Various – nuMusic: Deep House Vol 4

December 12, 2014 in Singles

NuMusic Deep House Vol 4 UM RecordsAs it’s Friday night, gonna keep things fairly upbeat this evening but we still kick off on a deep house tip, with this latest V/A offering from the always on-point UM Records.

It’s a four-track affair. Soul Academy’s Is It Maybe is chunky, chuggy and a bit floaty around the edges, and comes topped with dreamy female vocal snips. Alex M.I.F’s Golden Skyline then takes us into blissed-out, prog-tinged 5am territory, while Meloder’s Helios is a crunchier, more driving cut but still with a Balearic kinda feel, not least in the fluttering Spanish guitar sounds in the mid-section. Xavier Arak’s 99 Problems then closes the EP on a slightly lower-tempo, more meandering note, again with something of a proggy feel to the synth sounds.

All good, but Is It Maybe is the killer.

Out: This week

About: You can find UM Records here, here and here.

Yigit Atilla – Cornerstone

August 29, 2014 in Singles

Yigit Atilla Cornerstone UM RecordsWe end tonight back in more familiar deep house territory, with this latest from the ever on-point UM Records.

In its Original form, Cornerstone is a midtempo chugger with a spoken vocal eulogising the unifying powers of house music – “We made our space and found our freedom/we lined the streets and danced like children/we made our place and shared our home/house in our hearts, our cornerstone”. The Meloder Remix is a bit ‘busier’ and more dramatic, with swirling synths, hefty bass and robotic vox, while TIWWD’s old buddy Tim Andresen serves up a drummier, terrace-friendly refix. Rounding out the EP is Colours And Textures, a more dubby, late-night affair with treated soulful vox and some lovely garage-y organ stabs.

The latter cut would actually be my pick, if pushed, but to be fair the whole EP’s pretty damn good.

Out: This week

About: UM Records can be found here, here and here.

Transcient – Labyrinth

July 1, 2013 in Singles

Transcient Labyrinth DeepSome very cool, very deep grooves now from the Miami-based label simply called Deep.

UK producer Transcient is the man at the controls and he serves up four very fine cuts, aided and abetted by Dexter Ford and Meloder. Labyrinth itself ain’t nothin’ but a headnoddin’ groove with spacey synths fluttering away quietly on top, Lara’s Theme is a slightly more bouncy, floor-friendly deep houser, Shake That (as remixed by Ford) is a more atmospheric piece that suddenly introduces quite a dark and twisted bassline halfway through, and then finally We Are The Same (as remixed by Meloder) is a dubby, lazy number that’ll work on late floors and on the headphones alike.

Excellent stuff all round, but the title cut just pips it for me.

Out: This week

About: Deep is part of the Liquid Music stable and you can find out all you need to know about the label here.