u z z v – Misunderstanding EP

May 8, 2016 in Singles

u z z v Minunderstanding EP Innocent MusicMoving properly into the Sunday night deep zone now, we have this minimal five-tracker from Innocent Music.

Misunderstanding itself, in its Original form, is a chunky but unhurried cut sitting right on the tech-house/minimal cusp and sporting a spoken, downpitched “I hope you will understand” psychobabble vocal. The Markel Remix busies up the percussion a little and adds layers of atmospherics, but it’s the stripped n’ dubby Jesus Soblechero rub that’s floating my boat the most. You also get two mixes of Falling Down to play with. The original’s a twitchy-glitchy affair, quite pacey for the style and with hefty bass, while Enzo Leep’s Tanzania Mix opts again for slightly more intricate percussion.

Out: This week

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F.eht – El Cazador EP

January 6, 2016 in Singles

F.eht El Cazador EP Innocent Music LimitedSome typically fine deep techno grooves here from Germany’s F.eht, a producer who can transcend the house/techno barrier with ease.

Five tracks make up the EP. El Cazador itself is an unhurried, dubby throbber topped with snatches of treated, spoken male vocal. Canaries operates in similar territory, with no vocal this time but with a neat line in squawk-y synth sounds instead. Descenco leans a little more to the twitchy, minimal end of the deep techno spectrum and again features distorted spoken vox, while Hunters and Pressure complete the EP in broadly the same vein as the other three.

Don’t expect any of these tracks to rock your local Ritzy’s, but if warm, enveloping ‘less is more’ grooves are what you’re about, then step right on in.

Out: This week

About: This is brought to you by Slovenia’s Innocent Music Limited, who you can find herehere and here.

Some albums, quickly…

November 9, 2015 in Albums

Due to a huge workload in ‘real’ life I’ve got a bit behind on the blogging front, so for the sake of getting caught up, here’s just a VERY quick look at some albums from the past couple of weeks that I didn’t quite get manage to get around to…

DJ E-Clyps Simma Back Volume 6Various/DJ E-Clyps – Simma Black Vol 6
DJ E-Clyps is the man behind the decks for Simma Black‘s latest label comp, for which this is the 13-track promo sampler. Chunky bass house grooves are the main order of the day, as you’d expect – but there are excursions into straight-up deep/tech house territory, too. If that’s a sign that the label are spreading their musical wings a little, that can only be a good thing! Standouts for yours truly include Dennis Quin’s Wicked Love, Craig Chambers’ 3am tech-soul gem Fight For Love  and Emeskay’s tuff, moody Play On.

Best Of Innocent Music Deep Vol 1Various – Best Of Innocent Music
You should be familiar with Innocent Music Deep‘s particular brand of deep techno, deep house and minimal by now… and if you’re a fan, then suffice to say this 20-track ‘best of’ collection is extremely unlikely to disappoint! F.eht’s Simple Things is one highlight, a simple lolloping deep house groove topped with what appears to be some northern (UK) lass talking about her employment history… RazV’s ominous, broody deep techno nugget This Is It is another. But to be fair there’s lots to enjoy here if you like your beats on the headnoddin’ side.

15 Years Of Moon HarbourVarious – 15 Years Of Moon Harbour
Another label compilation, this one celebrating – as the more astute of you will have guessed – 15 years of Matthias Tanzmann’s Moon Harbour imprint. Expect only the deepest of tech-house grooves with a smattering of straight-up techno, the odd minimal excursion and just a hint of prog, all coming from the likes of Steve Bug, Gregor Tresher, Luna City Express and of course Tanzmann himself. Bug’s opening, dub-inflected Lifting The Anchor and Daniel Stefanik’s fierce, Relief-ish Words are particularly worth checking.

Best Of Share Records Vol 2Various – Best Of Share Records Vol 2
More quality tech house and deep techno/minimal vibes – with a definite leaning towards the more leftfield/experimental end of the spectrum – on this 12-track collection from Helder Teixeira’s Share Records imprint over in sunny Portugal. Aura Dub, Lloyd Haze and Ariel M are some of the more familiar names involved, while highlights for yours truly include 3Kilo’s In The Night and Aava’s Huching.

Back In Time Vol 2 King Street SoundsVarious – Back In Time Vol 2
Last but by no means least tonight we have this high-VFM digital-only package from King Street, with no fewer than 18 “classics old and new” served up for your downloading pleasure. With cuts from the likes of Kerri Chandler, Mateo & Matos, Ralphi Rosario, Roy Davis Jr, Kenny Bobien and Urban Soul, it’s the perfect way for younger househeads to start exploring the back catalogue of this most prolific and long-running of US house labels… or for older buyers to replace their well-worn vinyl!

Francesco Squillante – Turnover EP

October 21, 2015 in Singles

Francesco Squillante Turnover EP Innocent MusicInnocent Music come with their trademark deep techno/minimal vibes here.

Italian producer Francesco Squillante is the man at the controls, bringing us three original tracks. Turnover itself is up first, a heavyweight dub-inspired chugger. Centrocampo, which follows, is a little more upbeat, with a cheeky, house-y swing to the drums, head-frying synth FX that fly across the room and indecipherable snatches of spoken vocal. And then finally there’s Change, almost a cross between the two as the swung drums of the latter cut meet the heavy dubwise bass of the former (not the actual drums and bassline of those tracks, you understand… just stylistically similar ones).

All good, but Turnover is the standout for yours truly.

Out: This week

About: Find Innocent Music here, here and here.

Various – Best Of Innocent Music Vol 2

September 28, 2015 in Albums

Best Of Innocent Music Vol 2Regular readers will know I’m generally a fan of Innocent Music’s take on deep techno and minimal anyway, but with this second ‘best of’ comp the Slovenian label have excelled themselves.

There are 14 tracks in total, from a mix of names both familiar (Gaetano C, Rodrigo DP, Aney F, White Brothers) and less so – and not a duff cut in sight. Be warned, this album isn’t for the faint-hearted – listening to it in, ahem, an ‘altered’ frame of mind could seriously mess with your head and general sense of well-being! But if cavernous beats, distorted vox, twitchy snares, white noise, industrial FX, dystopian soundscapes and an overall air of brooding menace and paranoia sound like your idea of a good time, then step right on in, because if you like it deep, dark and techy you’re gonna love this…

Out: Now

About: You can find Innocent Music on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Less is more…

July 7, 2015 in Singles

Seeing as we’re playing catch-up tonight anyway, and by way of balancing the more commercial sounds of the Illyus & Barrientos release below, here just quickly are some very deep slabs that I didn’t quite get round to last week…

N2Brothers Sphere Dub.sphereN2Brothers – Sphere
We start in minimal/dub techno pastures in the company of Germany’s Dub.sphere Records.Two original cuts, Sphere and The Way, plus remixes from Wally Stryk (Sphere) and Aura Dub (The Way), with the originals firmly in headnoddin’ dubby mode while Stryk dancefloors things up a bit and Aura Dub go through the door marked ‘dark and pounding, but not stupidly so’. The original of the title track stands out for me.
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Kazak Keep Deep Down Gert RecordsKazak – Keep Deep Down
A simple two-tracker here from Russia’s Gert Records. On the A, Keep Deep Down itself is a slow-moving deep houser with prog-leaning analogue synths, a rave-y throbbing b-line and a man’s voice intoning the title. Flip it, and Echo Chord – my pick of the two – is an even deeper, dreamier cut, veering towards minimal with a ton of space in the production.
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Background Lyric Poem Waldliebe FamilienBackground – Lyric Poem EP
Romania’s ever-checkable Waldliebe Familien come with the deep techno/minimal goodness on this three-tracker from Background. Lyric Poem itself features downpitched, almost SAW-ish vox, muted kicks and industrial FX, Hidden In Pressure is just a tiny bit livelier/housier and finally Controlling Things is a twitchier affair that’ll satisfy the minimal purists, with near-bruk beats and snatches of foreign language spoken vocal. All good, but Hidden In Pressure takes the gold for me.
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Simone M Euthanasia EP Innocent MusicSimone M – Euthanasia EP
More East European deep techno/minimal vibes to end on, in this case coming from Slovenia’s Innocent Music. Euthanasia itself operates in similar territory to Background’s Lyric Poem (above), Walk Around ups the tempo slightly and finally Riots plays us out on a similar note.
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Rockwell & Landers – Hidden Chamber EP

June 21, 2015 in Singles

Rockwell & Landers Hidden Chamber EP Innocent MusicWe kick off on a very deep tip tonight with this three-track EP from those ever-reliable Slovenian providers of very deep grooves, Innocent Music.

Hidden Chamber itself is a hypnotic, midtempo affair with a rumbling b-line, lingering synth notes and snatches of spoken vocal. Transaction is sparser and techier, with a definite dubby feel at the bottom end and another spoken vocal, while You Know operates in very similar territory but is just a tiny bit more upbeat.

The hype sheet labels Hidden Chamber as ‘tech-house’ and the other two as ‘minimal’ but as with a lot of Innocent’s output, this very classy EP should appeal to lovers of deep house, deep techno and minimal alike.

Out: This week

About: Find Innocent Music here, here and here.

Various – Best Of Innocent Music Limited Vol 1

February 9, 2015 in Albums

Best Of Innocent Music Limited Vol 1Once again playing catch-up on a Monday night so before we crack on with this week’s reviews, tonight there are three albums I want to tell you about from last week.

Up first is this label comp from Slovenia’s Innocent Music, or rather from sub-label Innocent Music Limited. Regular TIWWD readers will know that I’m a fan of the label generally, and so should have a pretty good idea what to expect here already. But for those that’ve just wandered in, deep techno and minimal are Innocent Music’s stock in trade, with the Limited imprint tending to cater for the more specialist/connoisseur end of that already fairly specialist spectrum. So don’t expect much in the way of dancefloor rompery here (bar one or two cuts that lean more towards the tech-house arena); do expect sparse, twitchy percussion, basslines like thunder and a general air of disquiet, with 15 tracks coming from names both familiar (Enzo Leep, Diwex & Vick Echo, Aura Dub, Reclame) and, er, less so.

An album like this is never going to be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re a fan of dystopic, red-eyed, headnoddin’ grooves you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

Out: Last week

About: You can find Innocent Music, Innocent Music Deep and Innocent Music Limited here, here and here.

Aney F – Story Of My Life EP

January 18, 2015 in Singles

Aney F Story Of My Life EP Innocent MusicMore quality deep techno bizniss next tonight courtesy of those ever-reliable purveyors thereof, Innocent Music.

The title track features a downpitched spoken male vocal (“If you listen to my beat, I’ll tell you the story of my soul”) sitting atop almost militantly stripped-down beats, with cavernous bass at bottom and intricate shakers/hi-hats at the top. Escape is in a similar vein but with more of a musical lilt, and with almost a progressive-style pulsing, surging feel in parts, while finally City Of Detroit has more sampled, doomy vox and, as it builds to its climax, an insistent four-note synth motif.

Taken as a whole, the EP’s something of red-eyed, slightly paranoid headnodder’s delight… Beatport have just named Innocent as one of their “labels to watch for 2015” and when they keep coming up with goods like this, it’s an accolade that’s well deserved.

Out: This week

About: Find Innocent Music here, here and here.

Raul Aguilar – Magic EP

January 8, 2015 in Singles

Raul Aguilar Magic EP Innocent LimitedYes, I know Innocent Music have featured on this blog rather a lot of late, but they keep coming up with the goods, what can I tell you?!

Tonight’s offering from the Slovenian stable is a three-track EP from 20-year-old Spanish producer Raul Aguilar. Timewarp is up first, a crunchy, mid-paced techno slab with downpitched, distorted male spoken vox. Magic itself has a somewhat lighter touch, topping simple rolling beats with layers of synth atmospherics and the occasional keyboard flutter, while to close the EP you have Nature, a more overtly dancefloor-oriented affair with a nice fat bassline and off-kilter FX a-gogo.

Magic is the standout for me but Timewarp will do nicely for those darker moments too.

Out: This week

About: This comes on sub-label Innocent Limited, but you can find the whole Innocent label family here, here and here.