Matt Prehn – Hurts Just A Little EP

November 14, 2015 in Singles

Matt Prehn Hurts Just A Little EP Different AttitudesSouth African house stalwart Matt Prehn serves up a two-tracker for the UK’s Different Attitudes here.

On the A, Hurts Just A Little itself is an understated deep house chugger with a (lightly) treated soul/jazz-style male vocal, trippy synth FX and lashings of warm, enveloping bass. Flip it over for Make Your Piece [sic], which rocks slightly tuffer drums, a very Moroder-esque bassline and shouted “make your peace with God!” vox, plus a second, punk-funky half-sung/half-spoken vocal saying “get your fake on”, or something.

Both are cool but Make Your Piece nudges it for me.

Out: This week

About: Different Attitudes can be found on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Rishi K – Unity Gain EP/Smoke & Mirrors EP

June 2, 2014 in Singles

Rishi K Smoke & Mirrors EP Deep Site RecordingsRishi K Unity Gain EP Ready Mix RecordsRishi K needs to stop making records! Not forever, you understand: it’s just that the San Francisco producer’s so gosh-darn prolific it’s a real struggle just to keep up with the lad…

Take last week, which saw not one but two EPs landing in stores. In the blue corner, we have the Unity Gain EP, coming on Ready Mix Records with its two tracks served up in a total of eight mixes, including one from label boss Big AL. With rubs of Unity Gain and Holes running the gamut from dubby to techy to discofied, it’s hard to imagine any deep house DJ not deriving satisfaction from this package. In the red corner, meanwhile, there’s the Smoke & Mirrors EP, brought to you by Croatia’s always on-point Deep Site Recordings and featuring remixes of the title cut by Harold Heath and Matt Prehn, with blissed-out, floataway vibes the general order of the day.

He’s good at this deep house lark is Rishi K. Let’s hope he doesn’t stop making records any time soon…

Out: Last week

About: Find Ready Mix Records here and Deep Site Recordings here.

Various – The Very Best Of Bounce House Vol 1

January 11, 2014 in Albums

Very Best Of Bounce House Vol 1As regular readers will know, this was aways gonna be something of a no-brainer for yours truly, having been a fan of San Francisco’s Bounce House Records for (scarily) nearly a decade now.

Still, the release of this 12-track ‘best of’ set right now – to mark the label’s tenth birthday – does highlight how deep house has changed over said decade. Firstly, compared to tracks being released now, much of what’s here sounds pretty fast – dammit, a few even nudge over the 125bpm mark! And secondly: there are several actual full female vocals. Remember them?

As such, it’s perhaps an album that will appeal more to househeads ‘of a certain age’ than to today’s club kids with their v-necks and their ketamine. Or maybe not; maybe it’ll reintroduce a more soulful, funk-fuelled variety of deep house to a younger audience, who can say? I won’t be grumbling either way. If I did have any niggles, it’d be that Short Bus Kids’ Blow & Hos isn’t included, definitely my all-time fave Bounce House track, but then maybe they’re saving that for Vol 2, which we’re promised is coming soon.

In the meantime, let the likes of Matt Prehn, Funk Mediterraneao, Kinky Movement, DK Watts and of course the SBK’s themselves put some classic west coast bump back in your life. You know you want to…

Out: Monday (13 Jan)

About: You can find Bounce House on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Matt Prehn – Chemical Attraction

June 28, 2013 in Singles

Matt Prehn Chemical Attraction Large MusicSeems like a little while since South African house stalwart Matt Prehn featured on here, but now he’s back… and making his debut on veteran Chicago label Large Music to boot.

Chemical Attraction itself is a dark, bassy groove topped with sub-aquatic synth sounds and the lightest of saxophone sprinkles… it’s a little techier than we’ve come to expect from Mr Prehn for sure, but none the worse for it by any means! London duo Moodtrap then supply a slightly glitchier, minimal-inspired rework, while rounding out the EP is Love You Back, which sees Matt back on more familiar soulful ground, its lush musical grooves topped with an almost R&B-ish male vocal.

But it’s the original of Chemical Attraction that’s the killer here for me… watch ya bassbins, etc.

Out: This week

About: You can find Large Music on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website.

Various – Slowly Going Deep & Svogue Vol 1

January 31, 2013 in Albums

Deep & Svogue Vol 1Now then, here’s an eight-track sampler album/EP from a label that haven’t featured on here before (Svogue Muziq), but featuring a bunch of artists that mostly have…

Matt Prehn gives us the deep, wistful and soulful Dirty Happy, Matteo Floris serves up the big-system chugger If You Feel and the sexy, garage-y Smooth On, while Carlo Gambino does the deep, jackin’ & darkly discofied Leeds house thang as only he can on Together. The newer names don’t do too badly, either: Gustavo FK’s Maxi Jazz-sampling (er, I’m about 85% sure) Diva’s Burn is sure to grace a few Ibiza warm-up sessions this season, while Michael Otten’s In My Head is a fine midtempo afterhours jam and Santiago Fernandez does the ‘deep/tech with slowed-down vox’ thing better than most on Gettin’ Back, adding summa doze space disco stabs that are always gonna work for me…

This is only the third release from Svogue (you can hear the whole catalogue to date at their Soundcloud page), but already it looks like they’re gonna be a very welcome arrival on the scene.

Out: This week

About: You can also find Svogue Muziq on Facebook. Oh, and in Barcelona. Cos that’s where they live, and that.

So many tunes, so little time 27

September 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, here’s an all too bloody familiar situation. It’s Monday evening, I’m knackered from work and there’s a ton of new music piled up, all of which is out this week and none of which I’ve had a chance to listen to properly yet. In fact make that two tons this week, it’s gonna be a busy one!

But for now, here’s the rest of last week’s goodies that we didn’t quite get around to…

Aartekt & Zia‘s Autumn Mist is typically high-quality deep house fare from the ever-reliable Untitled Music… with mixes from Dave Fortnum, Matt Prehn and Marvin Zeyss, this one would probably have got a bigger review but it came in quite late… there’s more very solid deep house in the form of the More L EP from Istanbul-based producer Ave Astra, coming on German label FiligranCybernalia‘s Darker Dreams is a very aptly titled EP for Stripped Digital that’s packed with moody, menacing progressive house and techno grooves…  Dubesque‘s Something is, er, ‘something’ of a treat if you’re in search of that classic NYC 90s house sound, and comes on Austrian label In My House…  on a deep/tech tip, check for Federico‘s Welcome Home EP on Unrivaled Music…  Hector Romero‘s Soulful House Journey comp for King Street is trailed by a five-track sampler EP… Heiko Laux & Diego Hostettler serve up some no-nonsense jackery with Girl/Jack Up, a release that Tronic Music are billing as ‘techno’ though it sounds pretty tech-house-y to me… John Collins gives us the Club D’Ellaria EP which is one for lovers of laidback, Balearic grooves and which comes on Irish label Vision Collective… we’re back in bumpin’ dancefloor deep house territory with the Big City Nights EP by Los Cuzeiros, which comes on the snappily-monickered The Cruzaders RecordsSeraph‘s Frigid EP is a solid bet if you’re after some dark-but-not-stoopid dubstep/post-dubstep bizniss… and even if you’re not, then check Take It Back for some proper old-skool rave/hardcore action – it’s like climbing in a time machine with a whistle, a tub of Vaporub and a gram of pink champagne… oh yeah and it’s on Four40 Records… whizzing (ho-ho) forward in that same time machine, very contemporary-sounding house/techno vibes are the order of the day on the Nachts EP, from which the Pele Remix of the title track stands out for me, this one coming from Shawnecy on Lowroom Recordings… UK label Form-and Function bring us some more very ‘now’ deep/tech vibes in the form of Losing U from Soulight, which comes complete with a weirded-out dub from the mighty SaytekUntitled2Music serve up some thinking man’s techno on the X Project EP, which comes on Unofficial Records… and finally, “it’s that man again” as Jesus Pablo and Di Riviera‘s label Something Different bring us the second in their series of Remixes EPs, featuring cuts this time out from Left Minded, Dudley Strangeways, Sean Danke and more…

TOMORROW night, we’ll get cracking with this week’s releases! Must admit to being a bit overwhelmed right now by the constant flow of good music coming in but, y’know, it’s a nice problem to have…

Matt Prehn feat Dené Theron – Taking It Back

August 5, 2012 in Singles

Matt Prehn feat Dené Theron Taking It Back Savoir Faire Musique

Somewhere, on a private Carribean island or in a secret underground lair or something, there’s an evil genius who turns out deep house producers, arming them with a magic sack full of pads, organs and chopped-up vocal snippets before setting them loose while shouting “fly, my pretties, fly!” and cackling manically.

No, seriously. How else do you explain the seemingly endless stream of young talents who you’ve never heard of one minute, then who are suddenly blinding you with quality remixes of every second or third record you hear? Matches is the production wunderkind in question here, his mix of this west coast-style bumper from South Africa’s finest – featuring a vocal from Ms Theron that’s not a little Lisa Shaw-esque* – just edging out from a very fine pack that also includes rubs from Evren Ulusoy and Mr Prehn himself… and being just one of several Matches productions to grab this reviewer by the ears of late. Whereas six months ago, if you’d said “Matches” I’d have said “Bryant & May”. Or possibly “Swan Vestas”.

The EP as a whole, though, is every bit as good as the dream-team line-up of Prehn, Ulusoy, Matches and Savoir Faire Musique would have you hoping. Rewind, play it back…

Out: This week

About: This comes, as I just subtly let slip, on Scott Harrington’s Savoir Faire Musique, always a fave of this blog, who live here and here and here (Facebook, Soundcloud, blog)

*Just in case Dené Theron ever reads this… being compared to the mighty Lisa is definitely a compliment in my book, NOT a dismissal!

Matt Prehn feat Lu Chase – Still Got Love

October 16, 2011 in Singles

Oh God, where do I start with this one? Because the South African house stalwart has here served up a little belter of a tune, with mixes to suit a range of tastes.

The original’s a gentle soulful house affair that wouldn’t sound out of place on Om, or on Naked back in the day. The Nutritious Mix sticks to the soulful house vibe but with a more sumptuous feel, DK Watts (of whom more in a mo’) serves up Dub and Instrumental passes (so there’s even something for the vocal haters!) that are pure deep house dancefloor bump, and Chemical Warfare (AKA 3am’s Al Bradley)’s mix will delight lovers of old skool US garage… specifically lovers of those big sparse organ dubs. And then finally, Eric Sharp’s rub takes us into spaced-out future garage-esque territory, with quick n’ clicky beats underpinning a very big and echo-y mix.

Whatever flavour of deeper house grooves you’re into, then, you’re likely to find something to please here. More likely, if your tastes are anything like mine then you’re gonna be spoilt for choice. Go seek.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Bounce House, the label run by the Short Bus Kids of whom DK Watts is of course one-half. I’ve said how good Bounce House are so many times, both on here and in iDJ, that it’s getting quite embarrassing now… but what can I say, this is another bomb! Anyway, here’s their website.

Bang Bang – Hate Fleeting

August 20, 2011 in Singles

Okay, so South African house didn’t QUITE take over the world as it looked like it might a couple of years ago, but the scene down there is still going strong by all accounts. And here’s the latest from one of the SA house scene’s more successful exports, Bang Bang – AKA Matt Prehn, Matthew Loots and Reuben John.

Bang Bang have never been a straight-up house act, though, and this certainly isn’t what you’d call an out-and-out house record. In fact, Hate Fleeting, with its soulful vocal and summery feel, is probably best described as dance-pop, in all honesty. But I should stress that’s dance-pop in the sense of “accessible, pop-leaning tunes inspired by the lazy west coast house of Naked Music and the good-time funk of Earth Wind & Fire et al,” rather than the “shit pop with horrible trance-lite synth riffs” those words would normally imply!

Still, while some of the six mixes are perhaps a little TOO poppy for normal TIWWD tastes, the self-explanatory Leigh Deep Way Too Deep Mix and langorous, melancholic Lotus Remix should see you right for those warm-up or post-club sessions.
Out: This week
About: This comes atcha on Oh So Coy Records, which is run by Matt Prehn himself – who’s now based in Switzerland, it seems, and who’s also Leigh Deep, dontchaknow? Busy lad, our Matt. Anyway check ’em on Soundcloud.
PS I think Lotus is actually Matthew Loots, as well, but don’t quote me on that!