Leciscu – Jazz-O-Matic EP

June 12, 2016 in Singles

Leciscu Jazz-O-Matic EP House Cookin' RecordsThree quite different mixes on offer of this latest from Romania’s Leciscu, who’s appeared previously on such labels as Gents & Dandy’s and Kolour Recordings.

In its Original form, Jazz-O-Matic features tuff-but-muted kicks, warping organ/synth drones, scatty vocal snips, all topped with some luvverly tinkling jazz ivories. The Melodymann Redeep Remix is a more bumpin’, garage-y pass sporting organ parps and stutterin’ beats, while finally the Khillaudio Remix heads into far deeper waters with lingering piano chords, a fat-ass bassline, dreamy sax and “jazz! Charlie Parker…” vocal snips which househeads of a certain age may also remember being used on Tingo Tango’s It Is Jazz from 1990, though I couldn’t tell you the original source.

The two rerubs just edge it over the original for me, but I couldn’t pick between the two and TBH all three mixes are very fine!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Belgian label House Cookin’, who you can find on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Liam Geddes – Right Path To Pray EP

June 5, 2016 in Singles

Liam Geddes Right Path To Pray EP Music Is LoveLiam Geddes returns to Manchester’s Music Is Love here to serve up four fine deep/tech house cuts.

Pray To Watch is up first, all crisp beats, haunting synth drones and squelchly acid bass. Right Path which follows rocks livelier, no-nonsense drums, shimmering synths/pads, resonating piano chords female vocal snips. So Many Needs is a chunkier house cut with jazzy overtones, while finally Song For New is a dreamier affair with surprisingly fierce kicks underpinning yearnsome female vox and what sounds like a loop of playground noise, though I could be wrong.

All good, but if pushed So Many Needs takes the gold.

Out: Today… or at least that’s what the promo mail-out said, though the Soundcloud page is now saying 16 June so go figure.

About: Find Music Is Love on Facebook, Soundcloud and Bandcamp, or at their own website.

Tommy Bones – Arrival EP

April 24, 2016 in Singles

Tommy Bones Arrival EP Strictly RhythmGonna keep it nice n’ deep tonight after last night’s trek through stompier pastures, starting with this two-tracker from the mighty Strictly Rhythm.

It’s the B-side you’ll be wanting to head for. Not that the A’s Aisha isn’t a perfectly playable lil’ slice of peaktime house music: it is. It’s heavily indebted to French Kiss, admittedly, but the jaunty piano chords save it from being a mere pastiche. But Aisha pales in comparison next to T’s Jazzy Joint on the B, a far deeper jam that does very much what it says on the tin. Crucially, though, its fluttering synth-flutes, tinkling vibes and scatty vocal snips are underpinned by rock-solid 4/4s and a satisfying full-fat bassline.

No chin-stroking noodlefest this one, just 5:57 of sumptuous house music to lose yourself in. Which I suggest you do at your earliest opportunity.

Out: This week

About: Find Strictly Rhythm  herehere and here.

Demuir – Jacktified

March 19, 2016 in Singles

Demuir Jacktified I'm A House GangsterA pleasingly varied five-tracker here from I’m A House Gangster.

Rise Of The Sagittarian is up first, a boompty-jazz affair with rollin’ beats, tinkling ivories and sampled, spoken jazzman vox. Talkn Bout Gangsta treads a slightly more familiar strutty tech/G-house path for IAHG, but if the gangsta/hip-hop vox are too much for you it’s accompanied by a Dub that lets the funk of the track’s underlying groove shine through. Completing the EP is Raw N Crazy, another distinctly jazzual affair – and one where you might be glad there’s a Clean version included cos the spoken female vocal on the original may be just a little, ahem, ‘frank’ for some tastes…

All good, but Rise… takes the gold for me.

Out: This week

About: Find I’m A House Gangster on Soundcloud, on Facebook and at their own website.

Alek Soltirov – Ultrafunkula EP

February 27, 2016 in Singles

Alek Soltirov Ultrafunkula EP Great Lakes AudioA very fine two-tracker here from Macedonian producer Alek Soltirov, who’s had stuff out on the likes of Salted and King Street. This particular gem, though, comes via Mark Farina’s Great Lakes Audio.

On the A, Ultrafunkula itself places the well-known vocal sample atop quite tuff 4/4s that are married to funk guitar chops and some superb tinkling jazz ivories, the overall effect just screaming ‘Miami pool party’. S’good, but B-side Let’s Bring It is even better. It actually follows a very similar ‘rock-solid kicks and a hefty dose of jazz’ formula as the A, it’s just that here the keys are even more wigged-out while a rastaman-style vocal insists “strictly drum and bass!” over the top (yes, it’s an unlikely choice of vocal sample but I’m guessing that’s the point).

Superb dancefloor deepness made with the upcoming summer in mind… excellent work Mr Soltirov!

Out: Yesterday

About: Can’t seem to find much of a web presence for Great Lakes Audio but here’s Mark Farina’s own website.

HDSN – Money, Sex & Cadillacs

February 5, 2016 in Singles

HDSN Money, Sex & Cadillacs Carton-Pâte RecordsFour tracks of funk- and jazz-inflected deep house goodness here from French label Carton-Pâte Records (AKA CP-Rec) and newbie Mancunian producer HDSN.

Funk Ya Daughter is up first, a near-instrumental affair with muted beats, a rolling bassline, funk geetar chops and crowd noise. Jack Taylor, which follows, is of a jazzier bent, building from a filtered intro with tinkling ivories, languid sax doodles, and a sampled, jive-talkin’ vocal that vies for the attention with chopped diva wails. Momma Used To Say has nothing to do with the Junior Giscombe track some may be thinking of; instead, a disco-house-y backing is topped with more diva wails, aquatic sounds and minor-key chords, which are then joined by one of the strangest vocals you’ll hear all month. It starts with some guy waxing lyrical about house music; so far so normal, it’s when he starts describing his clothes that things get a bit odd! And then finally there’s Workin’ (Since 84), a more heads-down house groover with chopped n’ looped male “baby… workin’ all the time” vox and some wukka-wukking guitar action.

All good, but top prize goes to Jack Taylor – those keys are to die for.

Out: This week

About: Find Carton-Pâte Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Joris Dee – Underground Roll

January 24, 2016 in Singles

Joris Dee Underground Roll Fogbank RecordingsSticking with the jazzy vibes a minute, here we have a wicked little two-tracker from German producer Joris Dee and a US label I don’t think have featured on TIWWD, Fogbank Recordings.

Two mixes of Underground Roll to choose from. The Original’s underpinned by rolling, boompty-ish beats from somewhere vaguely in the Sneak/Carter zone, but it’s the ker-razy ass Rhodes wigout on top that’s the real star of the show, coming augmented with a rather odd vocal sample of some woman complaining to the operator about her telephone line (it sounds like it’s lifted from an old B&W movie, but I could be wrong). But more dedicated hepcat daddios may want to flip it for Demuir’s Playboy Edit, which tones down the slamming 4/4s and adds some parping jazz sax/clarinet (?) of its own.

A treat for ‘da proper heads’ whichever you plump for!

Out: This week (on general release)

About: You can find Fogbank Recordings on Facebook or at their own website. I also note that their next release is coming from none other than Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax (see below), which while not exactly a mind-blowing coincidence is a coincidence all the same.

Various – MoodyHouse Sampler Vol 1

January 24, 2016 in Albums

MoodyHouse Sampler Vol 1 Moodyhouse RecordingsAs I’ve said many times on this blog, if there’s one thing that makes me happier than getting sent a truckload of great house music, it’s getting sent a truckload of great house music by a bunch of new artists I’ve mostly never heard of. When that truckload of great house music ALSO happens to be the very first release from a brand new label, the happiness-meter just about explodes.

And so to this collection. It’s the very first release from brand new label MoodyHouse Recordings, which is based in Barcelona and headed up by Iban Montoro & Jazzman Wax, who TIWWD readers should be aware of, and it comes packed with sumptuous (proper) deep house grooves from a bunch of artists you mostly won’t have heard of, though one or two names (Arturo Garces, Ander B) may ring a vague bell.

There’s a definite leaning towards the jazzual end of the deep house spectrum, a fact that’s reflected in the track titles (see: Ritmo Du Vela’s Feel The Jazz and Big Pack’s Naked Jazz), which may put one or two people off I guess. But such people are more to be pitied than despised. In a nutshell, this 12-track sampler is AT LEAST 12 times better than it really has any right to be… and it comes with an hour-long mixed version by the label bosses to boot, the icing on an already very fine cake.

Not picking a favourite here cos this bumps from start to finish; now go seek.

Out: This week

About: You can find MoodyHouse Recordings on Facebook or at their own website.

PS: I said I wasn’t picking faves, and I’m not, but DJ Lulu & DJ Gas’s Hustling Whistle probably deserves a special shout, being a cheeky makeover of Reuben Wilson’s funk/soul classic Got To Get Your Own.

Wax Martini – Jazz Cigarettes

January 17, 2016 in Singles

Wax Martini Jazz Cigarettes Viva RecordingsThe clue’s in the name with this latest from long-running Seattle stable Viva Recordings.

In its Original form, Jazz Cigarettes starts out sounding distinctly Stardust-esque, then adds more and more lounge-y, jazz trills and squiggles before reaching a full-on ‘proper jazz’ mid-section breakdown. This one’ll sway those hips that don’t sway, you mark my words. The accompanying Sean Swanky Remix transforms the track into a stripped-back bassy 3am throbber but keeps just enough of the original’s sexy shimmer, while bonus cut Uber High brings us Afro-leaning percussion and more of those wicked jazz piano licks.

When I said “the clue’s in the name,” I meant the “jazz” bit, but to be fair Wax Martini have chosen their name well too – because this, my friends, really is class in a glass.

Out: This week

About: You can find Viva Recordings (not to be confused with Steve Lawler’s UK-based Viva Music, an error I’ve been guilty of on at least one occasion) on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

In-akey – Love For The Music

January 14, 2016 in Singles

In-akey Love For The Music EP Nite GroovesBusy busy busy but there’s just time before the clock strikes midnight to tell you about his wicked little three-tracker from Nite Grooves, which is the work of Ibiza-based producer Inaky Garcia.

Actually, I say wicked little three-tracker but there’s one track here that stands out head, shoulders and Abraham Lincoln-esque stovepipe hat above the rest! Taking the tracks in Oscars-stylee reverse order, then, Ezinhle is a perfectly acceptable, jaunty little prog-tinged house throbber with an Afro-Latin feel in the beats department, while Love For The Music itself, in its Beat Mix form, marries more straight-up 4/4s to an understated but funk-fuelled bassline and tops the lot with string sweeps and luxuriant pads, the end result being a laidback Balearic house epic with a decidedly euphoric feel.

But then we come to the Piano Mix, which is actually the lead track – and quite rightly so. Because here, a delicate intro of simple beats and gently tinkling ivories gradually swells into an absolutely ker-razy ass jazz-house workout with wukka-wukking funk geetar and some of the most wigged-out piano action this side of Thelonious Monk.

Me like, muchly.

Out: This week

About: Find Nite Grooves on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at the King Street website.