Various – Ain’t No Wall High Enough

March 23, 2015 in Albums

Ain't No Wall High Enough Brique RougeKey players in the early days of tech-house back in the late 90s/early 00s, David Duriez’s Brique Rouge imprint relaunched back in the summer. Since then, they’ve pursued a ‘quality over quantity’ agenda so their release schedule hasn’t exactly been hectic, but here as they reach the 100th release milestone we see them stepping up a gear with the release of this 12-track sampler, available digitally or on three separate coloured 12-inches.

Brique Rouge always catered for both the house and the techno sides of the tech-house camp and so it is here… as such, one or two of the more pounding techno cuts are a little too much for these ears. But no matter, for there are many housier delights on offer too, from a mix of familiar names and newcomers. Highlights for me include the Raw District Remix of D’Julz’s Fast Forward with its instant earworm of a three-note bass-synth riff and looping, distorted male vocal, Kike Henriquez’s Activation Things with its vintage Chi-town style drums, Duriez & Manuel-M’s somewhat Ultra Flava-ish Unreasonable Feelings and Ange Siddhar & Illan Nicciani’s The Show with its sampled movie dialogue (from Night Catches Us if I’m not mistaken, thanks Google!), fat hip-swayin’ bassline and killer organ chords. But as ever with a comp like this, you’d be well advised to dive in and explore for yourself…

Out: Now (only last week but playing catch-up tonight, fairly predictably for a Monday)

About: Find Brique Rouge here, here and here.

Chemars – Lost In Music EP

May 28, 2014 in Singles

Chemars Lost In Music Waldliebe FamilienStupidly busy with real, paid work stuff this week, but there’s just time tonight to tell you quickly about this new EP from Waldliebe Familien, a Romanian label whose promos have recently started landing in the TIWWD inbox.

Fellow Romanian Chemars, AKA Manuel M*, is the man at the helm, and he brings us four tracks here. Jazz Stax is a driving, boompty-ish affair with mucho parping sax, energising organ stabs and vocal “dance!” and “do it!” interjections. Lost In Music has a similarly Carter-esque feel, rocking a neat little plainitive keyboard hook and garage-y vocal snips. Slalom is a slightly more sedate, understated number with unhurried drums and long, sweeping synth washes, while finally Stangaci sees Chemars back in unashamed slammin’ mode, in this instance adding a zeitgeisty sawtooth b-line.

Jazz Stax is the standout here for me but all four tracks will rock the real house floors for sure.

Out: Saturday (May 31)

About: Waldliebe Familien can be found on Facebook, or at the website of parent label Natural Rhythm.

*I think there are two Manuel M’s by the way, because there’s also a French one who does stuff with David Duriez, unless I’ve got it twisted and they’re actually the same guy?

David Duriez & Manuel-M – 9 Minutes Of Pure Madness

May 10, 2014 in Singles

David Duriez Manuel-M 9 Minutes Classic Music CompanyAs I posted on Facebook a few days ago, David Duriez’s much-loved Brique Rouge imprint is coming back after several years out of the game… indeed I just grabbed their first new release today. But that’s not till late June… in the meantime, we have this two-tracker from M. Duriez and fellow French producer Manuel-M, brought to you courtesy of Carter and Solomon’s Classic Music Company.

On the A, the Original Disco Mix of 9 Minute… starts out as a fairly uptempo groove characterised by flangey/whooshy sounds, busy percussion and a nagging two-note main synth hook… the ‘madness’ kicks in at around the four-minute mark, when out come the 303s. They don’t stay around forever, though… so my pick here would be the B-side’s Original Acid Mix, which is a PROPER head-fried acid workout and no mistake guv’nor!

Out: This week

About: You can find Classic here, here and here.

F.E.M – Wash My Duck

July 2, 2013 in Singles

F.E.M Wash My Duck Deep MovementsThree quite different mixes on offer of this latest from Deep Movements.

The original is a percussive tech-house chugger with proggy synth builds and a strange quacking sound that’s a bit like… well, yes. David Duriez’s remix is a little more heads-down and techy and really brings the duck noises to the fore, while Manuel M’s is a notch housier with added pianos.

I think the Duriez rub edges it for me, though all three will be plenty playable on the tech/prog floors. Really though this was gonna get a plug whatever, just for the title and cover!

Out: Saturday (July 6)

About: You can find Deep Movements, who are French don’t you know, on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at leur site web propre. Oh, and F.E.M is the French abbreviation for the electromagnetic force… and is called Simon in real life.

Marco Gayo – Mutism

February 10, 2013 in Singles

Marco Gayo Mutism Deep MovementsWe stay on the deep n’ techy tip now with this, the 10th release from French label Deep Movements.

Coming from Marco Gayo, who apparently is the main man behind a festival called We Are The Future, it’s a three-track, four mix affair. Mutism is a deep techno excursion, dripping in machine soul and a wee bit dubby around the edges. Overview is a slightly more upbeat but still pretty deep techno joint, topped with a rather odd spoken vocal (at one point it says “polarised as we are at the extreme end of the socio-economic picture,” which makes a change from “this is house music,” certainly), while Oriental Express is in a similar vein but introduces some Ofra Haza-like wails.

But fine as all those are, it’s the Manuel-M Remix of Mutism that’s the killer here. It retains the deep techno sensibilities of the original, but does so in a more (tech) house-ified, groovy kinda way. And that’s never a bad thing.

Out: This week

About: You can find Deep Movements ici, ici et ici (Soundcloud, Facebook, web). Regardez, maman, je parles Francais!

Various – Spring Sampler

May 22, 2012 in Singles

Four quality straight-up house cuts here, coming from new UK label 6th Sense Music.

First up is Hector Moralez, the Californian house producer who’s now resident in Paris, and one-half of Fries & Bridges along with Phil Weeks. He gives us Set Trippin’, a bleepy, freaky jackathon with a “round and round, upside down” vocal sample. Next up is Monoman, a Manchester-based producer who runs the Ambush label. His Panic is a tougher, techier and more driving cut, with something of an air of early prog about it (think Guerrilla or Cowboy circa 1992-94). IKT from Romania’s Manuel M is a loping, looping track with a Sneak-y disco feel, and then finally David Moran, one of the in-house team at 6th Sense, gives us Titel’s Groove, which tops off a Relief/Cajual-style snare-heavy backdrop with sampled jive-talking hipster speech.

Titel’s Groove and Set Trippin’ would be my personal faves here, but all four tracks are very solid. So, groovy house music on an underground UK label… check this one out or I’ll sulk at you. And you wouldn’t like me when I’m sulking.

Out: This week

About: This is number five from 6th Sense, who are based in TIWWD’s former home town of Manchesterford-On-Sea. Here’s their website, or you can find ’em on Soundcloud and Facebook.

PS Manuel M, Moralez, Monoman, Moran… they’ve got ALL the M’s!