Various/Situation – Beach Disco Sessions Vol 5

July 19, 2014 in Albums

Beach Disco Sessions Vol 5 Nang RecordsUK nu-disco outfit Situation step up to compile and mix this latest compilation set from the mighty Nang.

The great and the good of the nu-disco world are definitely conspicuous by their presence here, with Daniele Baldelli, Todd Terje, Prins Thomas, Greg Wilson, Escort, Max Essa, Proper Heat and of course Situation themselves all represented, either with original tracks or on remix duties. Stylistically, expect a heady mix of laidback beach/yacht party vibes and housier, more overtly floor-friendly bizniss – Marshall Jefferson Vs Noosa Heads’ classic Mushrooms even gets a run-out, in Justin Martin Remix form. A surprise inclusion but it kinda works.

For regular Nang buyers, Beach Disco Sessions Vol 5 is perhaps a little too ‘greatest hits’-y to be dubbed truly essential. But it makes for 95 minutes of very pleasant listening all the same, while for newcomers it represents a great snapshot of one of the UK nu-disco scene’s most stalwart labels.

Oh, and speaking of which, they’ve just turned five as well, so happy birthday Nang peeps!

Out: This week

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ALBUM Jan Ken Po – Unlimited Man

December 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

This album’s actually credited to Max Essa presents Jan Ken Po… JKP being a new alias for the nu-disco stalwart as he changes tack ever so slightly. “More Berlin, less Monaco – that’s the ethos,” says the hype sheet. “Essa’s touched a new base.”

And indeed, this album’s a little more house-ified and consistently dancefloor-oriented than previous outings by this British producer based in Japan. But only a little. The beats may be a notch more driving, but the influence of Italo/cosmic disco still looms large and of course, Max’s large collection of vintage analogue synths still has a crucial role to play. So while there are tracks here such as lo-slung dirty funker Palm Beach Boy Trees that you might be surprised have come out of Essa’s studio, others, such as Metropolitan Scene or First Touch, are almost unmistakeable in their sheer Essa-ness.
As such, if Unlimited Man is meant to be a dramatic reinvention of Mr Essa’s musical self, then I’m not sure it entirely works. But if you’re a Max Essa fan – and I certainly am – then there’s plenty to enjoy here.
Out: This week
About: This comes on Max’s home, the mighty Nang Records

Various – Hibernation Vol 2

March 29, 2011 in Albums

Hibernation Volume IIOkay, so you think you know what to expect from a Bear Funk nu-disco comp – there’s certainly been enough of them. But wait!

Cos y’see it doesn’t all have to be glacial Italo synths, slightly iffy 80s hi-camp vocals and Levan/Cowley-homaging weird bass wobbles, you know. Nu-disco can have its more thoughtful, mellow, musical side too… and that’s what’s showcased here. Sure, the usual suspects are all present and correct – Essa, Rudman, Tobor, Mudd and of course Kotey – but this is definitely a more chilled-out, less brash side of the nu-disco coin, with wilful experimentalism for experimentalism’s sake forgone in favour of an overall vibe that’s a bit less Hoxton hipster hangout and a bit more lush cocktail bar.

In other words, it’s very good, and you should buy it immediately. End of.

Out: Last week, but again I was in the throes of Mega Armageddon Tooth Death at the time

About: If you need me to tell you about Bear Funk, you’re probably reading the wrong blog. But cos I’m nice, here’s their website, so you can go educate yourself a bit and come back when you’re ready. We’ll be waiting.

Proper Heat – We Are Ready EP

December 19, 2010 in Singles

Okay, I’m giving up all hope of any sort of genre-based consistency here, as we take a leap from the loopy techno of Lutzenkirchen (below) straight into the nu-disco vibes of Proper Heat, an outfit from Lithuania headed by Martin Virgin. Good job he’s from Lithuania, really. A name like that would have been a serious liability at any English school.

But seriously, folks… this is a pretty cool EP, especially if you like your nu disco from that floaty, proggy and somewhat epic end of the spectrum where you suspect it secretly wants to be the middle bit from The Man With The Red Face. The rather ’80s-sounding vocal isn’t really my cup of tea but lots of you don’t seem to mind that sort of thing, and it’s easy to imagine this going down well with fans of Trentemøller, Lindstromm and other Scandolearic faves.

In total there are four mixes of We Are Ready itself – of which I personally would plump for the Max Essa Disco Dub – plus bonus cut Dance Above, which is a bit less floaty, a bit more funky, and all the better for it.

Out: This week

About: This is on Nang Records, who of course have had TONS of love on this blog so here’s their website and let’s move on…