Matthieu Duchesne – That Piano Track

July 27, 2013 in Singles

Matthieu Duchesne That Piano Track Different AttitudesYou’ve gotta love any record called That Piano Track, on principle. Thankfully though there’s more to love about this latest from Mr Duchesne than just the title…

It’s another record that draws heavily on the early 90s for inspiration – so much so that the Original mix is a sheer retro hands-in-the-air frolic, nothing more nothing less. If you’re not feeling quite that nostalgic though, then head for the B-side where Jesus Pablo and Robot Needs Oil team up to give the track a slightly more contemporary-sounding refix, one that’s predicated around tribal-ish percussion and a no-nonsense tech-house b-line, with the eponymous joanna not making an appearance till four minutes in.

You pays yer money and you makes yer choice… but this rocks either way.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of Different Attitudes, who you can find on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Jesus Pablo & Tony S – While You Were Out EP

February 8, 2013 in Singles

Jesus Pablo Tony S While You Were Out Bullet:Dodge RecordsTwo producers who will need no introduction to TIWWD readers team up here for an EP on Bullet:Dodge Records, a label who haven’t featured on this blog before, or at least not as far as I can recall.

There are two tracks and four mixes to choose from. While You Were Out itself is, in its Original form, a chunky, unhurried contemporary deep house groove, bass-led and topped with female vocal ‘ows’ and woodblock percussion… “eerie yet anthemic” is how the hype sheet describes it, not at all unreasonably! Matt Masters then supplies a remix that edges towards proggy, main-room territory. It’s accompanied – rather confusingly – by While You Were In, another sparse, atmospheric cut in a similar vein to the A, which comes with a glitchier, techier refix from Werner Niedermeier.

As fine a slab as you’d expect from this impressive pairing.

Out: Last week, actually. My bad, I didn’t get to the promo on time.

About:  You can find Bullet:Dodge on Facebook, on Soundcloud or at their own website. Funnily enough.

Bluford Duck – Eye See

November 4, 2012 in Singles

Bluford Duck Eye See Savoir Faire Musique

Is it just me, or is Bluford Duck a rather odd name for an artist?!

I only point that out because it’s the only unusual thing about this latest Savoir Faire Musique. That, and the blue (not two-tone black/white) label. Otherwise it’s business as usual… Crisp deep house beats? Check. Sophisticated, multi-layered production, with an emphasis on the musical and the soulful? Check. A remix roster featuring some of the hottest producers around? Check – stand up Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass, and Patrick Podage & Nikola Kotevski.

Glowing review on TIWWD? Check. Podage & Kotevski’s mix just edges it for me but if sumptuous deep house vibes float your boat you can’t really go wrong here.

Out: This week

About: You can find Savoir Faire Musique on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass feat Brittney Manson – True Story

October 6, 2012 in Singles

Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass True Story i! Records

Something Different might be one year old, but is label co-owner Jesus Pablo sitting back on his laurels and tucking into the jelly and ice cream? No, he’s teaming up with Adam Brass and singer Brittney Manson – the latter of whom I’ll confess to not having come across before – for this midtempo, soul-flecked deep house jam on the mighty I! Records.

A steady rolling groove topped with tinkling ivories and Ms Manson’s poetic half-sung, half-spoken vocal, the Original of True Story nods to the label’s heritage in more traditional deep/soulful house while still sounding 100% contemporary. Mix-wise, it comes accompanied with a slightly beefier Dub and, best of all to these ears, an even more dubbed-out and somewhat techier Junior Gee Remix.

Quality assured throughout.

Out: This week

About: You can find i! Records on Facebook or at their own website.

So many tunes, so little time 27

September 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

Well, here’s an all too bloody familiar situation. It’s Monday evening, I’m knackered from work and there’s a ton of new music piled up, all of which is out this week and none of which I’ve had a chance to listen to properly yet. In fact make that two tons this week, it’s gonna be a busy one!

But for now, here’s the rest of last week’s goodies that we didn’t quite get around to…

Aartekt & Zia‘s Autumn Mist is typically high-quality deep house fare from the ever-reliable Untitled Music… with mixes from Dave Fortnum, Matt Prehn and Marvin Zeyss, this one would probably have got a bigger review but it came in quite late… there’s more very solid deep house in the form of the More L EP from Istanbul-based producer Ave Astra, coming on German label FiligranCybernalia‘s Darker Dreams is a very aptly titled EP for Stripped Digital that’s packed with moody, menacing progressive house and techno grooves…  Dubesque‘s Something is, er, ‘something’ of a treat if you’re in search of that classic NYC 90s house sound, and comes on Austrian label In My House…  on a deep/tech tip, check for Federico‘s Welcome Home EP on Unrivaled Music…  Hector Romero‘s Soulful House Journey comp for King Street is trailed by a five-track sampler EP… Heiko Laux & Diego Hostettler serve up some no-nonsense jackery with Girl/Jack Up, a release that Tronic Music are billing as ‘techno’ though it sounds pretty tech-house-y to me… John Collins gives us the Club D’Ellaria EP which is one for lovers of laidback, Balearic grooves and which comes on Irish label Vision Collective… we’re back in bumpin’ dancefloor deep house territory with the Big City Nights EP by Los Cuzeiros, which comes on the snappily-monickered The Cruzaders RecordsSeraph‘s Frigid EP is a solid bet if you’re after some dark-but-not-stoopid dubstep/post-dubstep bizniss… and even if you’re not, then check Take It Back for some proper old-skool rave/hardcore action – it’s like climbing in a time machine with a whistle, a tub of Vaporub and a gram of pink champagne… oh yeah and it’s on Four40 Records… whizzing (ho-ho) forward in that same time machine, very contemporary-sounding house/techno vibes are the order of the day on the Nachts EP, from which the Pele Remix of the title track stands out for me, this one coming from Shawnecy on Lowroom Recordings… UK label Form-and Function bring us some more very ‘now’ deep/tech vibes in the form of Losing U from Soulight, which comes complete with a weirded-out dub from the mighty SaytekUntitled2Music serve up some thinking man’s techno on the X Project EP, which comes on Unofficial Records… and finally, “it’s that man again” as Jesus Pablo and Di Riviera‘s label Something Different bring us the second in their series of Remixes EPs, featuring cuts this time out from Left Minded, Dudley Strangeways, Sean Danke and more…

TOMORROW night, we’ll get cracking with this week’s releases! Must admit to being a bit overwhelmed right now by the constant flow of good music coming in but, y’know, it’s a nice problem to have…

Jesus Pablo – See You In San Francisco

September 2, 2012 in Singles

Jesus Pablo See You In San Francisco Headset Recordings

Some slow n’ sumptuous deep house grooves here from everyone’s favourite Scouse houser (ho ho), Jesus Pablo.

The Original of See You In Francisco comes on like old-skool deep Jersey garage – Chandler-esque is the word, I think. Demarkus Lewis’s rub is quite faithful but ups the spacey, wonky factor a notch for your 5am dancefloor. Robot Need Oil’s remix is Balearic-ish and wee bit proggy, while Damien Exton’s rub is just that wee bit tuffer, starting out in vintage Salted/Transport kinda territory and getting progressively more dubbed out and head-fried as it goes on.

I think the Exton rub wins out for me, just, with the Original a nose behind… but this is quality stuff all round really, and something of a heads’ delight.

Out: This week

About: This comes aptly enough on San Francisco label Headset Recordings. Find ’em on Facebook and Soundcloud, or at their own website.

Jesus Pablo & Robot Needs Oil ft Novac – No Regrets

August 12, 2012 in Singles

Liverpool’s Jesus Pablo teams up with Manchester-based Polish producer Greg Kobe, AKA Robot Needs Oil, for this single on veteran US label i! Records.

In its Original form, No Regrets sports a male vocal that sits somewhere between ‘indie-ish’ and old-time crooners like Charles Aznavour or Maurice Chevalier. Musically, it’s a floaty, laidback kind of piece not a million miles from the kind of ethereal soundscapes conjured by (eg) Trentemøller.

The Left Minded Remix is a tad housier while Cesar Coronado’s rub fuses influences from progressive house and nu/cosmic disco, but it’s the Bubba Remix that’s doing it best for me – an unhurried chugger for the afterhours joints, with plenty of fat squelching bass and considerably less of the vocal.

Something of a departure from JP, this, but at least you can’t accuse him of getting stuck in a rut…

Out: This week

About: You can find i! Records at their website or on Facebook.

Jesus Pablo – Playing In The Sun

July 26, 2012 in Singles

Jesus Pablo Playing In The Sun Headset

And speaking of very familiar names, here comes house music’s busiest Liverpudlian once more.

Everyone seems to be doing the laidback, summer-y thing at the moment and Playing In The Sun, as the name suggests, operates pretty much in just that kinda territory. Dale Howard’s remix beefs things up a notch but the standouts here are a brace of rubs from the mighty Jay Tripwire. His Deep Mix is, well, pretty gosh-darn deep – in a ‘small hours in a dark club’ kinda way as opposed to a ‘getting mellow on the beach’ way – and brings the meandering sax line to the fore, while his Warehouse Mix is darker, more twisted and, generally speaking, pretty spiffing all round.

Quality stuff as ever from Senor Pablo.

Out: This week

About: This comes on San Francisco’s Headset Recordings… so here are the website Facebook and Soundcloud links you’ll no doubt be expecting.

Jesus Pablo – Simple Ideas Work Best

July 14, 2012 in Singles

Jesus Pablo Simple Ideas Work Best Savoir Faire

Regular readers will be familiar by now with Liverpudlian producer Jesus Pablo, and with Something Different Records, the label he runs with Di Riviera. This one doesn’t come on Something Different though, but rather Scott Harrington’s Savoir Faire – another label who TIWWD readers will know by now can always be relied on for some quality deep house grooves.

Which doesn’t leave me with huge amounts to explain, really! Except to say that Simple Ideas… lives up to its title, being an almost slo-mo affair based around some simple mournful plucked strings, minimal beats and sparingly-applied synths. Think of the sparse-yet-dense production values of the deepest dubstep à la Youngsta or Distance, apply to deep house and you’ve got the idea.

Remixes come from Robot Needs Oil, who adds haunting M1 sounds and the merest of vocal fragments, joined later by gentle Balearic-style pianos, while Nick Devon – who so impressed with So Addicted on 3am as recently as last week – adds soulful vocals and a warm b-line.

Robot Needs Oil nudges it out of the remixes for me, but overall I think it’s the original that wins out – it’s a thing of delicate, fractured beauty.

Out: This week

About: Find Something Different, as ever, on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass – Jet Lag

June 16, 2012 in Singles

Jesus Pablo Adam Brass Jet Lag

Good to see Jesus Pablo getting some more widespread recognition, with this latest release (this time in cahoots with one Adam Brass) coming via the mighty i! Records.

In its Original form, Jet Lag is a fairly sedate deep houser, with a lounge-y kinda sound set but a glitchier feel, particularly to the top-end percussion, than my saying that might lead you to expect. House Riders tone down the glitchy elements, bring the male spoken vocal snips to the fore and add some lovely mournful, jazzy sax, the Kirby Remix is a slightly dubbier and hence slightly more floor-friendly pass, while finally the Patrick Podage mix takes us deeper in late-night territories again.

What’s perhaps missing here is a mix that really flips the script, but these are very solid grooves as ever from the Liverpudlian boy-done-good all the same, with the Kirby and House Riders rubs vying for the top honours for me.

Out: This week

About: You can find i! Records at their website and on Facebook.