Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto [Akshin Alizadeh Remix]

October 27, 2015 in Singles

Marlena Shaw Woman Of The Ghetto Remixes Cold BustedNo, I didn’t think it needed doing, either – some classic tracks just oughta be left alone! So I’m somewhat surprised – but very happy – to report that Azerbaijani producer Alizadeh has absolutely knocked this one out of the park.

In his hands, Woman Of The Ghetto becomes a lazy, laidback jazzual affair, all dusty beats, squalling sax, fluttering Moog, wukka-wukking geetar and of course that vocal, or at least the “I want you to get together” bit of it. And as I said, it’s a stone cold bomb, the combination of Marlena’s voice, headnoddin’ trip-hop beats and just a touch of jazz-funk noodle proving irresistible.

If you want to be a bit more subtle with it, there’s also an accompanying instrumental.

Out: This week, I think… they didn’t say, but that’s when the promo expired

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Marlena Shaw – Woman Of The Ghetto (Akshin Alizadeh Remix)

June 19, 2014 in Singles

Marlena Shaw Woman Of The Ghetto Cold BustedA complete change of pace now… LA-based Cold Busted are one of my fave labels for lo-fi funk, stoner-friendly downtempo vibes and such, but what with this being primarily a house blog and there only being so many hours in the day, they don’t get as much love on TIWWD as I might like. This, though, is their 100th release so it definitely deserves a shout!

To mark the centenary, they’ve drafted in Azerbaijan-based producer Alizadeh to serve up this (officially licensed and 100% legit) refix of Marlena Shaw’s soul classic Woman Of The Ghetto, as sampled by Blueboy and St Germain. Alizadeh’s take is a lazy, lo-slung, west coast-ish groove, with boom-bap beats, wah-wah guitar and sprightly piano licks topped by parping 80s sax. It’s available in vocal and instrumental versions, though as the former mostly just loops up the “I want you to get together… put your ha-ands together one time” (with not a “geng-gegga-geng” or a “remember me” to be heard) there’s not a lot in it as to which mix to plump for… either will slot into those bar/beach/BBQ sets perfectly.

You might be thinking that such a well-loved classic didn’t really need reworking, and you’d have a point. But Alizadeh’s done a fine job here all the same.

Out: This week

About: Find Cold Busted here, here and here.