Karmine Rosciano – Give EP

March 13, 2016 in Singles

Karmine Rosciano Give EP DeepclicksIf you drive along the M32 between Manchester and Leeds,  there’s a bit where the motorway splits in two, because some farmer refused to budge when it was being built. I mention this because, while I’m not entirely sure what the farmer’s motivation was or how the whole scenario’s panned out for him long-term, sometimes you have to admire the hold-outs and diehards of this world for their sheer tenacity. And when it comes to big mid-90s-sounding organ throbbers, I’d have to count myself in that number.

So, Phil Maher’s toned-down, smoothed-out mix of the title track here, with its extensive breakdowns and foregrounding of a soulful male vocal that’s used only in treated form on the original, is fine. Can’t Leave, a very 2016-style deep/tech house jam with cut-up R&B-ish vox, fat squelchy bass, hints of acid and Orb-ish synth flurries, is also fine. Deephope’s more laidback, late-night remix of Can’t Leave, with its 80s-sounding synths, is very fine, to be fair. But the title track itself, in its orginal form, with its echoing vox and big throbbing organ bassline? Now that’s a MONSTER.

It’s probably not very cool and trendy to say so, but ask me if I care. You’re gonna have to build your Berlin hipster autobahn around my Korg M1 farm and that’s all there is to it!

Out: This actually came out on general release LAST week, but somehow it got missed – and was too good to let slide.

About: This comes on Spain’s Deep Clicks, who are no strangers to this blog and who you can find on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Various – Soul Deeparture In Summer

August 10, 2014 in Albums

Soul Deeparture In SummerOur second compilation of the evening comes from Italy’s Soul Deeparture… a label that I don’t think have featured on TIWWD before, though label owners DJ Umbi and Submantra certainly have.

As you’d expect, both from the name of the label and from those behind it, compared to the Different Attitudes comp below we’re dealing in a more traditional-style, soul-infused take on deep house with this collection. From the label bosses’ opener Everything Has A Meaning (as remixed by Rishi K) onwards, the emphasis is on sultry, slinky vibes, with highlights for yours truly including the Naked-esque, brass-toting swing of Sweet Thinking (Submantra & Umbi again, feat Francesca on vocals), Pavi’s deep, garage-leaning My Perception Of Music (as remixed by Portofino Sunrise) and the more contemporary-style deepness of Jero Nougues’ Castaway with its cavernous production and downpitched male vocal.

Karmine Rosciano’s sparse, jacking remix of Portofino Sunrise’s Burning Baby with its rave-y stabs, and Submantra & Umbi’s closing Bring Back The Drumz provide some welcome tuffer moments but on the whole, this is a treat for those in search of smoother grooves.

Out: This week

About: You can find Soul Deeparture on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Karmine Rosciano – Sending My Love

November 24, 2013 in Singles

Karmine Rosciano Sending My Love EP Deep Site VinylizedSome blissed-out vibes on this EP coming from that place where nu disco, Balearica and deep house intertwine.

In its Original form, Sending My Love itself is all 80s-sounding drums, wukka-wukking funky geetar and shimmering synths, topped in the second half by yearnsome female vocals. Alex Neivel’s remix goes down a housier route, while Vincenzo’s is loose, laidback and lazily funky. And then rounding out the EP is bonus cut With You, another spangled nu disco nugget that’s actually my pick of the bunch.

For fans of Nang, Bearfunk, Melodica, etc.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Deep Site Vinylized, part of Croatia’s Deep Site Recordings family who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Felipe L – When Night Sounds

August 18, 2013 in Singles

Felipe L When Night Sounds Deep Site RecordingsOkay, last one for today so let’s drop a little deeper…

Four mixes of When Night Sounds to choose from. The original rolls along at a fairly upbeat pace, driven by a funky-assed b-line and topped by some gorgeous multitracked female vox. It’s the remixes that are doing it for me, though. Karmine Rosciano keeps the tempo ‘up’ but tames the pounding drums somewhat, letting the vocal and the added disco synths shine through. Nando Muro drops it down several notches to deliver a more sultry, late-night kinda pass, while the Deephope Remix operates in similar territory, but with reverb applied to the vox and some lovely garage-y pad work.

I think Deephope’s mix just edges it for me, but Nando Muro’s comes a close second and to be fair, Karmine Rosciano’s not far behind either!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Deep Site Recordings, another Croation label who you can find here, here and here (Soundcloud, Facebook, web).