Mick Verma – Smooth Edges/Fonder

October 3, 2015 in Singles

Mick Verma Smooth Edges/Fonder Vision Collective RecordingsSome typically excellent deep house grooves here from Cork label Vision Collective Recordings, coming from label co-owner Mick Verma.

On the A, Smooth Edges comes the more soulful end of the deep house spectrum with its shufflin’ beats, lingering pads, some killer NJ organ chords and snips of soulful female vocal, the overall effect being not unakin to classic west coast deepness of the late 90s/early 00s. Great as Smooth Edges is, though, it’s pretty much the kinds of thing we’ve come to expect from VCR – more surprising is the flip’s Fonder, a more sprightly cut with a full Scissor Sisters-ish falsetto vocal (“I’m giving in, I’m getting out, I’m gonna live my life without you”).

Fonder has to take the gold just because it’s a bit of a departure for the label, but both tracks here are straight out of the top drawer.

Out: This week (on general release)

About: You can find Vision Collective here, here and here.

Various – The Perception EP

July 25, 2015 in Singles

The Perception EP Vision Collective RecordingsAnd from a label that excels at seriously deep techno (Lucidflow, below) we move on to a label that excels at seriously deep house, with this latest from Cork’s ever-checkable Vision Collective Recordings, which is only the label’s second-ever vinyl release.

Three tracks to choose from, from three of the label’s regular artists. Freestylin‘ from John Collins is a lovely deep, jazzy, warm-up kinda thang not unreminiscent of classic St Germain, with some soaring disco strings thrown in for good measure. Mick Verma’s Twisted is more obviously floor-friendly but still pretty darned deep – think a less sugary Ananda Project with spoken male vox and you’re somewhere in the ballpark. And then finally Questionmarq’s Believe rides a livelier rhythm but retains the languid, luxuriant feel of the other two.

Classy stuff all round, but Freestylin’ takes the gold for me.

Out: This week

About: You can find Vision Collective herehere and here.

Yohan Esprada – Mahajanga

September 6, 2013 in Singles

Yohan Esprada MahajangaTwo quite different mixes to choose from of this latest from Cork, Eire’s ever-excellent Vision Collective.

You may recognise French producer Esprada’s name from previous releases on the likes of i!, Deso, Pole Position and Tokyo Red. Which gives you a clue as to what to expect from his Original Mix here – hip-swayin’, jazz-flecked grooves that’ll appeal to lovers of deep house and classic US garage alike. Over on the flip, meanwhile, label stalwart Mick Verma serves up a slightly tuffer remix that veers more towards a more techy and perhaps slightly more of-the-moment sound, but also adds some parping sax to keep the music lovers happy!

Liking both rubs to be fair but the original nudges it.

Out: This week

About: You can find Vision Collective here, here and here (Facebook, Soundcloud, web).

Mick Verma – Something For Nothing EP

June 1, 2013 in Singles

Mick Verma Something For Nothing EP Vision CollectiveMick Verma serves up some mellow vibes on the 11th release from Irish label Vision Collective.

This Label is a meandering, late-night/warm-up deep house affair with spoken male vocals and lots of cosmic disco-esque analogue squelchery. Let It Go veers towards jazzy breaks/downtempo territory and sports a full male soul vocal, The Theme is a dreamy, sunny and sweet lil’ houser with ‘Ibiza beach bar’ written through it like a stick of rock, before finally we get to Watever [sic], a more contemplative deep house groove with some cool Hammond sounds.

It’s Watever and This Label that stand out for me, but it’s all rather lovely all round.

Out: This week

About: Mick is one of the founding and titular ‘collective’ along with Tim O’Malley and Marq ‘Questionmarq’ Walsh. Find out more at their website, Soundcloud or Facebook pages.

Various – House It Going EP

January 18, 2013 in Singles

Various House It Going EP Vision Collective RecordingsExciting times for Cork-based Vision Collective – after a string of fine-quality digital releases, this is their first vinyl EP.

The EP features four tracks, coming from label stalwarts Mick Verma, QuestionmarQ and Maksy. The latter gets the ball rolling with the unhurried deep, techy shuffler that is Cold Killa. Mick Verma then gives us late-night deep house groove My Sound and the retro-tastic This Music, a nu-boogie slow jam with drums straight off a Joyce Sims record circa 1987. Finally, QuestionmarQ’s The Tiger And The Monkey is a more organic and soulful instrumental that wouldn’t sound out of place on an Ananda Project album.

A stylistically varied EP then, with My Sound standing out for me.

Out: This week

About: You can find Vision Collective at such popular online destinations as… Facebook! and Soundcloud!! and… their own website!!!

Mick Verma – Deep Visions EP

June 2, 2012 in Singles

With an EP title like Deep Visions, you probably already have a good idea of what you’re getting here…

Up first is The Beginning, presented in two mixes: the Original, plus QuestionmarQ’s Tip Toe Remix. Driving me a little bit mad, this one, cos I know I’ve heard the “in the beginning, before there was house, before there was techno, before there was acid, before all that… there was disco” vocal before, but I can’t remember where, or whether it was on previously released mixes of this track or on something else entirely! Either way, in this instance said vocal is chopped up to within an inch of its life, so that it’s mostly just stabs saying “house!” or “acid!” or whatever, with the Original a dreamy deep houser and QuestionmarQ’s rub taking us even further into the driftaway zone with its one-bar piano loop and shufflin’ snares.

Elsewhere on the EP, That Dance is a downtempo groove riding a lazy, lo-fi breakbeat, topped with orchestral string rises straight outta Unfinished Sympathy (though not ACTUALLY straight outta Unfinished Sympathy, you understand) and gently tinkling ivories, while You Are My Alcohol is a languid, soulfully-tinged shuffler that you can see sounding just freakin’ PERFECT at an Ibiza beach bar as the sun sets.

All told, then, another quality offering from Vision Collective.

Out: This week

About: Vision Collective hail from Cork, Ireland and can be found at their website, on Soundcloud and on Facebook.