Sean Miller – Can’t Stop

January 23, 2016 in Singles

Sean Miller Can't Stop Knee Deep In SoundProving that you can’t keep a good song down, here we have the first appearance in a while (that I’ve heard) by the vocal from Black Ivory’s Mainline, as covered by Jason Load Experience and sampled in Love Revolution’s Give It To Me Baby, T.S.P’s Can’t Stop The Feeling and about 17,000 other records back in the day.

In this case, those famous lines (“Don’t wanna stop cos you’ve struck my mainline, can’t stop the feeling inside my brain,” etc) have been resung by an uncredited female vocalist, and placed – by Canadian producer Miller – atop busily shufflin’ tech-house beats and a quite gnarly-sounding bassline. It’s hard to try and sell this one as being particularly inventive musically but the familiar vocal should get a good response on the floor. Over on the B, meanwhile, Clublife rides cleaner 4/4s with rolling, surging bass and high-pitched, energy-infusing whoops that may or may not have the initials LH attached…

Two very solid floor-moving Saturday night house cuts, nothing more, nothing less.

Out: Yesterday

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Leftwing & Kody – Carnival EP

September 27, 2015 in Singles

Leftwing & Kody Carnival Knee Deep In SoundMoving into tougher, techier, bassier territory now as Leftwing & Kody serve up a stomp-tastic three-tracker for Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound imprint.

Carnival itself marries the kind of Latin-tinged drums that presumably gave the track its name to a huge, buzzing bassline,  a rave-y synth hook and fragments of spoken “keep on moving… keep on grooving” male vox. Control is a BPM or two pacier, all menacing bass rumble, analogue-sounding synths and seriously mangled diva vox, while finally Crazy opts for pounding 4/4s, busy top-end percussion and more cut-up diva vox.

Control stands out to these ears, but all three will do the do when the dancefloor’s already moving nicely and you want to push ’em to the next level.

Out: This week

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Cristoph – Let It Go EP

September 10, 2015 in Singles

Cristoph Let It Go EP Knee Deep In SoundMore muscular, sinuous grooves here as current scene darling Cristoph shows off a techier side on this EP for Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound label.

Let It Go itself is up first, which starts out deep, sparse and bleepy, adds an ominous throbbing bassline and dramatic, ascending synths, then tops the lot with an R&B-ish male “let’s go let’s go let’s go” vocal. It’s a real ‘journey’ of a track that should serve the slightly darker house floors admirably. Up next is the other original, Transmittance, which continues the dark, bassy and broody theme… only at an even greater intensity! Remix-wise, Oxia smoothes out some of Transmittance‘s rougher electronic edges for a more melodic ride, Riva Starr gets all eyes-down and jackin’ on his refix of Let It Go, while Exacta’s take on the same is tiny bit funkier.

All good but the original of Transmittance and Riva Starr’s rub of Let It Go just nudge it for me.

Out: Tomorrow (11 September)

About: You can find Knee Deep In Sound on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Various – Knee Deep In Sound Ibiza Sampler 2015

August 1, 2015 in Singles

Knee Deep In Sound Ibiza Sampler 2015Let’s finish for Saturday night on a suitably driving, floor-centric note, with six tracks of stomping, big floor house from Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep In Sound imprint.

Veteran player Steve Lawler gets the ball rolling with Libertine, his trademark dark drums and a nice big chunky bassline topped with a “house!” vocal sample that plays throughout, joined later by the very famous vocal from Phuture’s classic Your Only Friend. Sante & Sidney’s Blade is a little sparser on the drums front but just as bassy, with some very cool horror movie synths, while Oriol Mubu & FreedomB’s You Got Me has a touch of the Blackwaters in its bassline and analogue synth chaos on top. Angel Anx’s Wanna Go is a 3am eyes-down chugger par excellence, Montel’s Juicy rocks squelchin’ acid, an “I want your body” vocal sample, more big synths and bowel-bothering bass, while Johnsson’s Montreal ends the EP on a lighter tech-house note with Latin percussion, crowd noise,insistent synth bleeps and stabby chords.

Angel Anx takes the gold for me, but to fair there’s not a duff cut in sight: if tuff peaktime slammers are what you’re after, this is where to look.

Out: This week

About: You can find Knee Deep In Sound – who I don’t think have featured on TIWWD before – on Soundcloud and Facebook.