Jero Nougues – No Going Back

July 12, 2015 in Singles

Jero Nougues No Going Back DeepWitSome nice dreamy deep house vibes to kick us off tonight from Argentinian wunderkind Jero Nougues.

Four mixes of No Going Back to choose from. In its original form it’s a spangly, drifty deep houser built for warm-up or very late play. Audio Units’ remix is a little more driving in the beats department and hence a more obvious bet for floor play, Ivan Garci strips away some of the layered atmospherics on his slightly tuffer pass and finally the Venntaur Remix takes us into chunkier, prog-leaning territory and adds a hint of acid.

Garci and Audio Units will have to share top honours with this one.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Denmark’s ever-dependable DeepWit, who you can find here, here and here.

Various – Best Of DeepWit Vol 3

May 27, 2015 in Albums

Best of DeepWit Vol 3 DeepWit RecordingsThe more observant among you may have noticed a dearth of DeepWit releases featuring on TIWWD of late. I thought they were on a break; it actually turns out they’d swapped promo systems and my email fell off in transition. Anyway it’s all sorted now… and what better way to catch up than with this third installment in the Danish label’s ‘best of’ comp series?

Even the less observant among you will have noticed I’m a fan of DeepWit’s particular, supremely chilled take on deep house generally, and one look at the talent roster here – which includes the likes of Tony S, Portofino Sunrise, Loz Goddard, Ivan Garci and Angelo Mele – should be enough to tell you that’s unlikely to change with this release. To pick but two cherries from a very fine tree, Demarkus Lewis’s garage-y refix of Agent Libre’s Miles Away would be worth the price of admission on its own, while for dreamy, dubby house vibes you’ll struggle to beat DMP’s Lexion this week.

If deep house from the more laidback end of the spectrum is what you’re looking for, then do yourself a favour and grab a copy of this forthwith.

Out: Last week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

Riccicomoto & Ivan Garci – Walk With Me

April 9, 2014 in Singles

Riccicomoto & Ivan Garci Walk With Me LucidflowWe kick off tonight with some typically fine deep techno vibes courtesy of the ever-reliable Lucidflow.

Three tracks in a total of five mixes to choose from. Dreaming Pad is a languid, dubwise affair, coming accompanied by a Riccicomoto Special Edit that gets a wee bit more glitchy-trippy. Walk With Me itself is somewhat pacier and features a soul/blues-style male “I wanna go outside… walk with me” vocal, the remix action here coming in the form of sparser but sax-sprinkle Ivan Garci Special Edit. Finally, there’s From Another Planet, which is another deep n’ dreamy gem, this time with the lightest of jazz tinges around the edges.

As I said before, typically fine fare from Lucidflow!

Out: This week

About: You can find Lucidflow on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Miss Disk – Nightflowers

February 16, 2014 in Singles

Miss Disk Nightflowers DeepWit RecordingsAnd speaking of Miss Disk (see below), here she comes again with a single of her own for Denmark’s always on-point DeepWit Recordings.

In its original form, Nightflowers is a reasonably upbeat lil’ chugger with the tiniest of female vocal snips sitting atop shuffling beats and nicely understated synths. Ivan Garci’s Remix is stripped-back, moody and a tad slower, and really lets the vocal shine through, while Bucher’s mix is similarly lower-paced but a little more melodically led than the Garci rub.

The Ivan Garci Remix just nudges it for me I think, but again, any of the three mixes should serve your (proper) deep house dancefloor needs admirably.

Out: This week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings here, here and here (Soundcloud, Facebook, web)

Ivan Garci – Sunday Clouds EP

May 29, 2012 in Singles

And speaking of ‘the deep’, few labels currently do deep better than Denver’s 5 And Dime Recordings, who this week bring us this EP from Ivan Garci. The EP’s made up of three originals, plus a remix of the title cut from label stalwart Zach DeVincent.

Generally speaking, ‘very deep house’ is the order of the day but looking at the tracks in more detail, Sunday Clouds itself is a midtempo, relaxed kind of affair, flecked with Spanish guitars and “welcome to the summer” vocal samples. The Mindfulness Remix from the aforesaid Mr DeVincent drops the vocal and six-strings, instead using a different vocal sample from a self-help/meditation tape and some nu-disco-ish synth flourishes on what ends up more of a late-night than a sunny afternoon rub.

El Aire then sees us back in Balearic-leaning territory, but this time with slightly crisper, pacier beats and an atmospheric breakdown in the middle, while finally Mi Ventana is a slightly more pumping joint… albeit that’s ‘pumping’ in so far as very deep house ever can be!

5 And Dime on-point as ever, nuff said.

Out: Tomorrow (30 May)

About: 5 And Dime can be found at their website, on Facebook and on Soundcloud. Ivan Garci can mostly be found in Amsterdam, these days, though he originally hails from Barcelona.