Demuir – Jacktified

March 19, 2016 in Singles

Demuir Jacktified I'm A House GangsterA pleasingly varied five-tracker here from I’m A House Gangster.

Rise Of The Sagittarian is up first, a boompty-jazz affair with rollin’ beats, tinkling ivories and sampled, spoken jazzman vox. Talkn Bout Gangsta treads a slightly more familiar strutty tech/G-house path for IAHG, but if the gangsta/hip-hop vox are too much for you it’s accompanied by a Dub that lets the funk of the track’s underlying groove shine through. Completing the EP is Raw N Crazy, another distinctly jazzual affair – and one where you might be glad there’s a Clean version included cos the spoken female vocal on the original may be just a little, ahem, ‘frank’ for some tastes…

All good, but Rise… takes the gold for me.

Out: This week

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Various – IAHG Bangers #1

December 15, 2015 in Albums

NIAHG Bangers #1 I'm A House Gangsterext up, we move to almost the opposite end of the house spectrum from the smooth, soulful grooves of Basement Boys, and jump straight int0 this collection of big, strutty club cuts from DJ Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster imprint.

On first listen, the album can come across as a bit same-y, with stomping, tracky shizzle the order of the day throughout. Bangers these indeed are! After a play or two, though, you realise there’s actually quite a bit of variety on offer nevertheless, from the blues-tinged G-house of HR & Ski’s Rewind It Back, to the deeper grooves of Sidney Charles’s House Peopz, the bumpin’ jazz-flecked tech-house of Tripmastaz’ Rollin’ Mars and even nods to footwork/juke on Kid Enigma’s Shoelaces. Chuck in offerings from the likes of Hector Moralez, Joeski, Ramon Tapia and of course the Sneaky one himself, and what you end up with is a very fine collection of club shakers that sound 100% contemporary, yet steer clear of obvious 2015-isms in favour of a more classic approach to stripped-down, jackin’ house music.

There’s a reason Sneak’s been on top of this game for two whole decades y’know…

Out: Now (but only since Friday)

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HR & Ski – Ghetto Jazz

July 26, 2015 in Singles

HR & Ski Ghetto Jazz I'm A House GangsterA two-tracker to kick us off tonight from DJ Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster imprint. The name HR & Ski might not mean much to most people, but it’s actually the work of two very well-known and longstanding producers, Harry Romero and Joeski.

Their joint pedigree shows. On the A, Ghetto Bounce is a fairly uptempo house groover with jazz pianos… nothing unusual in that. What’s more distinctive is that HR & Ski aren’t afraid to pick up that jazz ball and run with it, the whole thing breaking down into a full-on Krupa-esque drum solo in the middle. Over on the B, meanwhile, you’ll find Rewind It Back, which is as hard-slammin’ a track as I’ve heard from IAHG – with its sampled “and rewind it back” vocal and fierce, technoid 4/4s, it comes on like DJ Rush doing G-house.

Rewind It Back‘s cool but I’m not sure the second, blues-y vocal that comes in halfway through really works so Ghetto Bounce is the one for me here… though you can imagine it confusing the hell out of some dancers when that drum solo drops.

Out: This week

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Ramon Tapia – True Definition

June 27, 2015 in Singles

Ramon Tapia True Definition EP I'm A House GangsterSlightly more uptempo house vibes on this latest from DJ Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster imprint.

True Definition itself is a rolling disco-houser that couldn’t really be much more Sneak-y if it tried, and that busts some killer live double-bass (or live-sounding, at least). Sneak himself provides a just-slightly-tuffer Sneak Defined Rub, while the rest of the EP consists of the techier, more pounding Motion and another loopy, discofied cut in the form of Barrydubb.

It’s all pretty much standard IAHG fare, admittedly, but it’ll move bodies on the floor for sure.

Out: This week

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Justin Harris – The Random Jazz

April 18, 2015 in Singles

Justin Harris The Random Jazz I'm A House GangsterIn which the Freaks man dons a zoot suit and spats and gets all 40s hepcat daddio on all our asses.

Random Jazz itself has a swing-y feel and some killer scat-not-scat vox, with trumpet fanfares and ace tinkling piano. It’s accompanied by a Dubstramental that’s really more just an Instrumental, if you see what I mean. The other original cut, Galaga, sounds like Freaks were given mescaline and meth and let loose in a toy factory, and TBH is just wee bit too out-there for these ears, but no matter cos the JH Slowed Down Dub Mix takes us into more floor-friendly jackin’ deep house territory.

It’s the title track that’s the killer, though.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster imprint, who you can find here, here and here.

Demuir – Past To Future

March 20, 2015 in Singles

Demuir Past To Future EP I'm A House GangsterA three-tracker here from the mighty Sneak’s I’m A House Gangster imprint.

Whatchuwhooooant is up first, a relentlessly driving affair predicated around a buzzy bass throb and a rap-style vocal going on about “five-dollar bitches… going through my phone, checking my text messages, get outta my face” and so on. It’ll work on the floor but to these ears Drama Untied is better, a deeper house jam featuring some very cool jazzy keyboard licks, another no-nonsense b-line and a “we are all brothers” black consciousness vocal. And there’s another very distinctive vocal on final cut The Cheerleader, which comes on like classic Sneak/Carter-style booompty-boomp but slowed down and with added lounge-y interludes, and which sports a sample that – just in case I get anyone into trouble – I’m only gonna describe as being from a well-known gangster flick and involving the shining of shoes.

Three very solid cuts made to move bodies on dancefloors… which is what Friday nights are all about, n’est-ce pas?

Out: This week

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Jesse Perez – That’s Real Muthafuckin’ Talk

February 6, 2014 in Singles

Jesse Perez That's Real Muthafuckin' Talk I'm A House GangsterSneak’s I’m A House Gangster imprint is the perfect home for this new single from Jesse Perez – a producer whose ‘born in Miami, the son of one of 2 Live Crew’s dancers’ biog I’m pretty certain is a jolly wheeze on PR guru Strakes’s part, but who can say? – which makes extensive use of an anonymous pimp spouting jive talk gibberish.

The four mixes don’t vary immensely, all essentially rocking the same struttin’, sweary, tech-edged vibe; suffice to say the Paolo Rocca & Jay London Dub goes just a lil’ deeper, Jesse’s Bump N Grind Version brings da funk while Sneak’s Real HG Mix is, of course, the go-to hard slammin’ peaktime Saturday night rub of choice.

And that’s real muthfuckin’ talk.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 17 Feb.

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Tripmastaz feat Sneak – Roll Back

January 12, 2014 in Singles

Tripmastaz ft Sneak Roll Back I'm A House GangsterThree on a tuffer house tip tonight, starting with this collaboration between Russia’s Tripmastaz and the legendary DJ Sneak.

Roll Back itself comes in vocal and instrumental rubs, and personally I’d plump for the latter, not being sure that lyrics advising you to “beat that bitch up” are something I wanna get behind even if they’re tongue-in-cheek (as I’m sure they are). Musically though Roll Back is a perfectly playable slice of Sneak-y chug… but in any case it’s bonus cut Rollin’ Mars that’s the real reason this is here. Riding a rock-solid rhythm with parping brass, a disco-style bassline and a hiphop “wanna pop shit? I pop clips” vocal, it’s almost the definition of a peaktime slammer.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Sneak’s own I’m A House Gangster imprint, who can be found here, here and here.

DJ Sneak – 1 For Da Clowns

December 17, 2013 in Singles

DJ Sneak 1 For Da Clowns I'm A House GangsterAnd speaking of proper heads… having met and interviewed the guy on several occasions, I can testify you’ll meet few people in your life who are more truly passionate about house music than Carlos Sosa, AKA DJ Sneak.

Here, atop an archetypally Sneak-y rolling rhythm, he vents his frustrations about the current ‘EDM’ scene with a spoken diatribe – “now they just come for the circus… they don’t even hear the music at the circus, they come to see the clowns” – that’s at once a) bang on the money and b) hilarious, especially when the fairground breakdown kicks in. Flip it for the instrumental, which sports a boom-tish beatboxing section that I’m assuming is also meant to be tongue-in-cheek, and for Baile Del Payaso Infeliz, a Latin-tinged workout whose title translates as Dance Of The Sad Clown or thereabouts.

But it’s the A-side all the way for me… the truth must be told!

Out: This week

About: This comes on the Sneaky one’s I’m A House Gangster label… usual links here, here and here.