Maya Jane Coles – No Sympathy

September 15, 2012 in Singles

Maya Jane Coles No Sympathy Elite Records

Anything new from Maya Jane is always cause for TIWWD’s ears to prick up and this latest – for Mexico’s Elite Records – doesn’t disappoint.

In its original form, No Sympathy is a deep, driving tech-house groove, topped with European-sounding spoken vox from a woman – presumably MJC herself, seeing as no-one else is credited – who’s been done wrong and isn’t best pleased about it (“you used to get me high/now everything we had has died/no sympathy from me inside/now I just want to make cry”). And it’s every bit as good as you’re probably expecting from Ms Coles.

Remix-wise, Djuma Soundsystem are up first with a rub that takes us into even deeper, late-night territory. Matthew Burdon & Kate Rathod’s Dub Mix takes up the original’s slight garage swing and runs with it, transforming No Sympathy into a down and dirty rumpshaker for those lights-down-low sessions, while finally rising Mexican star Holly serves up a mix that’s a touch more “deep n’ funky” than “deep n’ techy” but certainly no less an order-to-dance than MJC’s original.

A very fine release that goes to further establish Mexico’s place on the deep house map.

Out: This week

About: You can find Elite Records on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Maya Jane Coles – Don’t Put Me In Your Box EP

November 29, 2011 in Singles

Now to an EP that’s sure to get a lot of attention, coming as it does ON one of the hippest labels around and FROM one of the scene’s current hottest names. Lucky, then, that the EP’s plenty strong enough to warrant the kind of attention it’s likely to get.


Parallel Worlds kicks off the EP, a lovely deep house groover that sounds a bit like Lidell Townsell’s All I Wanna Do reinvented for 21st century Berlin. Dub Child is up next, a more chilled-out slab of deep dub house/dub techno, and the gentle, introspective mood continues on Something In The Air, which has echoes of both progressive house and a whole bevvy of ambient/experimental artists, before the EP comes to a close with Parallel Worlds, which takes us back to the dancefloor.

It makes me chuckle indulgently to see the dance press getting their designer scanties all in a twist over Maya Jane right now, giving that she was getting big props on this very blog a whole two years ago! But she deserves it for sure – and on the evidence of this EP, her talents are still only maturing.
So the soon-come artist album should be worth looking out for, eh?
Out: This week
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