolitan Scene or First Touch, are almost unmistakeable in their sheer Essa-ness.
As such, if Unlimited Man is meant to be a dramatic reinvention of Mr Essa’s musical self, then I’m not sure it entirely works. But if you’re a Max Essa fan – and I certainly am – then there’s plenty to enjoy here.
Out: This week
About: This comes on Max’s home, the mighty Nang Records

Sportloto – Will I EP

December 11, 2011 in Singles

It’s Sunday morning, and time to get on the nu-disco train with Sportloto, a Russian chap by the name of Andrey Rublev who’ve had who’s had previous releases on Nang, Bearfunk and Compost.
On this four-track EP you get ‘Original Instrumental’ and Crazy P-ish Vocal mixes of Will I itself, which features Italo-type synths above a floaty, Balearic backdrop, plus a Fabrizi Mammarella Remix which is a stripped-down take that’s all about the lo-slung electrofunk/proto-garage bassline, and comes topped off with a little gentle acid squelch as the track goes on. Bonus track Metamorphis [sic], meanwhile, is an upbeat affair that leans more heavily in an Italo direction, with shiny-cold 80s synths a-gogo.
It’s the Mammarella Remix I’m digging the most but suffice to say Nang fans won’t be disappointed here.
Out: This week
About: You can HEAR THIS and much more from Sportloto at his Soundcloud page, while here’s the link for Nang Records.

Lusty Zanzibar – Find A Way

October 30, 2011 in Albums

Lusty Zanzibar is something of a Nang stalwart already, having appeared on several label comps and remixed numerous Nang artists… so where else to head with his debut full-length?

Opening with The Feeling, which was out as a single some months back, Find A Way sees this young UK producer finding his way along a musical path that takes in elements of nu-disco, house and Balearica, and blending all those elements together to come up with a distinctive shiny happy grown-up dance pop hybrid all of his own, with Muneerah’s sweet female vocals (which appear on over half the tracks) helping to lend cohesion to the whole. As regards the question, ‘is it any good or not?’… well yeah it’s okay, actually, or I wouldn’t be writing about it – it can sound a little sickly-sweet and cloying in places, at times, but that depends on your mood I think.

Definitely an album you’ll want to pick your moment for, then. But there are enough gems here – disco instrumental Luminous Motion, Stonebridge-esque pop-house anthem Don’t Stop On The Beat, the icy Detroit-isms of On Our Way To Bliss – to make this worth a punt all the same.

Out: This week

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Unclepasha – Grapevine EP

October 16, 2011 in Singles

Seem to be getting less nu-disco sent through lately, but you can always rely on Nang… and this latest doesn’t disappoint.

Actually though, to dismiss this as ‘nu-disco’ would be to do it something of a disservice. Spirit Free, presented here in both vocal (feat Michelle Bee) and instrumental versions, is similar to the kind of genre-defying, “post-nu disco Balearic pop” – for want of a better term – that Matt Playford and Tom Gray serve up under their Weirdo Police guise (as showcased on the excellent We Love… Portraits 01 album earlier this year), with a little bit of jazz-funk thrown in for good measure. And Budutut is a similarly hard-to-pin-down affair that you might describe as somewhere between nu-old funk, free jazz and slo-mo house.

All very interesting stuff. But the real reason this is here is the title track, Grapevine, which you’d definitely file under the nu-disco tag… and which is also, incidentally, the best Marvin Gaye re-work you’re likely to hear all year, centred around that oh-so-familiar bassline and throwing house-y beats and space-y disco noises around the room right left and centre.
And you can hear it… here! Loving this one.
Out: This week
About: Here’s the Nang homepage and obviously you can click through above to find out more about Unclepasha. I’ll tell you right now he’s from St Petersburg and his real name’s Pavel Gorelikov, but that’s all I know.