Sek – Mirror On The Wall

July 29, 2015 in Singles

Sek Mirror Mirror On The Wall Lost My DogAn excellent four-track EP to kick us off tonight from the soon-to-be much-missed Lost My Dog.

Mirror On The Wall itself bucks the current vogue for sampling the vocal from Akabu’s Ride The Storm, and plumps for a near-identical intro instead, before settling down into a soulfully-inclined deep houser with busy percussion and male vox. Bitter Love is also soul-inflected but in a more bumpin’, garage-y kinda way, with skippy beats, organ stabs and female vocal cut-ups. Untitled Jam 01.0002 (yes, that’s what it’s called, I checked) is a more straight-up dancefloor bumper of the kind you might find gracing an IKs or DiY set, while finally Ain’t Cost A Thing takes us to a more spaced-out, late-night, tech-soul kinda place.

Bitter Love takes the gold for me but, as ever with LMD, the quality’s high throughout.

Out: This week

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JammHot – See Me Right

July 18, 2015 in Singles

JammHot See Me Right Lost My DogAnother single-track release here, this one coming from the mighty Lost My Dog Records and actually, fact fans, the only one-track release the label’s ever put out.

Topping crisply rolling beats and a muted bassline with old skool-sounding pianos and garage-y “this ain’t no game” vox, See Me Right is a classic-style deep houser that’s perhaps more one for the older heads and house connoisseurs than for the 20yo bearded, v-necked hipsters… but that’s no bad thing round these parts. 🙂

Gonna miss Lost My Dog when they’re gone… in the meantime, every release is to be treasured!

Out: This week

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Pete Dafeet – Wife

May 17, 2015 in Singles

Pete Dafeet Wife Lost My DogIf you’re anything like me, then the news that Lost My Dog is to close this year leaves something of a void in your soul… but for now you can console yourself with this fine slab from co-owner Pete Dafeet.

Three mixes of Wife to choose from, plus two of The Root, The Soul. The title cut in its original form evinces a nostalgia for piano house days of yore, while Nacho Marco heads even further back in time with a fat n’ squelchy acid rub. The third mix is a simple radio edit so we can turn our attention to The Root, The Soul, again simply presented in Extended and Radio mix forms, which is a soulfully-inclined deep houser with male vox, hip-swaying bass and soaring pads.

Can’t decide whether it’s the original or Nacho Marco mix of Wife that I like best; either way we need to be treasuring LMD releases cos there aren’t going to be many more of ’em. <Sniff>

Out: This week

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Edviq – Chelsea Fads

February 26, 2015 in Singles

Edviq Chelsea Fads Lost My DogThe first ever EP here from Brooklyn-based Russian Edviq… and on no less an imprint than the mighty Lost My Dog, apparently after he entered a remix contest they did. If that’s not inspiring for the aspiring out there, I don’t know what is!

Easy to see what Pete and the boys saw in his tunes, though. Chelsea Fads is an off-kilter, wonkily-filtered romp through the zone where deep house and disco first collided back in the mid-90s (think Paper, DiY, Miles & Elliot, Anorak Trax). Omni, meanwhile, marries intricate, rolling percussion with treated soulful male vox and buzzy bass, while the accompanying Mountal Remix takes us properly into late-night, sofa-surfin’ territory.

An extremely impressive debut… more, please.

Out: this week

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Demarkus Lewis – Dog Eat Dog EP

January 23, 2015 in Singles

Demarkus Lewis Dog Eat Dog EPIf I told you there was a new Demarkus Lewis EP on Lost My Dog, you’d be expecting trad-style deep house grooves of the finest calibre already, would you not? You’d be right…

Just the two tracks to choose from. When I Get (What I Want) is a bumpin’ dancefloor number, with skippy, garage-y drums, nagging organs and a soulful, near-falsetto male vocal complimented by some female wails. Feeling My Feelings, meanwhile, lifts the “deep in my soul” line from Praise Cats’ classic Shined On Me and places it over a backdrop of no-nonsense beats and heavily filtered synths.

Think When I Get (What I Want) nudges it for me, but it’s a close-run thing!

Out: This week

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SKMK – What A Night EP

July 20, 2014 in Singles

SKMK What A Night EP Lost My DogTypically fine deep house grooves on this four-tracker from the ever-reliable Lost My Dog, the handiwork of Italian producers S!lk and APON who together are SKMK.

What A Night itself is a driving, ruff-edged, female-vocalled deep house/garage jam that pays homage to the vintage sounds of NJ/NYC… if you’d played me this and told me it came out on King Street in the 90s, I’d have believed you without question. Let Me Ear maintains the garage-y flava but is a much smoother, sashaying proposition, while Change Me sits somewhere between the two stylistically, and features chopped-up soulful male vox, though I have to be honest and say the production on this one’s a little bit ‘kitchen sink’ for me. And then finally there’s I Was Been, a groovier, more late-night affair with more chopped-up soulful male vox.

Let Me Ear is getting the biggest thumbs-up from this reviewer but What A Night and I Was Been are also strong.

Out: This week

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Various/Sek – Prime Cuts Vol 2

June 22, 2014 in Albums

Sek Prime Cuts 2 Lost My DogGreek DJ/producer Sek is the man chosen to helm the second installment in Lost My Dog’s Prime Cuts series, whereby LMD artists are invited to serve up a DJ mix featuring their personal favourites from the label’s back catalogue alongside any of their own new material they want to throw in.

And the results, in Sek’s case, are quite simply stunning. With tracks from Dale Howard, Pete Dafeet, YSE, Roland Nights, James Dexter and more, plus three newies from Sek, this is proper deep house music at its finest, ranging from the soulful vibes of YSE feat Frank H Carter III’s I Don’t Want Love, to the disco-lounge-in-space jam that is Jon Delerious’s Remember, to Sek’s own jackin’, tech-tinged Just Ducky and the funky-assed, left coast-ish strut of YSE’s Bounce Back.

If you buy one deep house mix album this month, make it this one. It’s a reminder of just how fine a label LMD really is – frankly, you wonder how they do it!

Out: This week

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Dominic Martin – Striving For Truth

April 16, 2014 in Singles

Dominic Martin Striving For Truth Lost My DogSome predictably fine, garage-tinged deep house grooves on this three-tracker from Lost My Dog.

Striving For Truth itself marries a contemporary-sounding bassline to more trad-style Rhodes chords and spoken male black consciousness vocal. Elsewhere on the EP, the soulful/garage-y elements come even more to the fore, the organs and chopped soulful vox of My Mind screaming ‘New Jersey’ while the slightly tuffer Take Me Up would have sounded right at home in a Gavin ‘Face’ Mills or Paul ‘Trouble’ Anderson set circa 1997.

My Mind wins it by a nose from where I’m sitting but that’s a tough call to make when you’ve got three tracks as good as these to choose from!

Out: This week

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Mountal – Last Cigarette

March 30, 2014 in Singles

Mountal Last Cigarette Lost My DogAnd speaking of veteran UK labels… Lost My Dog might not be quite as long-running as Wiggle but with nearly 10 years in the game now, they’re certainly getting there!

This latest offering comes from Cologne-based duo Mountal, who supply three original tracks. Last Cigarette itself is a moody, midpaced deep/tech chugger with a downpitched “she took my last cigarette, she was a bad bitch” vocal and ear-piercing synth/organ sounds. Don’t Look Back is a smoother, more trad-style deep houser with filtered “let’s start grooving” (?) fem vox, while Bird has one of those ’80s synth-pop’ vocals the Germans are so fond of and as such sadly doesn’t do it for me so much, even in Giom remix form.

But not everyone’s allergic to that style of vocal… and even if you are, this is worth picking up for Don’t Look Back alone.

Out: This week

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Various – Bone Deep EP

February 15, 2014 in Singles

Various Bone Deep Lost My DogThree very fine V/A EPs to tell you about tonight, starting with this five-tracker from Lost My Dog, with all five of the artists involved making their Lost My Dog debut here.

Lil’ Mark is up first with the techy, driving, acid-tinged squelch of End Of The Road. That’s followed first by Grey Area’s female-vocalled deep/soulful jam Gotta Know, then by the euphoric, melodic vibes of JammHot’s One Of Two Ways. After that comes Ivan Dbri’s Danke, a late-night deep houser in the classic Chi-town vein, before Stefan Kaye’s Landcruiser brings the EP to a suitably blissed-out, sax’d up end-of-night finale.

With five varied cuts straight out of the top drawer, as long as they keep turning out quality like this Lost My Dog’s place at the top of the UK deep house tree doesn’t look like it’s any danger for a while yet!

Out: This week

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