Jean Agoriia – Annabella EP

June 14, 2016 in Singles

Jean Agoriia Annabella EP Airtaxi RecordsTwo techno slabs from last week to catch up on before we crack on with this week’s releases, and it’s something of a red corner/blue corner situation as the two couldn’t be much more different.

In the red corner, we have this offering from Hungary’s Airtaxi Records, representing the more menacing end of the techno spectrum. Agoriia’s original of Annabella itself is all intricately rolling beats, dark surging bassline and horrorshow distorted male spoken vocal fragments, while remixes from Carlos Monsalve & Felipe G and Saulo Paul are essentially variations on the theme. One to reach for in those 3am moments when the floor’s truly locked-on and not ready to slow down yet!

Bonus cut Emulasion [sic], meanwhile, has a slightly lighter touch and is probably best describe as tech-house rather than straight-up techno, but lacks none of the A-side’s dancefloor punch.

Out: Now

About: Find Airtaxi Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Jean Agoriia – C’est La Vie

September 7, 2015 in Albums

Jean Agoriia C'est La Vie Red Moon RecordingsBefore we crack on with this week’s reviews, there are still two (very different) albums outstanding from last week that I wanted to tell you about. Firstly, this offering from French house and techno producer Jean Agoriia, not to be confused with his near-namesake and fellow countryman Agoria.

C’est La Vie is, if I’ve got my facts straight, Agoriia’s second long-player and it’s the sheer diversity on offer that’s really earned it its place here. The album opens with the accessible house-y throb of C’est La Vie itself, yet by track 6 (Astralopitek) has worked up to rave-inflected techno that’s as hard, dark and driving as TIWWD cares to get. Between those two extremes you’ll find rolling tech-house (Selected), sparse, squelchy afterhours workouts (You Like The Peace), lolloping tribal rhythms built with Ibiza terraces in mind (Baby Cruz) and more besides… all with the requisite funk flowing throughout.

In short, it’s the sound of an extremely versatile producer flexing his musical muscles and showing us just what he’s capable of… and definitely deserves not to be overlooked!

Out: Now

About: This comes on M. Agoriia’s own Red Moon Recordings, who can be found on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.