Stavros Doussis – Spiral

January 3, 2016 in Singles

Stavros Doussis Spiral Sound Vessel RecordsA wicked two-track, five-mix EP here from Athens’ Stavros Doussis, coming on San Diego label Sound Vessel Records.

In its Original form, Spiral itself is an unhurried little deep house gem, its simple chugging beats topped with lingering synth notes and ethereal female vocal snips. It’s strictly one for warm-up or late-night/post-club play, admittedly, but rather lovely all the same. The Mo’ Funk Remix takes us into tech-house territory with its shuffling, terrace-friendly beats, but better to these ears, and indeed just nudging it over the Original, is the La Rose Remix, which starts out all sweet n’ dreamy but then, at around the 1.5-minute mark, surprises with some seriously dark low-end rumble that forms the backbone of the track from there on in, and that could see it reaching out to all kinds of post-dubstep/bass music floors.

The other original cut, Rule & Conquer, is another fairly laidback houser topped with an extensive chunk of the oft-sampled speech from the end of The Great Dictator, but really comes into its own on the SERIOUSLY deep Processing Vessel Remix. Niceness!

Out: This week

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Jason Mitchell – Yet Not I

December 11, 2015 in Singles

Jason Mitchell Yet Not I DeepWit RecordingsMore deep, garage-y house vibes on this latest from Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings.

Yet Not I itself, in its Original form, is a percussion- and keys-driven workout that should work equally well in the warm-up or in the wee small hours, with the vocal – a man’s voice repeating the title – limited to the track’s mid-section. The La Rose Remix is a deeper, warmer, floatier pass with the vocal applied even more sparingly and pitched up. The other original cut is Shimmy, a funk-infused deep house dancefloor stomper with soaring synth-strings and organs to die for, while Sagia provides a heavier, dubbier refix for later play.

All four are excellent but if pushed it’s the sparser, more Jersey-ish originals that get my vote.

Out: This week

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Various – Autumn Air Vol 3

October 24, 2014 in Singles

Autumn Air Vol 3 DeepWit RecordingsWe kick off tonight with some very deep house grooves, coming courtesy of those ever-reliable providers of the same, Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings.

Kiano & Below Bangkok open the EP with the aptly named Lounging, a gentle, downtempo affair made to soothe battle-weary souls. Johannes’s I Wanna Move is quite a lively deep houser with some very cool understated organs and garage-y skip in its step, while Perfect World by Amir is late-night sofa surfer par excellence. La Rose drag us back to the dancefloor with Deep Overdose, while the EP ends with Agus Monteverde’s Sap, a soulful deep house groover that wouldn’t sound out of place in a Harley & Muscle set.

It’s all good, to coin a phrase, but Perfect World and I Wanna Move are the killers.

Out: This week

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