Various – Bone Deep EP

February 15, 2014 in Singles

Various Bone Deep Lost My DogThree very fine V/A EPs to tell you about tonight, starting with this five-tracker from Lost My Dog, with all five of the artists involved making their Lost My Dog debut here.

Lil’ Mark is up first with the techy, driving, acid-tinged squelch of End Of The Road. That’s followed first by Grey Area’s female-vocalled deep/soulful jam Gotta Know, then by the euphoric, melodic vibes of JammHot’s One Of Two Ways. After that comes Ivan Dbri’s Danke, a late-night deep houser in the classic Chi-town vein, before Stefan Kaye’s Landcruiser brings the EP to a suitably blissed-out, sax’d up end-of-night finale.

With five varied cuts straight out of the top drawer, as long as they keep turning out quality like this Lost My Dog’s place at the top of the UK deep house tree doesn’t look like it’s any danger for a while yet!

Out: This week

About: Find Lost My Dog on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

J Cub & Lil’ Mark – WSM EP

January 26, 2014 in Singles

J Cub & Lil' Mark WSM EP Paper RecordingsJust the other day I was namechecking J Cub’s Give You My Love as one of the highlights from the new Bargrooves album. Now here he comes again, tonight doing the do for one of the most iconic UK deep house labels of all, Paper Recordings.

Not sure what the EP title’s all about – I’m sure they haven’t really named it in honour of Weston Super Mare – but anyway there are three tracks: Dark Days, Dark Dub and No Time. Dark Days is a midtempo, lolloping deep house groover topped with gentle keys and a spoken “these are dark days” male vocal. Dark Dub is, unsurprisingly, a dubbier take on the same, so that just leaves No Time to talk about, which ain’t nothin’ but a low-slung groove punctuated by snippets of barely-there vox (“no time to get”?) and subtle wukka-wukking guitar flecks.

Again, solid stuff all round but No Time pips it for me, if only for its sheer bloody-minded “heads only”-ness.

Out: This week

About: Find Paper Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Lil’ Mark – Pulling Strings

February 20, 2013 in Singles

Lil Mark Pulling Strings Eclectic Avenue RecordsAlways exciting times when a new label (or even a not-so-new one) makes its TIWWD debut… even more so when that debut’s as good as this first offering (that I’ve heard) from Eclectic Avenue Records.

But when I say ‘this’… now then, don’t get me wrong, the percussive deep/tech jam that is Pulling Strings itself is perfectly fine and playable, as is b-side Memoir, a languid, bassy slo-mo groove with some female vocal wails reminiscent of (though not sampled from) Janet’s classic Pleasure Principle. But being fine and playable is one thing… being deep, lazy, sumptuous, dub-inflected and the kind of record to make you fall in love with deep house music all over again is another.

To which end, ladies and gentlemen, allow me to present to you Memoir in its J Cub’s Deep Dub Remix form. Absolutely unmissable.

Out: This week

About: I can’t tell you huge amounts about Eclectic Avenue, other than that they’re based in Leeds which of course pleases an exiled West Yorkshire lad like myself no end, and that judging from their Soundcloud page this would appear to be about their sixth release or so. They’re on Facebook as well, BTW, oh and look here’s a proper website as well. Get them for being all organised… anyway more soon lads please.