Liam Geddes – Right Path To Pray EP

June 5, 2016 in Singles

Liam Geddes Right Path To Pray EP Music Is LoveLiam Geddes returns to Manchester’s Music Is Love here to serve up four fine deep/tech house cuts.

Pray To Watch is up first, all crisp beats, haunting synth drones and squelchly acid bass. Right Path which follows rocks livelier, no-nonsense drums, shimmering synths/pads, resonating piano chords female vocal snips. So Many Needs is a chunkier house cut with jazzy overtones, while finally Song For New is a dreamier affair with surprisingly fierce kicks underpinning yearnsome female vox and what sounds like a loop of playground noise, though I could be wrong.

All good, but if pushed So Many Needs takes the gold.

Out: Today… or at least that’s what the promo mail-out said, though the Soundcloud page is now saying 16 June so go figure.

About: Find Music Is Love on Facebook, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, or at their own website.

So many tunes, so little time…

October 11, 2015 in Singles

Hmm, the weekly round-up of ‘stuff I didn’t quite get round to’ seems to be back… so yes, here’s a bunch more fine tuneage that’s just dropped this week.

BK Rogers Love In The Music Kingdom Kome CutsBK Rogers – Love In The Music
A very familiar vocal gets another run-out on this offering from young Australian producer BK Rogers. Four mixes to choose from, with the original a sinuous, strutty tech-houser, the Amy DB Remix slightly brasher and tuffer, the Cìrukè Remix a touch more proggy and synthified. My pick though is the 4AM Deep Mix, a stripped-back, bass-tastic affair built for getting proper stompy in darkened rooms to. Comes on Kingdom Kome Cuts.

Hysteric Ego Ladies & Gentlemen MVMTHysteric Ego – Ladies & Gentlemen
Another well-known vocal here as chunks of Grace Jones’ Operattack (if you don’t know the title, you’ll know the “annihilating rhythm” bit) are placed atop deep, chunky beats and big organ stabs in what is another very fine stripped-down 4am throbber, albeit of a deeper variety than the BK Rogers one above, with an unexpected synth crescendo near the end that’s not a little reminiscent of Collapse’s rave-era classic My Love.  It’s simple but devastating – annihilating, even! – and is brought to you by MVMT (or HouseMVMT, if you prefer).

Jickells Eventually EP Something DifferentJickells – Eventually EP
Some excellent deep house grooves here from Something Different. Eventually itself is a lively little roller that’s got both tech and (very light) Afro tinges, but it’s Shinjuku I’m feeling the most. In its original form, this is a dubby, lolloping affair with fluttering synths, mournful chords and ethereal female vocal snippets, while a brace of rerubs from Justin Harris are of predictably high calibre even if they don’t flip the script that much.

Vexus T Saviour EP Silence In MetropolisVexus T – Saviour
More proper deep house grooves now courtesy of Washington DC label Silence In Metropolis. Saviour is an unhurried throbber with tribal/jungle sounds, a strange spoken male vocal (“I don’t claim to be the creator, but I’m the saviour”) and a deep, dark, cavernous feel overall. Liam Geddes supplies a stripped, twitchy, dub-tinged refix that breaks out the acid as it nears its conclusion, while bonus cut I’m Wrong With You is a bit more abstract, Berlin-ish and soundscape-y, with whispered male vox.

Low Steppa Basement EP Simma BlackLow Steppa – Basement EP
Low Steppa comes with the big, strutty bass house vibes here on his own Simma Black label. Four tracks to choose from: The Art (Being A DJ) is pounding n’ techy with an amusing female vocal sample, The Joint has overtones of both two-step and G-house, while Meatfeast operates in similar territory but foregrounds a big warping b-line. The pick for me though is Drums Rockin’, which starts out all drummy then turns into a speed garage rumblemonster with sampled Technotronic vox. What’s not to love?

The Fakies Let You Go City Soul RecordingsThe Fakies feat Bibi Provence – Let You Go
Some rather more traditionally styled house shenanigans next courtesy of City Soul Recordings. The original of Let You Go is a small hours deep/soulful house chugger par excellence, with Blackwater-ish bass, soaring diva vox and lovely lingering Rhodes notes. It comes accompanied by a Jazzloungerz Club Mix that takes us into smoother, funkier soulful house territory, and that’s also eminently playable. Horses, courses, etc…

Zepherin Saint ft Ann Nesby & 3G Optimistic Tribe RecordsZepherin Saint feat Ann Nesby & 3G – Optimistic
We end on an uplifting note as Ann Nesby revisits a song she herself made famous in her Sounds Of Blackness days, this time in the company of Tribe Records boss Zepherin Saint to mark the label’s 100th release. It’s a little more upbeat than the original, and nearly 25 years on the production’s a tad smoother; otherwise, though, it’s a very faithful rendition that comes supplied in simple Main Vocal, Instrumental and Radio flavas. Drop this to an older floor and there won’t be a dry eye in the house…

Marsupials & Marcus Raute – Delight EP

July 16, 2015 in Singles

Marsupials Marcus Raute Delight EP Frole RecordsMore garage-tinged deep house goodness on this three-track team-up between two names that should be familiar to TIWWD readers.

Delight itself is up first, a midtempo affair centred around parping organs and female “keep… coming” shouts, all underpinned by delicate beats and reversed-sounding bass. Liam Geddes supplies a housier remix with tuffer 4/4s and less of the vox, while completing the EP is Lenord, a deeper jam that again has a garage-y feel with its lingering Rhodes chords and looping “ba-by” vox, and that’d be equally at home on the headphones or on the dancefloor.

Given the names involved you’d expect quality here… and you certainly get it.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Italy’s Frole Records, who you can find here, here and here.

Liam Geddes – Always High EP

November 30, 2014 in Singles

Liam Geddes Always High EP Deep Edition RecordingsNo stranger to this blog, here Mr Geddes returns with a four-tracker for Martijn’s Deep Edition Recordings.

Always High itself is up first, a stripped-back deep house chugger sporting some lovely understated jazzy piano chords and snippets of chopped-up spoken vox on top of its simple beats and layered atmospherics. 27 is even sparser, leaning towards minimal but featuring some gently tinkling ivories you’d seldom find on a ‘minimal’ track. If This Happened operates in similar terrirtory, while finally Reflux is a more floor-friendly, albeit still very laidback, deep houser with beefy kicks and just a hint of acid.

Involving stuff that’s strictly “for da headz”, as they say.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 8 December.

About: Find Deep Edition here and here.

Rhythm Operator – Illuminate Your Soul EP

September 21, 2014 in Singles

Rhythm Operator Illuminate Your Soul EP Axe On WaxOnly the second release here from a brand new label, Axe On Wax. London-based Italian Federico Lange is the man at the label’s helm, but this sophomore release comes from LA producer Calvin James, AKA Rhythm Operator.

Deep and tech house in a range of styles are the order of the day. Illuminate Your Soul itself is up first, which starts out all laidback and late-night, but the dreamy synths and fluttering flutes are soon joined by more driving, complex beats than your ears were probably expecting! Liam Geddes gives us a remix that heads into darker, trippier tech-house territory, while elsewhere on the EP, Set You Free has something of a Sneak-y feel with its stuttering beats, chopped disco vox and brass stabs, and Mind Wave opts for a more leftfield, jazzy vibe.

Geddes’ remix nudges it for me but Set You Free is also eminently playable.

Out: This week on vinyl, digitally some time in October

About: You can find Axe On Wax on Soundcloud, Facebook and Mixcloud.

Liam Geddes – Driving Me Away

February 7, 2013 in Singles

Liam Geddes Driving Me Away Unrivaled Music Our second of the week from the Endemic stable, this being the latest apple to fall from the Unrivaled Music branch of the tree.

Just the two tracks, so needn’t detain you too long. On the A, Driving Me Away itself is a languid, late-night ride, with yearnsome, slightly melancholic fem vox intoning the title atop a musical background that’s got that ‘sparse yet dense’ feel to the production, if that makes any sense to anyone else but me! Hmm. ‘Deceptively complex’ might be a better way of putting it. Anyway, it’s good. Moving on, and over on the B you’ll find Ready For You, which again is something of a post-club, sofa-surfing affair (though solid kicks throughout mean it’d be suited for warm-up or afterhours club play too), and which is mostly all about spoken male vox over long, lingering synth sounds.

Classy, contemplative stuff from a young UK producer who’s definitely worth keeping an eye on.

Out: This week

About: You know where to find Endemic/Unrivaled/Sounds Of Juan by now… he says, posting the link anyway cos otherwise he’d have to fill this space with random drivel about My All-Time Best Charity Shop Finds or something.

Feft & Liam Geddes – Nu Skool Dubs EP

November 15, 2012 in Singles

Feft & Liam Geddes Nu Skool Dubs EP Form-and Function

A split EP here from two names that should be familiar to TIWWD readers by now, with both tracks paying their respective nods to the early days of UKG circa 1995-98.

Feft gives us Addicted, which is all Tuff Jam-ish bumpin’ bass underneath a more contemporary-style treated vocal, while Liam Geddes’s contribution is BRIXTN, which is a little less straight-up garage and more kinda… deep house with very garage-y leanings! You get the overall idea. And yeah, loving ’em both.

Now, does this mean five-button suits are gonna come back around as well? Only there’s loads of ’em in charity shops and I do hate to miss a bargain…

Out: This week

About: This comes on Form-and Function: Soundcloud Facebook

Raffa L – I Want You

September 26, 2012 in Singles

Raffa L I Want You Unrivaled Music

Blimey… I know Unrivaled Music get a lot of love on this blog but they’ve excelled themselves here!

There are six mixes of I Want You on offer. In its Original form, it’s a chugging deep/tech house groover with a slightly Robert Owens-esque, treated male vocal, 90s organ sounds used quite subtly and some seriously buzzy rave bass. And then as for remixes… you’re spoiled for choice, really. There’s the (UK) garage-y refix from Liam Geddes. There’s Danny eM’s head-fried, wibbly pass. There’s a tuffer, techier rub from Dan Styles.

And then there’s not one but two outstanding mixes from Dexter Ford. His Up Mix really lets that rave bass shine through and teams it somewhat surprisingly with nu-disco synths, with great results. But his Down Mix… that’s as satisfying a journey into inner (head) space as you’re gonna take all week, a dubby affair with the production aesthetics of deep techno, the sexy slink of deep house and STILL with that buzz bassline in full effect.

The latter pass, as you can probably tell, takes top honours for me, with Geddes’ rub a close second. But this is outstanding stuff all round, truth be told – go seek.

Out: This week

About: You can find Unrivaled via the Endemic Digital Facebook page.

James Silk & Jobe – Baby Baby

September 12, 2012 in Singles

James Silk & Jobe Baby Baby Form-and Function

And from one of TIWWD’s most-tipped of 2012 (Dave James) to another, James Silk, whose latest for Form-and Function doesn’t disappoint one iota.

In its Original form, Baby Baby is all chunky bass, crisp kicks and earnest male vocal… a big room peaktime vocal anthem in the making, quite possibly. It also wouldn’t have sounded out of place on Cleveland City circa 1994! But it’s actually the flipside refix from Liam Geddes that’s exciting yours truly more.

With the vocal cut down, chopped up and recycled in stab form, this is as chunky, sumptuous and beautiful a slab of, let’s not beat about the bush, UK garage music as you’ll hear this month AT LEAST. A proper locked-down underground soul bumper for the deep heads, don’t sleep!

Out: This week

About: You can find Form-and Function on Facebook and Soundcloud.

**UPDATE 13/9: Please note Jobe is co-producer of this record and NOT the vocalist as I suggested yesterday!