Max Chapman – You Just Won’t EP

April 23, 2016 in Singles

Max Chapman You Just Wont Lost RecordsSome fine chunky, funky tech-house grooves here, from a man who’s more than a little adept at such.

You Just Won’t itself fuses vintage Chi-town beats with a surging, filtered b-line that’s bang up-to-date, topping both with a male voice saying “you just won’t get it” over and over. Luca Cazal then goes into full-on nostalgia mode on his remix, applying the vocal far more sparingly while swapping out the b-line for a 303-ish one to match the drums. Both are cool, but Move Back is even better, whether you opt for the sleazy throb of the Original with its hip-house vocal or the harder-slammin’ Electric Youth Remix.

Yet to hear anything sub-par from Chapman, and this is another surefire floorburner from the lad.

Out: This week

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Hauswerks – Only You EP

January 25, 2016 in Singles

Hauswerks Only You EP Lost RecordsA three-track, four-mix EP from British producer Hauswerks here, coming on Leftwing & Kody’s Lost Records.

Only You itself is a lively, quite techy affair with ruff-edged bass and busy, crunchy percussion, atop which sit drawn-out, trumpet-like sounds and, bringing the light, snatches of sweet female vocal. Nothing Really Matters has a heads-down, 4am kinda feel, with tribal-leaning percussion and a looping, echoing “nothing really matters” female vocal. The standout here though is Don’t Make Me Wait, which as many of you will have already guessed references the Peech Boys, and which comes in two flavours: a sparse, percussion-led Original that puts the vocal right in the spotlight, and a pumped-up n’ bassy 12 Stories Remix that takes the gold for this reviewer.

Out: Friday (29 Jan)

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Various – Lost Summer Selection

August 2, 2015 in Albums

Lost Summer Selection Lost RecordsWe ended on quite a rollicking, techy house tip last night so let’s pick up there again tonight with this compilation album from Leftwing & Kody’s Lost Records.

With 14 tracks from as many artists, I’m not going into them one-by-one. Suffice to say that Lost have made a big mark on the scene with their particular style of tuff, muscular house and sinuous, groovy techno, and if you’re a fan of the label you certainly won’t be disappointed with this set, which features a host of familiar artists including Cera Alba, PAWSA, Mat.Joe & Kevin Knapp, Montel, Raffa FL, Di Chiara Brothers and of course Leftwing & Kody themselves, plus a handful of newer names.

L&K’s own attitude-y Mad Hot (feat Maxine Hardcastle), Raffa FL’s fat n’ squelchy The Freak Beat and Michael Bibi’s lo-slung n’ sleazy Power Of Life stand out for this reviewer, but you’ll find your own favourites I’m sure…

Out: This week

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Cera Alba – Orbit EP

June 3, 2015 in Singles

Cera Alba Orbit EP Lost RecordsWe end on a slightly techier note with this EP from UK producer Cera Alba, coming on Leftwing & Kody’s Lost Records.

Lead cut Blacklight is the standout for me. It opens with no-nonsense beats and a deep male voice intoning the title over and over, before a sinuous bassline, sprightly hi-hats and (eventually) brief piano trills join in to create as slinky and groovesome a slice of chunky tech-house as you’ll hear all month. A proper ass-mover and no mistake, guv’nor!

The acid-tinged SEFF Remix isn’t any too shoddy either, though, while Weapon, a bassier, dubbier deep/tech houser topped with diva vocal snips that’s also eminently playable, completes a very strong package.

Out: This week

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Leftwing & Kody – One Nation EP

May 13, 2015 in Singles

Leftwing & Kody One Nation EP Lost RecordsSome tuff, no-nonsense house bizniss from Leftwing & Kody here, coming on their own Lost Records label.

One Nation itself gets the ball rolling with uptempo, shuffling beats, a bassline that remembers the acid era fondly and, to match the latter, rave-y stabs and that familiar old “can you feel the beat?” vocal. Don’t Look Back is up next, again quite a driving affair but with more straight-ahead 4/4s this time, not to mention a rather odd vocal that’s vaguely reminiscent of DJ Rush’s Relief classic But It Really Doesn’t Matter With Me Now. S’good but I’m liking Luca Cazal’s full-throttle acid refix more, I think, while completing the EP is That’s The Way, a just slightly less frantic houser that again has strong rave-y leanings, what with the female rap vox, sirens and very 92-ish piano stabs.

L&K kickin’ it old skool! Nice.

Out: This week

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Josh Butler – Rebirth EP

February 21, 2015 in Singles

Josh Butler  Rebirth EP Lost RecordsLast one for tonight, and we stay in fairly stompy territory with this four-track EP from Lost Records.

Rebirth itself is up first, a beefy near-instrumental chugger that’d be perfect for 3am play with its combination of big wobblin’ bass, dubby FX and meandering jazzy keys. Miss You Less follows, a more sultry and garage-leaning deep houser with a female vocal from Yemi Bolatiwa. Phoebus Cartel is another garage-tinged cut with a spoken male “I want you” vocal and more killer jazzy keyboard work, while label bosses Leftwing & Kody’s remix of Miss You Less rounds out the EP and takes us into darker, more heads-down territory… again with something of a tribal feel to the drums.

The title cut and the original of Miss You Less are the standouts for yours truly.

Out: This week

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Philip Bader – Keep Ya Head Up EP

January 25, 2015 in Singles

Philip Bader Keep Ya Head Up EP Lost RecordsWe kick off tonight with some typically high-calibre is-it-house-is-it-techno? bizniss from Lost Records.

Keep Ya Head itself is a driving, heads-down affair with a heavy bassline, distorted female vocal snips and a hefty dose of acid, while the Kalyde Remix is definitely one for the more techno-oriented floors. Blue Frog is a low-slung and darkly groovy cut driven along by a nagging piano riff and filtered chant vox, while the PAWSA Remix takes us into the heart of 3am dancefloor darkness (though not in too mental a fashion). And then finally Handmade is a tuff, chunky houser that could almost be one of Strictly Rhythm’s more brutal mid-90s releases, and comes with a sparser Detlef Remix that nods to vintage Chicago.

File under ‘heavyweight tracky shit’, with the originals winning out over the remixes for me in most cases.

Out: This week

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Raffa FL – The Jam EP

January 6, 2015 in Singles

Raffa FL The Jam EP Lost RecordsFinally for tonight we move into chunkier house territory with this three-track, five-mix EP from Leftwing & Kody’s Lost Records.

“A low-slung bass growler” is how the hype sheet describes opener Super Jam, and once I’ve stopped sniggering childishly I’ll just nod in agreement, adding that there’s a hefty, sinuous funk to this one and that it sports snatches (more childish sniggering) of hip-house-y male rap vox. Sven Tasnadi’s remix has more straight-down-the-line drums, more firing percussion and added synth wibbles on top. Riddim is a deep, down and driving houser heading straight for dark 2am dancefloors, while the System 2 Remix is slinkier and sexier, with added spoken male vox buried deep in the mix and some nice vintage Chi-town sounds (raw piano stabs and 909 hi-hats) thrown in as well as the occasional ruff n’ rugged bass surge just to keep you guessing. And then finally there’s Overdub, a slab of dark, pulsating acid that’s taking no prisoners whatsoever.

All told, what you have here is a selection of cuts that should find appeal with DJs and buyers right across the house spectrum. Watch yer bassbins… I’m tellin’ ya.

Out: This week

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October 30, 2014 in Singles

MANIK I Know Lost RecordsA neat three-tracker here from Leftwing & Kody’s ever-checkable Lost Records and young NYC-based producer MANIK.

On the A, I Know in its original form combines tuff tech-house beats and raw-edged synth drones with 90s-sounding female vocals (sampled I think, though I couldn’t tell you where from). Jacques Renault’s isn’t hugely different but perhaps a notch more pounding, and adds a ker-razy Hammond breakdown in the middle. The real treat here though is bonus cut Waiting, which is as fine a slice of chunky, floor-friendly bass house/future garage as you’ll hear all week.

Out: This week

About: You can find Lost Records on Soundcloud and at their Facebook page. Check MANIK’s own Soundcloud, too, where you can download guest mixes he’s done for Rinse FM and Radio 1.

Max Chapman & Kieran Andrews – Temperature EP

August 1, 2014 in Singles

Max Chapman & Kieran Andrews Temperature EP Lost RecordsFinally for tonight, we have some very fine now-sounding house bizniss courtesy of two rising London-based producers, Max Chapman and Kieran Andrews.

Taking the tracks in reverse order, Groove is powered along by vintage Chi-town drums and a fat, funky-assed throbber of a b-line, and comes topped with rising synths and chopped ‘n’ looped “groove your body” (?) vox. Ten Twenty One with its stripped-back production and male vocal is one for the v-neck T/sunglasses/tribal tattoo massive, but good stuff all the same. But while both of those will rock floors for sure, the pick of a strong crop for me (hence doing the review in reverse, y’see) is the title track Temperature itself, with its uptempo shufflin’ percussion, ominously rumbling bottom-end and looping, garage-y female “ooh baby, you make my temperature rise” vocal.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Leftwing & Kody’s Lost Records, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.