Matteo Floris – Come Closer

December 29, 2014 in Singles

Matteo Floris Come Closer Svogue MuziqA nice lil’ two-tracker here from Spain’s ever-checkable Svogue Muziq.

On the A, Come Closer itself is a mid-paced groover with a nice chunky, hip-swayin’ bassline, menacing synths and treated, cut-up male “let me talk to you” vox. It’s plenty playable, but the real treat for yours truly here is actually the B-side, The Driller, a tuffer, struttier cut with jerky drums, chopped-up “ladies and gentlemen in the house” vox and a neat line in fat, warping bass.

Out: Last week

About: You can find Svogue Muziq here, here and here.

Various – Winter Essentials Vol 1

May 2, 2014 in Albums

Winter Essentials Vol 1 Vicey LoopsWinter’s nearly over but that hasn’t seemed to stop Florida-based Vicey Loops putting out this Winter Essentials label sampler, which also marks the label’s first appearance here on TIWWD.

With nine tracks from nine artists, and the clock rapidly approaching the witching hour, you’ll forgive me for not going into every track individually. Suffice to say that chunky, funk-fuelled deep/tech-house grooves are the order of the day generally, from artists both familiar (Matteo Floris, Zuckre) and not-so-familiar (er, everyone else). Standouts for yours truly include the aforesaid Zuckre’s broody epic The Missing Story with its disturbing treated, spoken vocal and squelchy acid b-line, Yamil Bandi’s Beats Of Love – a proper stripped-down n’ jackin’ slice of tech-soul – and the struttin’ In Deep by Tuff Dub & Eargasm, which with its chopped-up vox, swung beats and organ stabs is reminiscent of that place in the early/mid 00s where UKG and west coast crossbred to glorious, booty-shakin’ effect.

I’ve said it so many times on here, but few things make me happier than getting a whole album of fresh house bizniss from a whole bunch of new peeps. And this is ticking that particular box right now.

Out: This week

About: Find Vicey Loops on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Variouser and variouser…

December 1, 2013 in Singles

Been absolutely inundated with music this week so here’s just a quick round-up of a few V/A EPs you’d be well advised to check out…

All Night Long Svoque MuziqVarious – All Night Long
We’ll start with this six-artist, six-track sampler from Barcelona’s Svogue Muziq. And a pretty heavyweight line-up it is too, with Carlo Gambino & Al Bradley, Low District, LowLife and Matteo Floris all representing alongside Fabio Carla & Matteo San and Manuel Del Giudice. Expect very fine deep house grooves, often with a techy twist, with Low District’s deep n’ groovy Just Dance the standout for yours truly.

Autumn Air Vol 2 DeepWit RecordingsVarious – Autumn Air Vol 2
Regular readers will know I’m a big fan of Denmark’s DeepWit stable and this latest V/A offering doesn’t disappoint. Focusing on the kind of chilled, uber-deep grooves the label does best, with the emphasis on up-and-coming artists, tracks come from Portofino Sunrise, Adjust, DMP, Reeggo and Mr P, with standouts for me including the stripped n’ saxy late-night garaahge of Reeggo’s Raisin N’ Peach, and DMP’s blissed-out Lexion.

Dive Into Illusion Les Folies DigitalesVarious – Dive Into Illusion EP
A three-artist, three-track sampler here from Zurich’s Les Folies Digitales label. Allgoritmika’s Todo Meu Amor marries crisp tech-house beats with a positively rude bassline and snatches of attitude-y vocal, Space Dive by Frank Fonema is a laidback nu-disco/Balearic funker, and Rino Buttice’s Mere Illusion is a minimal-influenced affair, all delicate stuttering rhythms and synthy atmospherics. It’s only the label’s second-ever release so show some love!

Matteo Floris – Lipstick EP

May 7, 2013 in Singles

Matteo Floris Lipstick EP Svoque MuziqAnother excellent three-track EP here, coming from Italy’s Matteo Floris on Svogue Muziq, the Barcelona-based label that he co-owns.

Lipstick itself is a now-sounding deep/tech chugger, coming heavily laden with weirded-out FX weaving in and out of the mix and featuring a killer dark bass groove and a hip house-styled vocal that makes such a nice change from all the ‘whining white boy’ vox doing the rounds at the moment! The brilliantly titled Real Eyes Realise Real Lies is equally dark n’ techy but in a more funktified kinda way, with sampled/chopped-up soulful male vox. But while both are good, the standout here for me is Mellow Dee, another tripped-out chugger that does unspeakable downpitched things to the classic Back To Life vocal.

Course, I’m old enough to remember when every third hardcore tune pitched the very same vocal right up. Funny how things come around, innit?

Out: Friday (May 10)

About: Svogue Muziq can be found on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Various – Slowly Going Deep & Svogue Vol 1

January 31, 2013 in Albums

Deep & Svogue Vol 1Now then, here’s an eight-track sampler album/EP from a label that haven’t featured on here before (Svogue Muziq), but featuring a bunch of artists that mostly have…

Matt Prehn gives us the deep, wistful and soulful Dirty Happy, Matteo Floris serves up the big-system chugger If You Feel and the sexy, garage-y Smooth On, while Carlo Gambino does the deep, jackin’ & darkly discofied Leeds house thang as only he can on Together. The newer names don’t do too badly, either: Gustavo FK’s Maxi Jazz-sampling (er, I’m about 85% sure) Diva’s Burn is sure to grace a few Ibiza warm-up sessions this season, while Michael Otten’s In My Head is a fine midtempo afterhours jam and Santiago Fernandez does the ‘deep/tech with slowed-down vox’ thing better than most on Gettin’ Back, adding summa doze space disco stabs that are always gonna work for me…

This is only the third release from Svogue (you can hear the whole catalogue to date at their Soundcloud page), but already it looks like they’re gonna be a very welcome arrival on the scene.

Out: This week

About: You can also find Svogue Muziq on Facebook. Oh, and in Barcelona. Cos that’s where they live, and that.

Wally Black – Git Up EP

January 18, 2013 in Singles

Wally Black Git Up EP Midnight Social RecordingsSome jackin’ deep/tech house grooves here courtesy of Carlo Gambino’s Midnight Social Recordings and Wally Black, who runs Middlesborough house night RIGHT-ON.

Git Up itself is a lively deep house dancefloor jaunt in its original form, all funky-ass b-line and militant percussion. Fellow northeasterner Milhouse then gives the track a tuffer, techier and bouncier remix that I think just edges it over the original for me. On the flip, It’s In The Groove is a twitchy, jazz-flecked affair that’s reminiscent of several Musics We Have Loved (San Fran house, the more experimental end of UKG and DiY/Smokescreen-style bump) all at once, and that Italy’s Matteo Floris then remixes into a much darker, techier and more now-sounding proposition altogether.

If you can’t find something to play here, you may well be reading the wrong blog.

Out: This week

About: You can find Leeds-based Midnight Social Recordings on Facebook.

Ceri – Would You…

July 22, 2012 in Singles

Ceri Would You 3am

A very now-sounding release from 3am, this one, sitting right on the point where deep, tech and progressive house all join hands and, as such, likely to find a place in many a DJ’s set.

The Original of Would You… works echo-y, tribal vocals and wails over a relentless throbbing bassline, an ominous, chiming synth riff and crisp, straight-down-the-line percussion. The Matt Akita Remix goes to town with added percussive elements, turning the track into a summer terrace kind of affair, while the Rhythm Rebounds Remix from Matteo Floris, in contrast, takes us in a more techno-oriented direction with a different b-line and sparser, reverb-drenched production.

Yesterday’s one review was of a tune for those moments where you want to turn the dark up. Continuing in a similar vein, this’d be where you start edging back towards the light.

Out: This week

About: You can find 3am Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Matteo Floris – Someone Is Rockin’ EP

February 5, 2012 in Singles

The experimental meets the traditional here, on an EP from 3am packing some VERY different mixes.

In the experimental/leftfield corner we have two originals from Floris himself. If you like your beats fractured, your rhythms chopped and stuttered and your headspace fucked with, then you should dig both Someone Is Rocking and Stolen Party, both of which also come complete with chopped-up snatches of Cockney vocal. Think of the kind of deep house that might appeal to fans of Domu, 4hero or Luke Vibert…

But in the traditional corner, we have two remixes that, I must admit, are more up TIWWD’s disco dolly street. In Michael Scott’s hands, Stolen Party becomes a bass-led deep houser with slight overtones of 80s groove/boogie. But the real star of the show is label boss Al Bradley, who shows the young ‘uns how it’s done on his Rock Your Body Dub of Someone Is Rockin’. Layered, echoing 4/4s, rising synth stabs, a rumbling b-line and sparingly-used sax squiggles join the tiniest of vocal snips here to create a proper deep house delight that’d be just as at home on the dancefloor or the sofa.

With cuts to suit a range of tastes, then, this is worth checking all round. But Al’s Dub is the killer for me.
Out: This week
About: You can find 3am Recordings on Facebook and Soundcloud.