Sinan Kaya – Vague

June 1, 2015 in Singles

Sinan Kaya Vague Sound Vessel RecordsNo fewer than five mixes to choose from on this offering from Sound Vessel Records, a San Diego-based label who make their TIWWD debut with this.

Istanbul producer Sinan Kaya (who certainly has featured on TIWWD before) is the man at the controls, with his original mix of Vague being a soulfully-infused deep houser with falsetto male vox that, now I come to think of it, would play nicely with the Marcus Raute single below. The DisLike Remix is smoother and more late-night, James Benedict nods to classic Chi-town deepness on his rub while Jonny Bee ups the tempo a notch and beefs up the drums on a mix that’s surely aimed straight at Ibiza dancefloors.

But the pick of the crop for me is the stripped-back, dubby Processing Vessel Remix – it’s a 4am dancefloor journey and no mistake guv’nor!

Out: Last week

About: You can find Sound Vessel Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Deephope – Low Blow

September 11, 2013 in Singles

Deephope Low Blow Deep Site RecordingsFirst out last year, also on Deep Site Recordings, Low Blow now gets a second run-out with four new mixes from four respected names on the international deep house scene.

Ready Mix Records boss Big Al is first up to the plate with a sumptuous late-night mix with a vaguely New Jersey-ish sound palette, Deep Spelle gives us a stripped-back pass for afterhours floors, Jonny Bee takes us towards epic, proggy territory while finally Prosis’s remix is a sight more funkified, complete with soaring brass stabs.

With mixes to suit a range of times/settings/DJs, then, this is definitely worth checking.

Out: This week

About: You can find Deep Site Recordings on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website. Or in Croatia, seeing as that’s where they’re from.

Jonny Bee – Nobody Like You

July 28, 2013 in Singles

Jonny Bee Nobody Like You Lens MediaOkay, after a couple of techier releases in a row let’s have some proper deep as in deeeeeeeep vibes now, and who better to turn to when looking for those than Croatia’s Lens Media?

Milan-based producer Jonny Bee serves up the very fine original, a warm, luxuriant and musical midtempo number with the very lightest hints of soul and jazz, while a very respectable remix line-up – South Africa’s Pozzi, the UK’s City Soul Project and Hungary’s Ill Cows – provide just enough variety in the rerubs to ensure you’ll happily sit and listen to all four in a row without needing to drag your weary, sorry, clubbed-out ass off the sofa.

Deeper-than-deep, driftaway late-night vibes of the highest order. Acquire.

Out: This week

About: You can find Lens Media on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Jonny Bee – Again & Again

May 16, 2013 in Singles

Jonny Bee Again & Again UM RecordsSome typically high-quality deep house grooves here from New Zealand’s UM Records.

Leading the charge is Again & Again itself, which in its Original form is a lush, luxuriant, late-night affair, with atmospheric, lingering chords, a gently meandering piano top-line, disembodied vox and some lovely rich bass pulsing away underneath; Matty Gillespie then serves up a more obviously ‘dancefloor’ remix with slightly tuffer beats and a more funktifed b-line. You also get two mixes of Apartment 173 – the dubby and sultry but still fairly driving Original, and a more late-night Nico’s Neighbour Next Door Remix – while rounding out the EP is Hypermatik, an afterhours-friendly, eyes-wide-shut kinda groove with a female voice urging you to “get a life”. Or possibly discussing “ghetto life”. Hell, she could even be talking about David Guetta’s laugh, for all I know. Hard to tell.

With UM’s usual high standards applying as I said before, it’s hard to pick a standout here. But if pushed, I think Matty’s rub of the title track just edges it for me, with the uncompromisingly deep Hypermatik coming a close second.

Out: This week

About: You can find UM Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook, or at the website they share with sister label Untitled Music.

Jonny Bee – NYC Sunset

September 17, 2012 in Singles

Jonny Bee NYC Sunset UM Records

Some typically high-quality deep house here from the UM Records stable.

There are two tracks and four mixes in total. In its Original form, NYC Sunset itself is a lazy, meandering affair made for warm-ups and post-club sessions, unless you’re lucky enough to be playing to the most specialist of deep floors; the CRAM Remix then takes us even further into driftaway, late-night territory. You Make My Dreams Come True, meanwhile, is another deep n’ mellow affair, with soulful tinges but also a little of that ominous, brooding production quality you associate with the deepest of techno. Hall North then supplies a slightly more floor-friendly take, with tuffer drums but still a dubbed-out feel overall.

Classy stuff all round – but then we expect no less from Richie Hartness’s label.

Out: This week

About: You can find UM Records (or Untitled Music, if you prefer… I’ve never quite worked that one out) on Facebook, at their own blog or on Soundcloud.

Various – DeepWit Spring Moods

March 28, 2012 in Singles

A five-artist, five-track sampler from Denmark’s excellent DeepWit here, showcasing the label’s trademark subterranean house sound perfectly.

The artists in question are Asona, Jonny Bee, Ejeca, Ev Darko and dEEPoint. I’m not gonna go into every track individually but suffice to say that if you dig 4/4 beats that are thumping yet unhurried… atmospheric synth washes… warm, phat yet understated b-lines… nods towards classic Chi-town deepness à la Larry Heard… and the odd garage-y vocal snippet… then you’re going to be pretty much in heaven here.

Essential stuff.

Out: This week

About: Here’s the DeepWit website, or you can find ’em on Facebook and Soundcloud