Ilias Katelanos & G Dellis – Being Apart [Remixes]

April 24, 2016 in Singles

Ilias Katelanos & G Dellis Being Apart Limitation MusicHeading into seriously deep waters now with this latest offering from Romania’s ever-checkable Limitation Music, which features rerubs of a track first featured on Katelanos’s That Jazz Thing EP.

Four mixes of Being Apart to choose from, and every one a cracker. The Original marries a phat but understated bassline to delicate, high-end percussion, then tops both with jazzy piano, space-y synth washes and the merest hint of fem vox, the end result being a melodic, meandering late-night jam that’d work on the dancefloor or the headphones alike. Label stalwart Addex’s remix is dubbier and more laidback, Christopher Kardek’s has a blissier, more Balearic feel while Savvas tuffens up the drums just half a notch while simultaneously dropping the tempo slightly.

But truth be told, the differences are pretty minor – Being Apart is a top-drawer deep house cut whichever way you spin it.

Out: This week (on general release)

About: Find Limitation Music herehere and here.

Kiano & Below Bangkok – Deep Thoughts [Remixed]

November 1, 2015 in Albums

Kiano & Below Bangkok Deep Thoughts Remixed Ready Mix RecordsTracks from the Croatian duo’s 2014 artist album get remixed by a host of respected deep house producers here, with predictably fine results!

It should be pointed out that this isn’t a ‘remix album’ as such, in the sense that they haven’t taken all of the original album’s 16 tracks, and had each one remixed. Rather, these are the other mixes you’d have gotten hold of had you purchased all four singles from the album – namely Love & Happiness (with remixes from Tom Lown and Pano Manara), Rolling (Bourne, Nico Mendez, Cosmic Cowboys), 49 Steps (Tamandua Twist, Savvas) and In The Heat Of The Night (Ilias Katelanos, Distant Relatives JHB). But just look at that line-up. If you’re a lover of proper underground deep house you’ll be salivating already… I can only add that you’re quite right to do so so!

An unmissable selection of sumptuous deep grooves, with cuts for the floor, cuts for the headphones and not a duff mix in sight.

Out: This week (on general release)

About: This is brought to you by those Canadian stalwarts Ready Mix Records – find ’em on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Savvas – Between Time

September 5, 2015 in Singles

Savvas Between Time Deep Site RecordingsA four-track EP here from Deep Site Recordings with mixes that’d work in deep and progressive sets alike.

The original version of Between Time has a dreamy, almost Balearic feel but is lent some extra dancefloor oomph thanks to its rave-y bassline. Loz Goddard adds crowd noise and warping, wobbly strings on his slightly more upbeat (in mood if not necessarily in tempo) remix, while Ilias Katelanos’s take is more of a straight-up, less prog-leaning deep house jam. Completing the EP, you then get a trippy, dubbed-out rub from Forteba, complete with added “deep down inside, you need love” soulful male vocals.

Katelanos takes the gold for me, with Forteba not far behind.

Out: This week

About: Find Deep Site Recordings here, here and here.

Ilias Katelanos – That Jazz Thing

August 2, 2015 in Singles

Ilias Katelanos That Jazz Thing Limitation MusicThe clue’s definitely in the name with this latest from Romania’s Limitation Music.

Three mixes of That Jazz Thing to choose from. The original tops gently rollin’ house beats with live double bass, mournful sax, a hint of wukka-wukking geetar and, eventually, some young hepcat spoken vocals. Ocean Gaya’s remix is a bigger, sweeping, prog-tinged pass, while Soul Minority beef up the kicks for peaktime play and add some space disco/jazz-funk keys.

The latter rub takes the gold for me but the Original’s pretty darned splendid too.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 2 August

About: Limitation Music can be found, who are still just 15 releases old, can be found herehere and here.

Kiano & Below Bangkok – In The Heat Of The Night

December 9, 2014 in Singles

Kiano & Below Bangkok In The Heat Of The Night Ready Mix RecordsSome very deep house grooves to start us off tonight, coming from Ready Mix Records.

Four mixes of In The Heat Of The Night to choose from. The original’s a laidback, late-night and sultry affair with a soulful male vocal. The Instrumental’s self-explanatory, obviously, while Ilias Katelanos strips things back and adds some spoken male vocal samples. But the pick of an admittedly fine crop all round, to these ears, is the sparse, dubby and atmospheric Distant Relatives JHB Remix.

Ready Mix seldom disappoint, and they certainly don’t here.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 22 Dec.

About: Find Ready Mix Records on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Evren Ulusoy – Saints And Sinners

November 26, 2012 in Singles

Evren Ulusoy Saints And Sinners Flat Groove Records

From the dancefloor-oriented bump of the Inland Knights, we move onto some (even) deeper grooves from prolific Turkish producer Evren Ulusoy.

There are four mixes of Saints And Sinners to choose from. The harder kicks and layered FX of the Original make very late floors its natural home. Ilias Katelanos serves up a rub that’s warm, drifty and musical and perhaps more one for post-club play, while the Prosis Remix is a tad more funkified, with a lil’ garage-y swing in its veins. But the standout of what’s a very fine pack generally for me is the Jerri Kay Remix: it’s sparse, dubby and bassy and really lets the “I like it” female vocal hook shine through.

Quality head-noddin’ bizniss for those that know!

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of Greek label Flat Groove Records… it is in fact their first ever release, so hit ’em up on Facebook and show some of the L-word!