Northeye & Frankin – Back Home

December 5, 2013 in Singles

Northeye & Frankin Back Home i! RecordsSome more traditional-style vocal house/garage grooves now courtesy of the mighty i! Records.

There are three mixes of Back Home on offer. The deep, sparse and throbbing original could have beamed straight in from mid-90s NYC… which of course is a good thing in my book. D.Kowalski’s remix with its heavy bassline and UKG-ish chipmunk’d vox is a tad more current-sounding, while City Soul Project supply a rub that keeps the classic elements of the original intact, but adds a little more texture by way of shuffling percussion and mucho use of the filters.

Liking all three mixes, to be fair, but it’s the Original that stands out.

Out: This week

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City Soul Project – Mystical Journey

July 11, 2013 in Singles

City Soul Project Mystical Journey i! RecordsNo need to step away from that underground dancefloor just yet, let’s keep you there a minute with a track that comes in various shades of deep.

The original mix of Mystical Journey is straight-up dancefloor deep house laced with warm, buzzy bass and topped with shimmering chime-like synth sounds and the spoken sample that gives the track its title. Patrick Podage and Nikola Kotevski team up for a remix that leans towards proggier pastures, while Nick Devon comes with a pumped-up, peaktime rub with a different, more contemporary deep/tech-style bassline and additional vocal samples including a looping instruction to “check this out”.

Between the three you should definitely find something to play here…

Out: This week

About: This comes on the mighty i! Records.

City Soul Project – Sunday

March 29, 2013 in Singles

City Soul Project Sunday i! RecordsSomething of a British invasion thing going on here, as Scott ‘Savoir Faire’ Harrington and Ryan Briggs’s City Soul Project come to legendary New Jersey label i! Records, bringing some other big names from the UK’s deep house scene with them.

The original version of Sunday is a musical, midtempo affair, with fat live-sounding bass, muted strings, jazzy geetar runs and subdued crowd noise… perfect for Sunday mornings, in fact! Al Bradley & Howard Sessions beef up the kicks on their remix and go for a slightly more stripped-down feel that retains the luxuriance of the original but really lets those cello stabs shine through, while Martijn’s rub is a sparser, dubbier pass for very late floors.

With such a stellar line-up this was never gonna fail really… proper jazzy, soulful deep bizniss.

Out: This week

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Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass feat Brittney Manson – True Story

October 6, 2012 in Singles

Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass True Story i! Records

Something Different might be one year old, but is label co-owner Jesus Pablo sitting back on his laurels and tucking into the jelly and ice cream? No, he’s teaming up with Adam Brass and singer Brittney Manson – the latter of whom I’ll confess to not having come across before – for this midtempo, soul-flecked deep house jam on the mighty I! Records.

A steady rolling groove topped with tinkling ivories and Ms Manson’s poetic half-sung, half-spoken vocal, the Original of True Story nods to the label’s heritage in more traditional deep/soulful house while still sounding 100% contemporary. Mix-wise, it comes accompanied with a slightly beefier Dub and, best of all to these ears, an even more dubbed-out and somewhat techier Junior Gee Remix.

Quality assured throughout.

Out: This week

About: You can find i! Records on Facebook or at their own website.

Jesus Pablo & Robot Needs Oil ft Novac – No Regrets

August 12, 2012 in Singles

Liverpool’s Jesus Pablo teams up with Manchester-based Polish producer Greg Kobe, AKA Robot Needs Oil, for this single on veteran US label i! Records.

In its Original form, No Regrets sports a male vocal that sits somewhere between ‘indie-ish’ and old-time crooners like Charles Aznavour or Maurice Chevalier. Musically, it’s a floaty, laidback kind of piece not a million miles from the kind of ethereal soundscapes conjured by (eg) Trentemøller.

The Left Minded Remix is a tad housier while Cesar Coronado’s rub fuses influences from progressive house and nu/cosmic disco, but it’s the Bubba Remix that’s doing it best for me – an unhurried chugger for the afterhours joints, with plenty of fat squelching bass and considerably less of the vocal.

Something of a departure from JP, this, but at least you can’t accuse him of getting stuck in a rut…

Out: This week

About: You can find i! Records at their website or on Facebook.

Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass – Jet Lag

June 16, 2012 in Singles

Jesus Pablo Adam Brass Jet Lag

Good to see Jesus Pablo getting some more widespread recognition, with this latest release (this time in cahoots with one Adam Brass) coming via the mighty i! Records.

In its Original form, Jet Lag is a fairly sedate deep houser, with a lounge-y kinda sound set but a glitchier feel, particularly to the top-end percussion, than my saying that might lead you to expect. House Riders tone down the glitchy elements, bring the male spoken vocal snips to the fore and add some lovely mournful, jazzy sax, the Kirby Remix is a slightly dubbier and hence slightly more floor-friendly pass, while finally the Patrick Podage mix takes us deeper in late-night territories again.

What’s perhaps missing here is a mix that really flips the script, but these are very solid grooves as ever from the Liverpudlian boy-done-good all the same, with the Kirby and House Riders rubs vying for the top honours for me.

Out: This week

About: You can find i! Records at their website and on Facebook.

Edmund ft Sacha D’Flame – Move Your Body

June 10, 2012 in Singles

Edmund Move Your Body

No fewer than NINE mixes grace this first single to be taken from my boy Edmund’s long-awaited debut artist album, When It Flows.

I still owe you a review of the album, which came out last week – damn tricky to keep up with, those long-players – but it’s a killer, trust! As for this lead single, well… I’m not going into all nine mixes cos we’d be here all night*, but with rubs from Kiko Navarro, Matthias Vogt, Alvaro Hylander, DJ Rasoul and more, it’s hard to imagine any DJ who reads TIWWD not finding something to play, with “floor-friendly deep house leaning towards the soulful side” being a rough overview of the EP’s contents.

Kiko’s and Alvaro’s mixes in particular, I’d suggest, are particularly worthy of your attention.

Out: This week

About: This comes on the mighty i! Records, who you can find here and here (website/Facebook)

*Actually that’s a silly thing to say. I will be here all night. I live here. But you know what I mean.

Edmund ft Pablo Fierro – When It Flows

April 16, 2012 in Singles

We’re a tiny bit late on this one… it actually came out about a week ago but I only got it yesterday, and it’s been ages since we had anything through from my boy Diego, AKA Edmund, so it’s going in!

If you like your deep house on the soulful side, then the slow-groovin’ original of When It Flows won’t disappoint, what with its insistent throbbing b-line, wood block percussion and atmospherics a-gogo. If you want it a little more floor-oriented, though, then head for the remix from fellow Spaniard Soul Minority , which couldn’t be much more different as he adds a jackin’ Chicago backbeat, squelchy acid b-line and a familiar “runnin’” vocal sample.

Despite there being just the two mixes, then, this is a package that will suit a range of DJs and times/moods. Top stuff… but then coming from Edmund, and on i! Records, what else did you expect?

Out: Now

About: i! Records can be found online here and on Facebook.

EXCLUSIVE! Jesus Pablo – The Story So Far EP

March 22, 2012 in Uncategorized

Right then, breaking the rules here cos this isn’t out till next week… but as Mr Pablo was kind enough to let me be one of only two people getting sent it (i! Records don’t really DO promo), it seemed somewhat daft to sit on it!

TIWWD has been a fan of this young Liverpudlian producer’s style of house music for some time now. His is an approach that’s respectful to the past, yet sounds as contemporary as anything else around, and that’s no easy trick to pull off. Accordingly, it’ll come as no surprise when I tell you… I’m loving this.
There are three tracks in a total of five mixes. The Story So Far itself is led by sparkling pianos counterpointed by Detroitian string stabs, and is gorgeously musical even if it never really kicks off, making it best suited for afterhours or sunny afternoon sessions. For club thrills, best head to the Robot Oil Remix, which adds solid, driving 4/4s and some subdued scat vox and Spanish guitars.
Behind The Line is more yer straight-up deep house dancefloor cut – not that there’s anything wrong with that! It’s warm, funky and a wee bit left coast-ish in its Original form, and also comes accompanied by a Howard Sessions remix that’s a tad techier and dubbier. Endless Dream then brings the EP to a close on a suitably, er, dreamy note… one for those comedown sessions for sure.
A strong EP all round, as befits its appearance on such a well-loved classic US label. The boy from Merseyside done good.
Out: Next week
About: If you need me to tell you who i! Records are, then frankly I despair… anyway, here’s their website and Facebook page

Da Funk – Words To Say EP

November 23, 2011 in Singles

Da Funk, AKA Daniel Kneubühler, takes time out from running Acryl Music to deliver a three-tracker for the legendary i! Records.

Words To Say itself is a drifty cut for late dancefloors or afterhours listening, sitting right on the deep/prog border and featuring pads that go on forever. Humpin’ The Boonies is a more rousing, floor-oriented affair, while What’s Up takes a more cinematic approach, like a late-night ride through a dystopian future citycape.

All three are well worth checking. Keep ’em coming Daniel!
Out: This week
About: i! Records’ main online home these days seems to be their Facebook page. For more info on Da Funk and Acryl, meanwhile, visit their website, Facebook or Soundcloud pages