Various – Give A Soul To Your Groove Vol 2

November 3, 2014 in Albums

Give A Soul To Your Groove Vol 2 So Sound RecordingsThree very different releases to tell you about tonight, starting with this full-length from Miami’s So Sound Recordings.

The more sleuth-like among you will have already twigged that this is the follow-up to the first volume, which was reviewed on here just a month ago. As such, there’s not a huge amount new to tell you: it’s still a ‘best-of’ collection from Fabian ‘Jazzy Eyewear’ Giannattasio’s long-running label, and so the name of the game is still mostly bumpin’, floor-friendly deep house in the classic vein, with the occasional more soulful or more driving moment. And it’s still good to hear some old faves again – Fabian’s own Cruise Control, remixed by Inland Knights, is still as much of a killer as it ever was!

Suffice to say in fact that, with other cuts coming from the likes of Jay West, Origami & Andrew Phelan and Kinky Movement, (proper) deep house lovers are in safe hands here. But special mention needs to be made of Ricardo Rae’s saxed-up, scat-tastic Be Bop… because I don’t remember that one from the first time around and frankly, it’s worth the compilation asking price on its own.

Out: Last week (but only on Friday)

About: Find So Sound Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Inland Knights – I Want I Need EP

October 25, 2014 in Singles

Inland Knights I Want I Need EP Something DifferentIf we’re talking “traditional meets modern” (see below), then there can’t be a much better example of that than deep house veterans Inland Knights appearing for the first time on Something Different.

Released to mark the label’s third birthday, I Want I Need itself is, in its original form, as contemporary-sounding a deep houser as I’ve heard from Laurence and Andy to date. Don’t worry, the traditional bumpin’ East Mids feel is still there, it’s just now accompanied by hefty 2014-style bass and a looping sweet, female vocal that, dare I say, even veers a little towards the poppy. For me it stays just the right side of the line, but if it’s a little TOO sweet for your tastes don’t worry, you can always plump for Junior Gee’s stripped-back and pounding afterhours pass on the flip. Plus there’s also the small matter of There It Go, a late-night kinda jam with soulful female vocal snippets, lush pads, just a hint of acid and some funny ‘barking dog’ noises to boot.

“This, ladies and gentleman, is proper house music,” says the hype sheet. The hype sheet is not wrong… I wish my birthdays were celebrated in as fine fashion as this!

Out: This week

About: As you may, just feasibly, be aware by now, you can find Something Different here and here.

Various – Give A Soul To Your Groove Vol 1

September 29, 2014 in Albums

Give A Soul To Your Groove Vol 1 So Sound RecordingsFollowing on from the recent Jazzy Eyewear comp, here’s a ‘best of’ representing the first dozen years of Fabian’s record label, So Sound Recordings.

Given that I’ve reviewed countless So Sound releases over the years – both on here and in iDJ – and given the talent line-up (Inland Knights, To-Ka Project, Zoo Brazil and of course Jazzy Eyewear, to name but a few), the quality that’s on offer here was never in any real doubt. What’s more surprising is just how fresh it all sounds, when you think that some of these cuts are over a decade old. Stylistically, the emphasis is on fat-assed, floor-friendly deep house grooves in the classic mode, with a couple of excursions into jazzy/soulful pastures (see, for instance, The Rurals’ remix of Mood Rotation’s Getting Started). Jazzy Eyewear’s Found The Way is one highlight with its fusion of lounge-y and jackin’ vibes, Toka Projects’s dreamy, late-night Session One another, though I must admit these ears glowed most on hearing old fave Hot Soup by Inland Knights again.

However much the current hype for so-called ‘deep house’ that isn’t might annoy some of us, there WILL be young buyers of the same out there that are starting to dig deeper… and as such, a compilation showcasing this long-running, always dependable, actual deep house label really couldn’t be much more timely.

Out: Now

About: You can find So Sound Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Phil Weeks – Crate Diggin’ Vol 3

August 25, 2013 in Singles

Phil Weeks Crate Diggin' Vol 3 Robsoul RecordingsPhil Weeks brings another personal selection of classic deep house cuts under the wing of his Robsoul Recordings imprint, with many of the tracks now available digitally for the first time.

This time out the emphasis is on slightly tuffer, more jacking cuts – see, for instance, the 303 antics on DJ Bertrand’s Fuckin’ Filter, the ear-piercing synth crescendos on DJ Assassin’s A Face In The Crowd or the fried-brain stomp of DJ Sneak’s Fear The World. But there’s room for more musical offerings too, such as DJ Rasoul’s lounge-y, late-night gem When You Hold Me or Mood II Swing’s stone-cold soulful classic Closer, presented here in King Street Moody Club form. And for some proper east Midlands bump from Inland Knights with Long Time, too.

This is the last in the Crate Diggin’ series, unfortunately… but thanks, Monsieur Weeks, it’s been a lot of fun!

Out: This week

About: You can find Robsoul Recordings on Facebook or at their own website.

Phil Weeks – Crate Diggin’ Vol 2

August 9, 2013 in Singles

Phil Weeks Crate Diggin' Vol 2 Robsoul RecordingsWe touched very briefly on volume 1 in this series a couple of weeks back I think, but it’s a project that deserves more than just a cursory mention.

Split over three EPs released over a period of a month, Crate Diggin’ sees French deep house maestro and Robsoul Recordings boss Phil Weeks serving up a personal selection of tracks that have inspired him and/or featured heavily in his DJ sets over the years. This second volume features cuts from Brett Johnson, DJ Rasoul, DJ Sneak, Inland Knights, Lance De Sardi, Lawnchair Generals, Rick Wade, Miguel Migs and more,  so any lover of classic soul- and funk-infused west coast bump is gonna be more than satisfied.

And the ‘spotter who’s got all these tracks already is going to be a very rare beast indeed, which makes this pretty much essential. Lest we forget (and for the poor deluded club kiddiwinks that don’t know), THIS is deep house… not that haircut synthpop shit that’s been wandering around with its stolen ID lately.

Out: Today!

About: You can find Robsoul Recordings on Facebook or at their own website. And you can find Vol 3 of this, in case I don’t get around to telling you at the time, in shops on August 23.

Inland Knights – The Break Out EP

November 26, 2012 in Singles

Inland Knights The Break Out EP Outcross Records

We start off the week’s reviews in fine style, with the latest from two of the UK’s best-established and most respected of deep house practitioners.

Given that the IKs’ take on deep house has always leaned heavily to the ‘bumpin’ and floor-friendly’ side of things, as soon as I tell you the title you’ve probably already got a pretty good idea of what Bounce might sound like… and you’d be right. So all I need to tell you is that it features an insistent high-end synth riff and a hip-hop style vocal. The rest of the EP is made up two mixes of Broken: the original is a fusion of boogie-fied deep house with phat ravey buzz bass, while the MAM Remix takes us a notch or two deeper.

There’s no particular new ground broken or anything, admittedly: this is archetypal Inland Knights/Smokescreen fare. But no-one does this shit quite like Laurence and Andy do it, do they?

Out: This week

About: This comes not on Drop Music, but on Leeds-based Outcross Records, which is run by Matt Hughes and Miguel Campbell (AKA, of course, MAM). Find ’em on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

House of Stank – Make U Jack 2012

July 31, 2012 in Singles

House Of Stank Make U Jack 2012 Get Up Recordings

In which House of Stank’s 2008 Dust Traxx offering gets another run-out with new mixes from Inland Knights, Manny Ward and HoS themselves.

Also included are the original mix plus the original set of re-rubs from Ron Carroll, The Connection and Santiago & Bushido, making a whopping seven mixes in total. And with a remix line-up like that, and a title like Make U Jack – which does pretty well sum up what this track’s all about – it’s hard to imagine any decent house DJ not finding something to play here. I’m not gonna go into all seven mixes individually – I’ve got a cold and a headache and couldn’t really claim to be in the mood – but the IKs rub and HoS’s own refix stand out for me. Like I said though, you can’t really go wrong with this package.

Remember: “There’s only one track that’ll make you jack, one groove that’ll make you move, and that’s house”!

Out: This week

About: This comes on Get Up Recordings, HoS’s own, US-based label. They’re just eight releases old but have already put out material by the heavy-hitting likes of Tedd Patterson and Honey Dijon… and here‘s where to find them if you want to know more.

Howard Sessions – Meddlin’ With Me Melody

October 13, 2011 in Singles

More quality deep house here, this time from Leeds-based boss of Re:Tweak Records, Howard Sessions, making a guest appearance on the ever-reliable Lost My Dog.

Sessions himself provides two versions of the title track, the lazy* pads ’n’ percussion-based groove of the original and the more ‘classic’-sounding Howard’s Drunken Mix, which makes a lot more of the rather lovely pianos. The remix honours here though go to Larry Fives, AKA Laurence Ritchie, who works some IKs-style magic with the tune and reconfigures it as a reet jaunty lil’ dancefloor number.
You also get two mixes of Barking. The original here’s kind of deep house with the most subtle of nods to UKG sounds, while the remix foregrounds the soulful “let’s ride” vocal sample and gets busy with some shufflin’ percussion, before getting progressively mellower and more spaced-out as the minutes tick by.
Nice and easy does it…
Out: This week
About: You shouldn’t need me to tell you anything about Lost My Dog by now, surely? So I won’t. Ha!
*that’s ‘lazy’ as in the track’s kinda unhurried and doesn’t seem in any mad rush to grab you by the jugular, you understand… not ‘lazy’ as in he should have done more with it. Just so’s we’re clear.

Various – House Bound

August 17, 2011 in Albums

Okay, so this actually came out last week. Somehow I didn’t get around to writing about it on the blog, but a new compilation from the mighty Drop Music is just too juicy a prospect for TIWWD to ignore… not that being on heavy rotation on the stereo could exactly be called ‘ignoring’ but you know what I mean.

Now, you probably think you know what a Drop Music comp’s gonna sound like. And sure, there’s plenty of their trademark East Midlands deep house bump on offer here… but there’s more to House Bound than that. It’s an album that shows the label branching out perhaps more than ever. Hence you get the funk-fuelled nu-discoisms of Kinky Movement’s Deja Vu sitting alongside Phil Weeks’ weirdy-warpy-warbly (in a Leftroom/Diynamic/Wolf+Lamb kinda way) Love You More and The Sound Diggers’ Dynamic, which comes on like one of those ‘nu old’ funk bands given a fairly hefty pair of house music cojones.
And you get Asad Rizvi’s closer Boom, which with its R&B-style vocal sounds pretty much like classic UKG to me (specifically it reminds me of Bizzi’s Party). Alternatively, if it IS more traditional Drop grooves you’re after, then try Larry Fives’ acid-y Make A Move. Or Giom’s bumpin’ Inverted Coma. Or Freaky Behaviours funktified Temptation. Or Robert Boogert’s frankly completely freaking ace Turn Me. And of course we can’t really miss out label bosses Laurence and Andy, AKA Inland Knights, who supply the summery, west coast-y opener Do It Again.
Anyway, you get the idea. All told, you get 11 tracks of varied, but always top-quality underground house music for your hard-earned… and there really isn’t a better way you could spend it. Like I said, this album was too good for TIWWD to miss. You shouldn’t either.
Out: Last week. Sorry. But, y’know, it hasn’t gotten any less great over the past seven days or anything.
About: Find out more about Drop Music – though if you don’t know who they are by now, you should be heartily ashamed of yourself – by clicking on the link above. Or indeed here, if you’re too lazy to scroll back up.