Various – Remastered by Steffen Muller Pt 2

December 13, 2015 in Singles

Remastered by Steffen Muller GruuvWhat we have here is the second installment (somehow I managed to miss Pt 1 a couple of weeks back) of a new 10-track label comp from Gruuv – being released as two EPs – that sees nuggets from the label’s back catalogue lovingly remastered.

If you thought remastering was something that normally happens to old mono Beatles albums and the like… you’d be right. But as the hype sheet explains: “Mastering engineers are the unsung heroes of the music-making process. They spend countless hours alone in soundproofed rooms, fine-tuning the music of other producers. Five years ago when we started Gruuv we didn’t fully understand its importance, but since Marc Romboy introduced us to this guy we’re convinced, and on big systems the difference is obvious. He understands our sound and presents the best version of the music. So we thought why not let him loose on our early Gruuv catalogue and get them re-mastered to his great standard.”

Getting the treatment this time around are cuts from Audiojack (x2), Marc Romboy, Nolan and A1 Bassline, while Pt 1 featured tracks by Kid Culture, El Mundo & Satori, Deepgroove & Thieve, Uner, Dog Days and, yes, Audiojack again. Diehard Gruuv fanatics will no doubt have most of the originals already, so will have to make a call on whether improved soundsystem performance is worth shelling out again for; for the rest of us, expect deep and tech-house of only the highest calibre, as we’ve come to expect from the label.

Mr G’s Ibiza Dub of A1 Bassline’s Intasound is a particular highlight for this reviewer, while special mention should also be made of Audiojack’s ’20 Year Tribute’ cover version of Plastic Dreams – a terrible idea on paper that actually works surprisingly well.

Out: This week

About: Find Gruuv on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Mr G – Mr G EP

June 27, 2013 in Singles

Mr G Mr G EP Contemporary ScarecrowI said we were gonna keep it darker and techier today… so who better to turn to than Mr G, who’s been making dark, techy house records since you were in short trousers and it was all fields around here?

This particular self-titled EP is a four-track affair. Seapuss is an ominous, atmospheric bass epic that you could almost describe as ambient… that is, if it didn’t have one of the biggest techno kick drums you’ll hear all year! Tune In is a stripped-down tech-house workout made to be heard on warehouse soundsystems, Dance Floor operates in similar territory but has a slightly more funked-up, Ibiza terrace kinda feel to it while finally Potent channels vintage Chicago and, just to drive the point home, bites a lil’ vocal fragment from Raw Silk for good measure.

Hate to come on like a gushing fanboy but Mr G’s a bit of a legend in my book. Records like this are why.

Out: This week on vinyl, from 22 July digitally. But why wait?

About: This comes to you courtesy of new Australian label called Contemporary Scarecrow… you might remember their first release came from the legendary Boo Williams back in February. Find ’em on Facebook or at their own website. Oh, and I just found this quite good interview with Colin (Mr G) himself as well so have a read of that why don’t you?

Annie Erez – Deeper Knowledge EP

March 26, 2013 in Singles

Annie Errez Deeper Knowledge EP Saints & SonnetsAnd speaking of rave-y basslines (see below)… here’s another one.

The title track here marries its big, buzzing, almost junglistic bassline to a rolling, near-breakbeat rhythm and spine-tingling synths to create a track that wouldn’t have sounded out of place on early Warp, topped with a hypnotic “a deep state… a state of love” male vocal. Elsewhere on the EP, Marching is a prog-tinged deep/tech affair and Wait For You starts out in terrace techno territory, gets a tad (tech-)housier as it goes on and features a certain well-known Peech Boys vocal, while tech-house uberlord Colin ‘Mr G’ McBean serves up a Strutting Remix of Marching that also uses a big rave-y b-line.

But though the latter’s also good, for me it’s Deeper Knowledge itself that takes top honours here.

Out: This week, digitally – it’s been around on vinyl for a few weeks

About: This is number five from Huxley and Jimmy Poster’s Saints & Sonnets imprint, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Mr G – Danceholics EP

April 25, 2012 in Singles

Now here’s a producer who needs no introduction from me. Colin McBean, AKA Mr G, has been a stalwart of the UK tech-house scene since it began (he says, introducing him) and his productions seldom disappoint. This one doesn’t, either.

We’re in familiar territory, right enough – there are no big surprises from the former Advent man here. But if it ain’t broke, as they say!  Danceholics itself is dramatic big-room tech with spoken “Haven’t I seen you someplace before?” vocal samples. Don’t Ever Give Up marries firing, Latin-inspired percussion with a big fat b-line and an almost garage-like sumptuous, rich sound, and comes with an accompanying Dub, while finally Guidance [T2 Edit] is a more stripped-down and strobe-lit jacker, sporting insistent fierce female vocal snips and a throbbing bassline that just doesn’t stop.

Like I said, Mr G’s been doing this stuff since time… and he still does it better than most, nuff said!

Out: This week

About: This comes on 10-inch vinyl (and digital download) and is the debut release on brand new label Holic Trax, an offshoot of London-based Japanese producer Tomoki Tamura’s parties of the same name. More info at their website and Soundcloud page.