F.eht – El Cazador EP

January 6, 2016 in Singles

F.eht El Cazador EP Innocent Music LimitedSome typically fine deep techno grooves here from Germany’s F.eht, a producer who can transcend the house/techno barrier with ease.

Five tracks make up the EP. El Cazador itself is an unhurried, dubby throbber topped with snatches of treated, spoken male vocal. Canaries operates in similar territory, with no vocal this time but with a neat line in squawk-y synth sounds instead. Descenco leans a little more to the twitchy, minimal end of the deep techno spectrum and again features distorted spoken vox, while Hunters and Pressure complete the EP in broadly the same vein as the other three.

Don’t expect any of these tracks to rock your local Ritzy’s, but if warm, enveloping ‘less is more’ grooves are what you’re about, then step right on in.

Out: This week

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F.eht – Imagination EP

September 20, 2015 in Singles

F.eht Imagination EP Innocent LimitedTypically classy deep techno/minimal stylings on this latest from Slovenia’s Innocent Limited.

On the A, Imagination itself is a chuggy, dubby groove, just a lil’ bit wonky around the edges and coming topped with a downpitched spoken male vocal (“she was straight out of central casting… what you might call a ball-crusher”). It doesn’t ‘do’ a lot but then with tackle like this, that’s kinda the point! Flip it over, and Deep Soul rides just-slightly-livelier beats with more spoken male vocals (at normal pitch this time, and talking about the ‘war on terror’, WMDs and the like) and some slightly disquieting synths buried deep in the mix.

Put together, it all adds up to 16 minutes of headnoddin’ bliss for all the sofa-surfers out there…

Out: This week

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Dani Rivas – Denominador EP

May 28, 2015 in Singles

Dani Rivas Denominador EP Innocent LimitedWe kick off tonight with some nice deep, crunchy tech-house vibes courtesy of Innocent Limited.

Terminal is up first, a stripped n’ chuggy affair with snatches of downpitched spoken vocal and heavyweight bass drops. Denominador itself is just a smidgeon livelier in the beats department but otherwise operates in quite similar territory, while finally Multiple is a wee bit more twitchy and minimal, and sports multiple layers of barely-there atmospherics.

The Innocent label family generally excel at these kind of sparse, headnoddin’ grooves, and they don’t disappoint here.

Out: This week

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Max J & Cooockies – Illusion EP

May 13, 2015 in Singles

Max J & Cooockies Illusion EP Innocent LimitedIt’s been a little while since Innocent Music featured on here so let’s rectify that right now with a look at this three-tracker from Max J & Cooockies, on sub-label Innocent Limited.

Illusion itself is up first, which treads Innocent’s usual deep techno/minimal path but with a lolloping, dubby feel and, more unusually, a “take a ride to my block” rap vocal loop. Tech-houser Fuck Apology, which follows, has another rap vocal, while Only similarly messes with the minimal blueprint, in this case with the inclusion of some lovely warm, garage-y chords and chopped-up falsetto male vox.

The G-minimal revolution starts here! 🙂

Out: This week

About: You can find the Innocent Music label family on Soundcloud, on Facebook and at their own website.

Various – Best Of Innocent Music Limited Vol 1

February 9, 2015 in Albums

Best Of Innocent Music Limited Vol 1Once again playing catch-up on a Monday night so before we crack on with this week’s reviews, tonight there are three albums I want to tell you about from last week.

Up first is this label comp from Slovenia’s Innocent Music, or rather from sub-label Innocent Music Limited. Regular TIWWD readers will know that I’m a fan of the label generally, and so should have a pretty good idea what to expect here already. But for those that’ve just wandered in, deep techno and minimal are Innocent Music’s stock in trade, with the Limited imprint tending to cater for the more specialist/connoisseur end of that already fairly specialist spectrum. So don’t expect much in the way of dancefloor rompery here (bar one or two cuts that lean more towards the tech-house arena); do expect sparse, twitchy percussion, basslines like thunder and a general air of disquiet, with 15 tracks coming from names both familiar (Enzo Leep, Diwex & Vick Echo, Aura Dub, Reclame) and, er, less so.

An album like this is never going to be to everyone’s taste, but if you’re a fan of dystopic, red-eyed, headnoddin’ grooves you’ll find plenty to enjoy here.

Out: Last week

About: You can find Innocent Music, Innocent Music Deep and Innocent Music Limited here, here and here.

Raul Aguilar – Magic EP

January 8, 2015 in Singles

Raul Aguilar Magic EP Innocent LimitedYes, I know Innocent Music have featured on this blog rather a lot of late, but they keep coming up with the goods, what can I tell you?!

Tonight’s offering from the Slovenian stable is a three-track EP from 20-year-old Spanish producer Raul Aguilar. Timewarp is up first, a crunchy, mid-paced techno slab with downpitched, distorted male spoken vox. Magic itself has a somewhat lighter touch, topping simple rolling beats with layers of synth atmospherics and the occasional keyboard flutter, while to close the EP you have Nature, a more overtly dancefloor-oriented affair with a nice fat bassline and off-kilter FX a-gogo.

Magic is the standout for me but Timewarp will do nicely for those darker moments too.

Out: This week

About: This comes on sub-label Innocent Limited, but you can find the whole Innocent label family here, here and here.

James Hutchison – Mademoiselle EP

August 6, 2014 in Singles

James Hutchison Mademoiselle EP Innocent LimitedSo far this week things’ve been bit more on the commercial tip than usual here at TIWWD, so tonight let’s flip the script and head deep underground… starting with this four-track slab of minimal bizniss from Slovenia’s Innocent Limited.

Mademoiselle itself is an ultra-sparse affair that starts off predicated around muted, twitchy percussion and  a two-note bass throb that can be bothered to put in an appearance every few bars or so. As the track progresses, crowd noise, a vague low-end rumble and a brief classical piano interlude join the party, but this remains one for those who truly believe that less is more. A more beat-laden Diwex & Vick Echo Remix takes us into darker techno territory, while elsewhere, This Is What We Call A Tragedy treads slightly more standard-issue minimal ground and Jeph’s Black Book is an industrial-tinged dub techno rumble that will be come in handy should you have any small children and animals to terrify.

Liking all the tracks but it’s the title cut with its wide-open sonic vistas that takes top honours for sure.

Out: This week

About: You can find Innocent Music/Innocent Limited on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Digital Project – Last Night EP

June 27, 2014 in Singles

Digital Project Last Night EP Innocent LimitedSorry it’s been quiet on the blog this week: have been busy with other stuff, then feeling a bit ‘meh’. But never mind cos we’re back in the saddle tonight, just in time for the weekend…

Let’s start with this three-track, four-mix deep techno EP from Slovenia’s Innocent Music. Dark Sun gets the ball rolling, an understated, chuggy affair with a spoken vocal that sounds like it’s been sampled from an astronomy lecture. It’s percussion-led in the main, with atmospheric synths wafting around on top, but a neat line in menacing bass swoops keeps things interesting, while the Just A Mood Remix rides more floor-friendly 4/4s and puts the vocal through the FX mangle. Forget Me again rides tuff 4/4s but comes from a darker place altogether, while finally Last Night itself heads even deeper into that same zone.

Just add a barely-lit 4am basement and you’re away.

Out: This week

About: This actually comes on Innocent Limited, the sub-label dedicated to “even more weird, slow and deep underground music”. Find ’em here, here and here.