Jason Mitchell – Yet Not I

December 11, 2015 in Singles

Jason Mitchell Yet Not I DeepWit RecordingsMore deep, garage-y house vibes on this latest from Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings.

Yet Not I itself, in its Original form, is a percussion- and keys-driven workout that should work equally well in the warm-up or in the wee small hours, with the vocal – a man’s voice repeating the title – limited to the track’s mid-section. The La Rose Remix is a deeper, warmer, floatier pass with the vocal applied even more sparingly and pitched up. The other original cut is Shimmy, a funk-infused deep house dancefloor stomper with soaring synth-strings and organs to die for, while Sagia provides a heavier, dubbier refix for later play.

All four are excellent but if pushed it’s the sparser, more Jersey-ish originals that get my vote.

Out: This week

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Jason Mitchell – Up And In

April 5, 2014 in Singles

Jason Mitchell Up And In Deep House AfcionadoAnother new label make their TIWWD debut… say hello everyone to Deep House Aficionado!

Three mixes of Up And In to choose from. Mitchell’s original starts out quite tuff, with pounding techy drums and a very current-sounding buzzy bassline, but then after a couple of minutes some garage-y organ stabs join the party too. The Clitterhouse Remix opts for a more 90s feel with its funkier b-line and rave-y stabs, but the standout mix (unsurprisingly, many would say!) comes from Demarkus Lewis, who takes all of the above elements, ups the pace a notch, adds some female vocal stabs and goes straight for the dancefloor jugular…

Out: This week

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