Kenny Ground – Let Me Know!

December 29, 2015 in Singles

Kenny Ground Let Me Know! Old School DepartmentSwiss producer Kenny Ground serves up some rollicking, party-hearty house grooves here on his own Old School Department label.

In its Original form, Let Me Know! is a strutting, techy affair with looping female vocal snips, pounding kicks and insistent sirens. The CASSIMM Remix opts to use the breakbeat-ish rhythm from the original’s intro throughout the track, and also plumps for a more sinuous b-line, while Italobros up the tempo a notch and take us into more driving tech-house territory with just a hint of disco around the edges.

All three mixes are plenty playable, but CASSIMM takes the top spot for me.

Out: Now

About: Find Old School Department on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Various – The Hype Vol 1

September 21, 2015 in Singles

The Hype Vol 1 Criminal HypeAnd speaking of chunky, techy, bassy, bouncy-ass house music (see MadTech review below)… after two albums from much-respected NYC veterans we jump to the opposite end of the spectrum with this first label comp from fledgling Welsh label Criminal Hype.

“Vast vibes across house and techno… no fillers” is how the hype sheet describes it. But as simply copy and pasting that sentence doesn’t really count as a review, I’ll say instead that there are 10 cuts on offer, from the likes of Italobros, Ki Creighton, Ozzi and Dene Antony (that is: not complete newbies but not household names either) and that the music taken as a whole spans tech-house, G-house and that variety of 2015-style house that some folk like to grumble about because “it’s really just 90s garage”… like that was a bad thing? Echoes of Tyree Cooper on Cal Johnstone’s Dooper are enough to win it ‘highlight’ status, with other standouts including the slightly deeper, more musical vibes of Jonathan Squillace’s Acta Non Verba and Ian Jay & Matt Williams’s Need It, a track that takes me back to 1001 bass drops on various speed garage and bassline house floors over the past two decades. Again, though, you’ll find your own faves because the standard is high throughout.

I love albums like this – they make me feel like the future of house n’ garage music is safe for a while yet…

Out: Now (but only since yesterday)

About: You can find Criminal Hype on Soundcloud and Facebook.

ItaloBros – Touch Me

April 3, 2015 in Singles

ItaloBros Touch Me Velo RecIt’s all been pretty upbeat here at TIWWD tonight so let’s keep it that way and end with this, only the third release from London/Swiss label Velo Rec.

In its original form, Touch Me is a contemporary-style big room houser that, as with all the best of such tuneage, shows a strong sense of the genre’s history, with hands-in-the-air pianos any late 80s/early 90s raver would find familiar, a sinuous walking bassline and chopped-up soulful male “loving me, loving me, loving me wrong” vox. On the B, the Divalvi & Tom Alemanno Remix is a stripped-back and even more cut-up affair with nods to UKG, and plenty playable… but the A wins out for yours truly.

File under ‘the acceptable side of commercial house 2015’.

Out: This week

About: Velo Rec are actually called that – ie, not Velo Records – and can be found here, here and here.