Various – Boys At SBB Vol 10

September 6, 2015 in Singles

Boys At SBB Vol 10 Shoes Bags & BoysGermany’s ever-excellent Shoes Bags & Boys present a 10th installment in their Boys At… EP series here, and a very fine addition to the series it is too.

We start off in very deep, dubby house/techno territory, as label bosses Ariane Blank & Albena Flores’ Sisters and Time To Waste get remixed by Juan Lombardo and Mauro Basso, respectively. Blank’s own Brain Out Idea as remixed by Leo Lang is a tropical-rhythm’d deep houser that’d work in the warm-up or for late-night, post-club play equally well, while’s take on Tulia sits more firmly under the deep techno/minimal umbrella, as does Tim Englehart’s take on ChixUnighted’s Blue Rumours. As the EP draws to a close, we then veer into throbbing, prog-tinged pastures with Rishi K’s rub of ChixUnighted’s Peaceful World and Abu Bayar’s remix of En Da Lu by Stiva Carlberg, before ending on a smoother note with the Ben Ankes Remix of Like Me, again by Ms Carlberg.

Extremely classy stuff all round… then again from SBB we expect no less! It would appear to be the label’s 50th release as well, so congratulations to them on reaching that landmark, and here’s to much more to come…

Out: This week

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Rishi K – Dysconnected

January 16, 2013 in Singles

Rishi K Dysconnected Unrivaled MusicYou know I was talking about records that are “fine-but-fairly-generic”?* Well, that’s one sort of fine. The “yeah, s’fine, y’know, pretty good, not bad, quite like it” sort of fine.

Then there’s the other sort of fine, the fine wine sort of fine. Fine like that girl you were watching on the dancefloor was fine. This rather outstanding piece of chuggin’ fruggin’ house music is THAT kind of fine. It’s got musical DNA from New York, Nottingham/Leeds and Berlin all at once, it’s got considerably more bounce to the ounce and you should acquire it immediately.

Juan Lombardo and MarcSoul supply a pair of more now-y rerubs but it’s the classic stylings of the Original that are making me… er… definitely NOT jump bump and strut around the room in a manner that’s really quite undignified for a house music lover of my advanced years. Honest.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Unrivaled Music.

* See below if you don’t