Dave Martins – Acid Flipper EP

January 26, 2016 in Singles

Dave Martins Acid Flipper EP Midnight Social RecordingsA two-track, four-mix EP from Swiss producer (and Southpark Records co-owner) Martins here, coming on Carlo Gambino’s Leeds-based Midnight Social Recordings.

Acid Flipper, in its original form, is a deep/tech house chugger, plenty hefty in the bottom-end without being “bassy”, if you see what I mean, and with a spoken male vocal that runs throughout. It’s accompanied by a Freak The Disco Remix which ups the pace several notches, largely dispenses with the vocal and adds, instead, strange drawn-out sounds like a child’s music box that’s running out of juice… definitely one to save for when the floor’s deep in the zone already. The other original cut, Tuono, starts out life as a fairly light n’ breezy tech-house groove topped with another spoken male vocal (“black is a statement, black knows it is different. It likes it that way”), before a remix from US duo Lost Pieces takes us into more heads-down, 4am territory.

All good stuff but if pushed, the Lost Pieces rub of Tuono nudges it for me.

Out: Friday (on Beatport)

About: Find Midnight Social Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook. There’s also still time to order yourself a copy of their first-ever, ultra-limited vinyl release via Qrates as well, if you’ve a mind to.

Various – Un Peu De Fraîcheur

June 15, 2014 in Singles

Un Peu D Fraicheur Frigo Vide“Six of the freshest deep/house garage tracks to rock the freshest dancefloors” is how the hype sheet describes this one. If that was their aim, all I can say is they’ve succeeded nicely.

There’s a mix of names both familiar (Sebb Aston, Daniel Brooks, Lost Pieces) and new (Marco Bocatto, Kenny Hectyc and – deep breath – Ricky Ild, Rossano Singh & Marco Ferrante), and a nice mix of styles too, from the Jersey-style swing of Brooks’ Like Woah, which wouldn’t have sounded out of place on 8 Ball back in the day and which for me is the pick of a very fine bunch, to the chipmunk’d vox and big bassline strut of Aston’s Make A Move, to the druggier, chuggier vibes of Lost Pieces’ Mojo. But all six tracks will do the do for sure.

A little bit of freshness indeed…

Out: This week

About: This comes on Frigo Vide Records, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Various – The Mix Tape EP

May 17, 2014 in Singles

Mix Tape EP Midnight Social RecordingsAnd the quality deep house vibes keep a-comin’, in this instance in the form of a five-track V/A EP that sees Midnight Social Recordings making their second TIWWD appearance of the week… in part because I’ve just realised I got the release date of the Dee Brown single wrong!

Arthur Den’s Way Things Feel gets the ball rolling, a dubbed-out affair coming laden with all manner of atmospheric synth doodles. Elomak’s brilliantly titled Steve Austin Can Run Faster is a more peaktime, strutty kinda cut that flows and ebbs with plenty of big-room drama and umpteen different vocal snips. Howard Sessions gives us Roots, which nods towards the early prog of labels like Guerrilla while also sporting some Italo-ish analogue synths and a vocal bite from a certain Smooth Touch classic. Lost Pieces’ OK, Party People is a stripped-down and jackin’ afterhours deep houser (and I’m not going to insult your intelligence by telling you which classic vocal gets a run-out on this one!), and then finally TwoQuarters give us Morro, which tops quite driving beats and sweeping synth washes with, first, a mournful “burning in my soul” vocal loop and later a sweet female “got to give you love” line.

If it’s PROPER deep house with a forward-thinking, slightly leftfield twist you’re after, this EP will serve you nicely.

Out: This week

About: Find Midnight Social Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook.