Lucio Agustin – Arata EP

April 25, 2016 in Singles

Lucio Agustin Arata EP Innocent DeepAnd from the minimal D&B of Sam Binary (below), we move on to actual minimal with this excellent EP from Innocent Deep.

Three tracks to choose from. Arata itself is quite smooth and melodic by minimal standards, and as such could easily slot into a deep house set with its fairly simple rolling beats, sampled mission control speech and hefty, stuttering bassline. Indiana is a bit more twitchy-glitchy and very sparse, making this one more for the minimal purists, while finally Titicaca brings the dubwise vibes.

All three are plenty playable but Arata takes the gold for me, with Titicaca not far behind.

Out: Now

About: You can find Innocent Deep and the rest of the Innocent Music label family herehere and here.

Nici Frida – Wasted Time EP

May 18, 2015 in Singles

Nici Frida Wasted Time EP Innocent DeepAfter last night’s house-fest, let’s kick off the week on a deep techno/minimal tip with this two-tracker from Innocent Deep.

On the A, Wasted Time itself is fairly lively for the genre, with lolloping, almost tech-house beats, atmospheric synth sweeps, a dubwise bassline and a man’s voice saying “wasted time” over and over. Flip it for On The Track 10, a slightly more sedate affair with a locomotive rhythm, trippy pulsing synths and, er, a woman’s voice saying “on the track” over and over!

Headnoddin’ stoner grooves par excellence, but then from Innocent we expect no less.

Out: This week

About: Find Innocent Deep and the rest of the Innocent Music stable here, here and here.

**UPDATE 20/5/15: It’s official, I am an idiot. There’s actually a third track to this EP that I’d managed to overlook, Sweet Dreams – a rolling/chuggy affair sitting somewhere between deep techno and tech-house, though the layers of white noise nudge it slightly more in the former direction.