Various – Different Attitudes For The Summer 2015

July 12, 2015 in Albums

Different Attitudes For The Summer 2015Another strong compilation set from Different Attitudes here, featuring 10 deep/tech house nuggets from as many different artists.

3Kilo’s Feel It gets the ball rolling in contemporary-style deep house fashion, followed by 4BeatClub’s slow-chuggin’, almost new beat-ish Automaton. Alek Soltirov’s Pulsar Wind rocks sparse drums and busy synths, while Alternate Roots bring a little classic house/garage flava with the female-vocalled, funk-fuelled Different Spaces. Cartoon’s Dive Me sees us back in more contemporary territory with its soulful male vox and fat, squelchy bass, and we stay there for Jon Sweetname’s Muzungu, a synthier cut. Lee Mace’s Liquid Love with its dark, rumbling bass, skippy beats and sweet fem vox is where the garage lovers will want to head first, while if it’s bouncy M1 vibes you’re after look no further than Nacho Riveros’s Let’s Dance. Next To You by Revivis is a crunchy, techy and slightly wonkified affair topped with more soulful male vox, and finally Underfloor’s B.O.W plays us out in trippy, heads-down 4am fashion.

Something for everyone, really… but the Alternate Roots, Lee Mace, 4BeatClub and Nacho Riveros offerings stand out for this reviewer.

Out: This week on Traxsource, everywhere else from 20 July

About: Find Different Attitudes, as ever, on Soundcloud and Facebook.

PS: The more observant among you may notice that the tracks are listed here in alphabetical order of artist, which is a tad unusual… but I checked and that does appear to be the order they’re in.

Jon Sweetname – Feeling Again EP

April 30, 2015 in Singles

Jon Sweetname Feeling Again EP House Trip RecordingsHere we have the first TIWWD appearance in a wee while from Middlesbrough’s House Trip Recordings.

In its original form, Feel Again is an unhurried affair sitting right on the deep/prog cusp, and will suit those who like their house on the arty/abstract/contemplative side. However I’m much more taken by the accompanying Not Even Close Remix by Dee Brown, a more straight-ahead deep house dancefloor jam with old-school piano stabs and even older-school vocal inserts (“it’s time to jack” and that “it’s the point of highest intensity” one).

The other original cut, Feeling ON (their caps), is a fairly chunky but nonetheless atmospheric midtempo number, with what sounds like Neville Chamberlain (!) or someone talking over the top. However, for me it’s again all about the remix as James Benedict takes us on a tripped-out, late-night dubby ride into outer space…

Out: This week on Traxsource, on general release from 11 May

About: Find House Trip Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Various – What Happens 100

February 9, 2015 in Albums

Various What Happens 100Much as I do like the Innocent and Noise Music comps below (I wouldn’t have bothered reviewing them otherwise) it’s definitely a case of “best till last” tonight as we turn our attention to this 100th release from Denmark’s What Happens stable.

In the interests of transparency and full disclosure and all that, I should probably point out that I’ve known What Happens label boss Tim Andresen for well over 10 years, probably more like 15, ever since he used to be iDJ’s Danish correspondent for our Around The World section. But, y’know, it’s not like we go on holiday together or anything, and the reason What Happens? get a lot of love from TIWWD is really nothing to do with that, and everything to do with the label consistently turning out top-quality deep and tech house over the years… as this compilation demonstrates. Because with 11 all-new cuts from the likes of Alvaro Hylander, Yigit Atilla, BiG AL, Angelo Draetta, Jon Sweetname and of course Tim himself, plus some lesser-known names, What Happens 100 is as fine a house collection as you’ll hear this week. Or even last.

You know what to do…

Out: Last week

About: You can find What Happens on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

James Benedict – Mellow Annie EP

December 4, 2014 in Singles

James Benedict Mellow Annie EP House Trip RecordingsDeeper house vibes now from Glaswegian producer James Benedict.

Mellow Annie itself, in its original form, is a sparse, slow-building deep houser featuring Jesse Jackson speech samples and vaguely proggy synths. Jon Sweetname’s remix makes more extensive use of the vocal, tones down the synths and beefs up the drums for more of a deep/tech vibe. Time With Me also comes in two mixes: the gorgeous old skool, late-night deepness of the original, and a more drama-laden refix from Liam Dunning for the bigger rooms, complete with soaring synth-strings and energising handclaps.

It’s the original version of Time With Me that stands out, to these ears.

Out: This week on Traxsource, everywhere else from 15 Dec.

About: This is brought to you by House Trip Recordings, a new-ish label (this is HTREP008) based in Cleveland – the one in North Yorkshire, UK, not the one in Ohio, USA. You can find ’em on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Jarquin & Cano – The Only Move

August 24, 2014 in Singles

Jarquin & Cano The Only Move Savoir Faire MusiqueOkay, last one for tonight, coming to you courtesy of long-term TIWWD faves Savoir Faire Musique.

Three mixes of The Only Move to choose from. The original’s a classy slice of garage-leaning deep house goodness, sporting an R&B-ish male vocal loop that, somewhat irritatingly, has been put through the FX mangle to such an extent that I have no idea what he’s singing. Actually, I think he’s saying he wants you back, girl, but he might just as well be telling you to wash your back or enquiring about your background, for all I know.

Nice tune all the same, though. Loz Goddard’s Remix is a bit more energetic and shiny, and sports some nice old-skool hands-in-the-air pianos, while Jon Sweetname strips things back and tuffens ’em up in a bassy rub that’s definitely the most contemporary-sounding of the three. But it’s the original that takes the gold… over-liberal use of vocal FX notwithstanding!

Out: This week

About: You can find Savoir Faire Musique on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Jon Sweetname – Adali EP

March 19, 2014 in Singles

Jon Sweetname Adali EP Different AttitudesLast week we were talking about Jon Sweetname’s Save Our Souls EP for What Happens! and now this week here he comes again with another three-tracker, this time for Different Attitudes.

It’s the title cut that’s the killer here for me, an unhurried and vaguely dubwise slab of deep house loveliness with disembodied, echo-laden female vocal snips drifting in and out of the mix atop muted kicks, warm chords and insistent but not intrusive shakers. Somewhere Of Land is a slightly more tech-tinged affair with a quite poppy female vocal, while the Samma Lone remix of Somewhere… rounds out the package, a deeper pass that downtunes the vocal to a male register and to these ears is more satisfying than the original.

But like I said, it’s the A-side all the way here – Adali is the bomb.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 31 March.

About: Find Different Attitudes on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Jon Sweetname – Save Our Souls EP

March 15, 2014 in Singles

Jon Sweetname Save Our Souls EP What Happens!A three-tracker here from Tim Andresen’s ever-checkable What Happens! imprint.

Finis Terae is up first, a midtempo deep/tech chugger with a sampled spoken vocal. Save Our Souls itself follows, a deeper cut riding a tribal-ish rhythm with a breathy, spoken female vocal and atmospheric synth work. And then finally there’s Shunut, which has slightly beefier drums underpinning some simply gorgeous piano.

All told, three solid cuts for the deeper floors, with Shunut my personal fave.

Out: This week (on general release, though it’s been on Beatport for a couple of weeks I believe)

About: What Happens! can be found on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Tony S – Inside My Soul

December 10, 2012 in Singles

Tony S Inside My Soul UM Records

Four deep house tracks to suit a range of (micro) tastes here, courtesy of Tony S and UM Records.

Inside My Soul itself is a bassy, throbby midtempo cut, contemporary-sounding but nodding to a more classic sound with its diva-tastic “deep inside my soul” vocal. It’s accompanied by a remix from Jon Sweetname that drops most of the vocal and the hefty b-line, going down a more minimal-inspired road altogether. You also get two rubs of Mercy: the Original, which has a similar vibe to Inside My Soul but with a little added boompty-ish swing, and a Max Mikheev remix, which is the one to head for if you like it techy and jacking.

Something here for deep housers of all persuasions, then, though you probably won’t be surprised to hear it’s the original of Inside My Soul that stands out for me.

Out: This week

About: You can find UM Records on Soundcloud and on Facebook.