Howard Sessions – Meddlin’ With Me Melody

October 13, 2011 in Singles

More quality deep house here, this time from Leeds-based boss of Re:Tweak Records, Howard Sessions, making a guest appearance on the ever-reliable Lost My Dog.

Sessions himself provides two versions of the title track, the lazy* pads ’n’ percussion-based groove of the original and the more ‘classic’-sounding Howard’s Drunken Mix, which makes a lot more of the rather lovely pianos. The remix honours here though go to Larry Fives, AKA Laurence Ritchie, who works some IKs-style magic with the tune and reconfigures it as a reet jaunty lil’ dancefloor number.
You also get two mixes of Barking. The original here’s kind of deep house with the most subtle of nods to UKG sounds, while the remix foregrounds the soulful “let’s ride” vocal sample and gets busy with some shufflin’ percussion, before getting progressively mellower and more spaced-out as the minutes tick by.
Nice and easy does it…
Out: This week
About: You shouldn’t need me to tell you anything about Lost My Dog by now, surely? So I won’t. Ha!
*that’s ‘lazy’ as in the track’s kinda unhurried and doesn’t seem in any mad rush to grab you by the jugular, you understand… not ‘lazy’ as in he should have done more with it. Just so’s we’re clear.