Liam Geddes – Right Path To Pray EP

June 5, 2016 in Singles

Liam Geddes Right Path To Pray EP Music Is LoveLiam Geddes returns to Manchester’s Music Is Love here to serve up four fine deep/tech house cuts.

Pray To Watch is up first, all crisp beats, haunting synth drones and squelchly acid bass. Right Path which follows rocks livelier, no-nonsense drums, shimmering synths/pads, resonating piano chords female vocal snips. So Many Needs is a chunkier house cut with jazzy overtones, while finally Song For New is a dreamier affair with surprisingly fierce kicks underpinning yearnsome female vox and what sounds like a loop of playground noise, though I could be wrong.

All good, but if pushed So Many Needs takes the gold.

Out: Today… or at least that’s what the promo mail-out said, though the Soundcloud page is now saying 16 June so go figure.

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Mr KS – Take A Trip

February 20, 2015 in Singles

Mr KS Take A Trip Music Is LoveHeading deeper into the jacking zone now with a sterling house four-tracker from Manchester’s Music Is Love Records.

Take A Trip itself is up first, a lolloping deep/tech houser with fragments of spoken male vocal topping rock-solid 4/4s, sinuous bass and blips n’ bleeps galore. Label boss Oli Furness then takes Take A Trip on a trip into (even) more psychedelic pastures, adding nearly two minutes of beatless intro, then heading down a more ‘relentless and techno-fied’ route once it does get going.

The more straight-up housey Groove On is equally aptly named, being essentially seven minutes of a bassline, drums, male ‘ums’ and occasional one-note piano stabs. Simple but devastatingly effective, it should get even the most reluctant of asses shakin’. The accompanying Point G Remix, meanwhile, is strictly for the headstrong, being seven minutes instead of deep, bubblin’ acid.

File under ‘heavy weaponry’.

Out: This week

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Oli Furness – Four 4 The Floor EP

April 6, 2014 in Singles

Oli Furness Four 4 The Floor EP Music Is LoveThe key’s in the title with this outstanding four-track EP from Manchester’s Oli Furness…

Hunger marries now-sounding tech-house kicks with a warping beast of a speed garage bassline, topping the lot with a floaty female vocal saying “hunger” over and over again. Overjack operates in housier territory, boasting a big rave b-line, a ruff n’ raw chopped-up diva vocal and some decidedly mid-90s stabs/FX, while the U Know & The Drill Remix of the same is a slightly deeper variation on the same theme with more SG-ish bass wobble thrown in for good measure. Finally, Creepin’ In The Shadows is a strutty, percussive tech-houser with a female rap vocal.

Blending classic and contemporary influences with aplomb, this is a must-check – not even going to attempt to pick a fave here!

Out: This week

About: This comes courtesy of Music Is Love, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.