Klartraum – E Remixes Pt 2

June 14, 2016 in Singles

Klartraum E Remixes Pt 2 LucidflowIn the ‘blue corner’ of tonight’s techno twosome we have this remix EP from the mighty Klartraum, AKA Helmut Erbritsch and Nadja Lind. Released in 2014, Klartraum’s E album was released as a series of four EPs, and now they’re taking a similar approach with the obligatory remix ‘album’, with this the second set of rerubs to hit the street.

There are five tracks in total. Our old friend Rishi K is up first with his take on Sky Fall, a laidback deep house groover built with warm-ups and poolside loungin’ in mind. Lucien Foort’s Mayhem Modular Remix of Dark Space Night is an unhurried techno throbber with gnarly sawtooth bass and a hint of acid, while Jon Donson’s rub of Drama Queen , with its 2001: A Space Odyssey samples, takes us into twitchy, minimal territory.  The Vynyard Dub Mix of Flight To Berlin is sparse dub techno taken to the Nth degree, bordering on flotation tank territory with its crackling white noise and mournful trumpet, while finally Nadja and Helmut give us their own Cinematic Mix of Sky Fall, which here becomes an ever-evolving 10-minute feast of lolloping, understated drums, squelchy organic bass, tinkling ivories and synth atmospherics a-gogo.

All good, but Rishi takes the gold for me.

Out: Now

About: This comes as ever on Klartaum’s own Lucidflow label, who you can find (as ever!) on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Sunday night deepness

April 17, 2016 in Singles

Hello! You might remember me, I used to have a house blog. If you’re wondering where TIWWD has been this last month, all will be explained on Facebook (albeit possibly tomorrow). But anyway, long story short, am back on the reviews case now, kicking off tonight with a selection of SERIOUSLY deep goodness from the last seven days…

Johannes Different Things Deep ClicksJohannes – Difficult Things EP
Getting a full release this week is (was) this three-tracker from Czech newcomer Johannes, coming on Spanish label Deep Clicks. Difficult Things itself is an unhurried, dreamy and soul-tinged deep houser built with afterhours or post-club play in mind. Don’t Make Me Wait is a smoother, deep garage-y affair that nods to the Peech Boys, while finally Don’t You Wanna is another 4am deep house cut with warm, dubby bass and breathy female vocal snips. All three are quality but if pushed, Don’t Make Me Wait stands out.
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Filta Freqz Way 2 Go Soul Supplement RecordsFilta Freqz – Way 2 Go EP
Slightly more uptempo and floor-friendly deep house vibes here courtesy of Vegas’s finest, Soul Supplement Records. Just the two tracks on offer: Way 2 Go itself rocks tuff kicks, cut-up/filtered disco vox and a hefty dose of garage swing, while Take Note on the flip is similarly disco-fied but with rolling beats, parping sax and assorted fragments of male vocal (“come on,” “to the beat y’all… and ya don’t stop” and “who got it going on?” all appear at different times). The title track just nudges it for me.
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Gregory Dub Get Deeper EP Gents N' Dandy'sGregory Dub – Get Deeper EP
An outstanding five-track EP here from the ever-checkable Gents N’ Dandy’s. The smooth, Jersey-ish deep garage vibes of Home Is Home get the ball rolling, Floating continues in a similar vein, Come On hits that perfect “deep enough for the sofa, tuff enough for the floor” sweet spot, Dreamin’ takes us into proper blissed-out, 5am territory and then finally Relief plays us out on a lazy, downtempo note. And, as we’ve come to expect from Gn’D, it’s superbly classy stuff from start to finish. Go seek!
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Carlos Francisco Sun Chaser SP RecordingsCarlos Francisco – Sun Chaser
And speaking of supremely classy stuff, here’s a jazz-inflected offering from SP Recordings that’s definitely one “for the heads” as they say! Building from a simple percussive intro, Sun Chaser slowly develops into as wigged-out and groovesome a jazzual, garage-y Rhodes workout as you’ll hear all month, while an accompanying Afro Dream Mix is the same but with Afro/tribal beats (well duh). Which mix you opt for is a matter of personal percussive preference: either will have 90 per cent of the population going ‘What’s this, fucking Jazz Club?” – and the 10 per cent that matter in raptures!
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Miami 2016 Sampler Ready Mix RecordsVarious – Ready Mix WMC 2016
Yes, it seems a little late in the day for Miami samplers but this only got a full release this week. Regular readers of this blog (if there are any left after the recent hiatus!) will know I’m a big fan of Ready Mix Records’ take on deep house and this nine-track collection doesn’t change that one iota. Not doing the full track-by-track but suffice to say that there are nine tracks from eight artists, all new names to your truly but Ready Mix’s usual high quality standards apply, with Beat Factory’s bouncy I Feel Like, Eke’s funky-assed Romb and Armen Miran’s moody Marta particularly worth checking.
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Klartraum E Remixes Pt 1 LucidflowKlartraum – E Remixes Pt 1
Sunday night at TIWWD wouldn’t be Sunday night at TIWWD without some deep, dubby techno from Lucidflow to end on! So here we have five remixes of three tracks from last year’s E album by label bosses Klartraum. Bell Birds Dub gets the most love, with D. Diggler and Yapacc remixes as well as the original all featured; TBH the Original is still my fave but if you want it toughened up Diggler’s yer man while Yapacc gets a bit more abstract and soundscape-y. Elsewhere, Alan Oldham AKA Detroitrocketscience brings us a shuffly, minimal-leaning take on Bill Bill, while Oscar Barila and Jamin Hernandez’s rub of Drama Queen is lazy, sunkissed deep house of the highest calibre.
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Yapacc & Ricky Erre Love – Jetstream EP

November 7, 2015 in Singles

Yapacc & Ricky Erre Love Jetstream EP LucidflowA two-track, five-mix EP here from Lucidflow that should appeal to lovers of deep house, deep techno/minimal and prog in equal measure.

Jetstream itself, in its Original form, is either a very prog-leaning slice of deep techno or a very techy deep prog cut, depending on how you look at it. Sebastian Albrecht’s Fluffy Cloud Mix takes us into wonky, glitchy territory and is underpinned by stuttering electro drums, while Sousk’s Epic Encounter is aptly named and gets almost trance-y in parts.

It’s the ‘other’ track, Barletta, that’s floating my boat more though. In its Original form this is a nice chunky slab of deep, dubby techno in classic Lucidflow style, but the cherry on the cake is an absolutely superb remix from label bosses Klartraum that’s as close to straight-up deep house as anything I’ve heard from the label, I think.

Out: This week

About: As ever, you can find Lucidflow herehere and here.

Francesco Tarallo – Maturation EP

October 31, 2015 in Singles

Francesco Tarallo Maturation EP LucidflowWe kick off tonight with some typically high-calibre deep techno/minimal bizniss from Lucidflow.

Four tracks make up the Maturation EP. Aesem is a slow-moving, delicate affair that leans towards ambient/chill-out territory. Cellar Bottle 1 rides more floor-friendly 4/4s but otherwise has just as light a touch in the production department, consisting mostly of water-droplet sounds and a two-note bass throb. Cellar Bottle 2 gets a little busier with the addition of one-note synth hits and a stuttered breakdown in the middle, while finally label bosses Klartraum serve up a remix of Cellar Bottle 1 that ups the dancefloor ante considerably while sprinkling a little glitchdust at the same time.

Out: This week

About: Find Lucidflow herehere and here.

Paul Moore – Koyote EP

July 25, 2015 in Singles

Pau Moore Koyote LucidflowA pleasingly varied reviews line-up again tonight, kicking off with some very fine deep/dub techno vibes from Lucidflow.

Four tracks in a total of five mixes make up the EP. Koyote itself is quite lively and (deep) house-ified by Lucidflow’s standards. Humble (featuring Little Mouse) opts for a slower, dubbier vibe, amd comes accompanied by a bleepier remix from label bosses Klartraum. Delirium is seven-and-a-half minutes of rolling, dubby beats, sonorous bass and enveloping FX, and then finally Am I plays us out in just slightly bouncier fashion.

I don’t know a label that does this stuff better than Lucidflow; suffice to say they don’t disappoint here.

Out: This week

About: You can find Lucidflow herehere and here.

Klartraum – Sweetness

January 21, 2015 in Singles

Klartraum Sweetness LucidflowTwo very different releases for you tonight, but both very fine in their respective ways!

First up, we have this slab of deep, cerebrally-inclined techno bizniss from those ever-reliable purveyors of the same, Klartraum (AKA Helmut Erbritsch and Nadja Lind). In its original form, Sweetness is a languid, dubby affair that’d sit perfectly well in deeper house as well as deep techno sets, with lovely muted keys and, as the track progresses, vaguely Middle Eastern-sounding vocal snips. Elezoid’s remix is sparser and more industrial-sounding, Forteba’s is even more warm, melty and houseified than the original, Johnny Bee’s is similar but with beefed-up kicks, Oscar Cornell’s adds some meandering, jazzy synth work while finally the Weisses Licht Honey Remix takes us into broken beat territory.

Forteba and Johnny Bee just nudge it for me.

Out: This week

About: This comes of course on Klartraum’s own Lucidflow label, who you can find here, here and here.

Klartraum – E4

December 8, 2014 in Singles

Klartraum E4 LucidflowWe stay in deep techno territory with the latest from those masters of the same, Helmut Ebritsch and Nadja Lind, AKA Klartraum. You may remember reading about E1 on here back in February; strangely, E2 and E3 seem to have slipped through the net, which is weird cos I do always look out for Klartraum/Lucidflow releases…

But anyway, this is the fourth and final part in the EP series, with the four parts (and their sleeves) now magically coalescing into one coherent whole. You pretty much know the kind of thing to expect by now, so I’ll just say that the general mood here overall leans towards the ‘twitchy and minimal’ side of things, with Bell Birds Dub the track to head for if you’re in search of dubbier pleasures. And that the quality standard is, of course, every bit as high as we’ve come to expect!

Out: Friday (12 Dec)

About: This comes as ever on Klartraum’s own Lucidflow label, who you can find here, here and here.

Helmut Erbritsch – Soul Transmitting

June 8, 2014 in Albums

Helmut Erbritsch Souls Transmitting LucidflowHelmut Erbritsch, one half of Klartraum and co-owner of Lucidflow, steps into the spotlight with his first solo full-length here.

The album opens with Melodies Of Power, a dark, atmospheric ambient piece, before Ecstatic Truth takes us into melodic tech-house territory with its gently tinkling ivories, rolling beats and waves of synthesizer atmospherics. Truth be told, though, Ecstatic Truth is something of a false start, because the next half-dozen tracks drop back down into downtempo mode, with a mixture of very, VERY deep techno and beats-free ambience. Revelations, a shiny, almost disco-tinged midtempo affair, then kicks off a tech-house triptych that also includes Empowerment and Emerging, before the slow-quick-slow combo of Deep Invitation, Alive and Souls Transmuting play us out.

Overall, Soul Transmitting is a little more on the abstract/arty side than the dub/minimal techno fare we’ve come to expect from Klartraum and Lucidflow, but it’s definitely an absorbing listen – one that’s best served late at night and given your full concentration.

Out: This week

About: This does come, of course, on Lucidflow, who you can find here, here and here.

Klartraum – E1

February 28, 2014 in Singles

Klartraum E1 LucidflowFinally for tonight we have this five-track EP from those ever-dependable purveyors of quality deep techno Klartraum, coming of course on their own Lucidflow label.

Tiger Ride [Club Ride], up first, is a twitchy, glitchy affair with snippets of male vox, while Sweetness is a more melodic number with sweet-sounding synths and shuffly percussion. It’s the next two tracks that are the killers, though. Mirage is the kind of dark, industrial dub techno small mice would make if left in a huge cavernous warehouse with a bunch of synthesizers and some strong sedatives, while Shy Guy leans so heavily to the dub side of the equation that it’s really ‘technofied dub’ rather than ‘dub techno’, if you see what I mean. Rounding out the EP is Tiger Ride [Cinematic Ride], an only slightly more melodic take on the opening track.

Like I said though, it’s Shy Guy and Mirage that you need to check for here.

Out: This week

About: Find Lucidflow on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Oh yes, and I should also mention that this is the first in a series of ‘E’ eps that will be released over the course of the year: according to the hype sheet, “The E stands for Enneagram, a model of human personality that allows you to describe or to find out through which lens you see your reality.” Make of that what you will!

Klartraum – Secret Groove

December 12, 2013 in Singles

Klartaum Secret Groove LucidflowSeeing as we were discussing all things deep techno it’d be remiss of me not to mention that there’s a new Klartraum single out today.

I’ve banged on about Klartraum/Lucidflow releases on here so many times you’re probably sick of hearing it, so tonight I’ll just say that for your money you get a quite house-y D. Diggler Swing Dub of Kazantrip, plus four mixes of Map Of Truth, namely Klartraum’s moody, spooky original, plus fairly self-explanatory Techno, Tech and Deep mixes from UGLH & Lucio Spain. That it all screams out to be heard in a smoke-filled warehouse at an ungodly hour. And that Lucidflow’s usual immaculate quality standards apply…

Out: Today

About: Find Lucidflow on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.