Moon Mood – Stargazing

November 15, 2015 in Singles

Moon Mood Stargazing Nang RecordsAfter last night’s ‘nothing but house’ selection, a more eclectic reviews line-up for you tonight, starting in the nu-disco arena with this latest offering from the mighty Nang and Russian producer Alexey Vorobyov, AKA Moon Mood.

In its Original form, Stargazing is fairly archetypal Nang material, all shimmering synths and lazily strollin’ beats. It’s accompanied by two remixes: the Pharoah Black Magic Breathless Remix takes us into slightly housier, more floor-oriented territory, while Irregular Disco Workers supply a stripped back n’ dubby take with a strong cosmic/Italo influence. That’s my personal fave rub of the title cut, but even better is bonus cut The Cove, which looks to early 80s boogie for inspiration with its syndrums and squelchy analogue synth-bass. Hypernova, another ‘typically Nang’ affair but pacier than Stargazing, completes a strong package.

Out: This week

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Kim & Buran – Fly To Sea EP

February 27, 2014 in Singles

Kim & Buran Fly To Sea EP Nang RecordsMore of Nang’s usual exquisitively executed nu-disco goodness here courtesy of Russian duo Kim & Buran.

In total you get two mixes of the title cut, plus Modern Music and Sitizen. In its original form, Fly To Sea sits somewhere between retro cosmic/Italo fare and the kind of dreamy, star-spangled soul peddled by the Sunburst Band or even those Phenomenal Handclappers. The remix of the same comes from Irregular Disco Workers, whose slightly more floor-friendly take eases back on the dreamy synths and beefs up the beats… but only a tiny bit in either case. Modern Music is a decidedly 80s-informed cut with a spoken, vocodered “dance music” (male) vocal and all manner of analogue synth shenanigans, while finally Sitizen ventures more resolutely into the kind of cosmic/Italo pastures we were just discussing.

The Nang faithful will be more than happy with this one. I certainly am… with the original version of the title track especially.

Out: This week

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Good Parts – Temptation

December 28, 2010 in Singles

good parts temptationMore cut-up/re-edit disco action from the Good Parts boys here.

Sadly, as befits the Star-Fi crew’s status as diggers extraordinaire, I’m mostly at a loss as to telling you what the originals are… except for the rather excellent rework of The Temptations’ Ball Of Confusion which gives the EP its title, of course. Oh hang on… apparently I Love You When Your Dub (sic) comes from a Rene & Angela tune, while Deeper Stuff (Irregular Disco Workers Remix) is actually a Good Parts original. Read the press release, Russell!
But never mind all that, all you need to know is that this is disco-fuelled, floor-moving tackle of the highest order.
Out: This week
About: Good Parts are of course regulars on Star-Fi Recordings, who you can find online here.