Various/Kevin McKay – Glasgow Underground 97/07

February 18, 2015 in Albums

Glasgow Underground 97/07The word here is ‘wow’. All other house imprints take note: this is how you do a label retrospective!

Kevin McKay’s Glasgow Underground made a very welcome return to the house scene back in 2011 – I interviewed him about it for iDJ at the time – but before that, the label had a glorious 10-year run in its Mk 1 incarnation and here, the best bits of that decade’s output are gathered together in one whopping four-disc package. With 48 tracks in total, I’m not doing the full blow-by-blow, track-by-track rundown but suffice to say the four mixed discs are labelled ‘deep’, ‘house’, ‘disco’ and ‘eclectic’, which should give you a pretty good idea what to expect. As should the list of artists and remixers involved: Mateo & Matos (lots), Romanthony, DJ Q, Idjut Boys, DJ Sneak, Larry Heard, Groove Assassins and many more.

You want highlights? Teddy G’s Zis Not A Rap Song from 2002 proves there’s nothing new about that whole G-house thing, the Larry Heard mix of Neon Heights’ Are We Thru? (featuring Bent/Faithless vocalist Zoe Johnston sounding remarkably Tracey Thorn-like) is a bit ruddy special, while the lounge-y, discofied Happy Feelin’ (a track I’d forgotten all about) is just one of the many inclusions that serves as a reminder of just how good Mateo & Matos really were in their late 90s/early 00s heyday*… but really, picking highlights is superfluous when the quality throughout is, frankly, ridiculously good.

What’s more, as well as the four-disc mixed version, there’s a digital version available with 60 unmixed tracks. Like I said: wow. Trust me, you need this!

Out: Now

About: Find Glasgow Underground on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

* No diss to their more recent work, cos I know there’s been some… I just haven’t heard a lot of it. Hi Eddie and Jon if you read this, feel free to take that as a hint! 🙂

Soul Of Hex – Lip Reading

October 19, 2014 in Singles

Soul Of Hex Lip Reading EP CVMRNo fewer than five mixes to choose from of this latest offering from Mexico’s CVMR imprint.

In its original form, Lip Reading rolls along in an understated kinda way with muted kicks, throbbing bass and a garage-y wiggle, the latter accentuated by soulful male vocal snips, the synth bassline becoming more prominent as the track goes on. No less a personage than Chicago deep house founding father Larry Heard supplies two remixes: a Jazzy Dub that’s suprisingly percussive and sports some gorgeous tinkling ivories, and a slightly funkier but not otherwise dissimilar Midnight Mix. Rounding out the EP, the Ny*Ak Remix is lazy, laidback and shuffling while the Vin Sol Remix heads through the door marked ‘deep and percussive’.

You’d assume Heard would run away with this one… but good as his two mixes are, I think it’s actually the original that works best for me.

Out: This week

About: Find CVMR on Soundcloud and Facebook

Matt Tolfrey – Word Of Mouth Remixes

April 27, 2014 in Singles

Matt Tolfrey Word Of Mouth Remixes LeftroomIn which four tracks from the Leftroom boss’s 2012 long-player (or five if you buy the EP on Beatport) get the remix treatment from what it has to be said is a pretty darned heavy-hitting line-up.

First up, Distant Story from Tolfrey and Kevin Knapp gets a Mr Fingers Deep Mix from the mighty Larry Heard. Kenny Dope then does the dub honours on Ya Kid K collab Turn You Out, before Rob Mello serves up a No Ears mix of Never Assume (credited to Tolfrey and James Teej). Completing the standard package is Freaks’ take on Downtown, but those buying on Beatport also get a bonus in the form of a Misi Remix of Spooks (also credited to Tolfrey and Knapp).

It’s between the Misi rub of Spooks and Heard’s mix of Distant Story for top honours for yours truly, but beyond that I’m deliberately not going into much detail here because with a talent roster like that, you KNOW you need to check this one for yourself!

Out: This week

About: This comes, of course, on Leftroom, who you can find on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.