Various – Tom Tam Club Vol 3

September 14, 2015 in Albums

Tom Tam Club Vol 3 Holic TraxPlaying catch-up on a Monday evening yet again, with a couple of compilations from last week still to tell you about. We’ll start with this one, in which Holic Trax label boss Tomoki Tamura gathers together a third selection of upfront nuggets for your listening/spinning/dancing pleasure.

Eight tracks from as many artists, and it’s a pretty wide-ranging collection. We start with Rough Principles’s Pool Back, a melodic instrumental that nods to classic Chicago-style deepness. Habitual Nastiness from Mr Statik is a strange one, an off-kilter affair with what appear to be Theremin sounds and one of the oddest bits of sampled film dialogue* that you’ll hear this year. Point from Marco Faraone and Copenhagen from Ashworth take us into tech/minimal territory, Brunbjrn gives us wonky garage reminiscent of early Madhouse on M’About Ta, and Dubinsky’s Viol Groove is a chugging Balearic house thang. The EP then plays out on a deeper note with the dubby minimalism of Dudley Strangeways’ Brown Leaves and the languid, jazzy trip-hop/bruk beat of Baslow’s Closer.

Given the variety on offer you might not dig every single track equally here, but as a collection of forward-thinking underground music from across a wide genre spectrum, this is hard to fault.

Out: Now

About: You can find Holic Trax on Soundcloud, Facebook and Bandcamp.

* From 2012 Denzel Washington movie Flight, Google informs me.

Doublet – Synthonic EP

August 10, 2013 in Singles

Doublet Synthonic EP Holic TraxNumber six from London label Holic Trax (est. 2012) sees label boss Tomoki Tamura teaming up with Tuccillo, a name that’ll be very familiar to TIWWD readers by now, as Doublet.

Three tracks in a total of four mixes here. Synthonic marries no-nonsense Chicago-esque percussion with an ominous looping bass riff and the merest suggestion of a Stingily-esque falsetto vocal, Discovered Night is a deeper house cut with some gorgeous pads sitting atop crisp kicks and some nice throbby, pulse-y bass, all topped with another barely-there vocal (but female this time, and not as constant a presence as the vocal on Synthonic), while Cosmic Sign operates in similar territory but in slightly trippier, more wibbly fashion… one for the very late hours, this.

Those buying this digitally also get a ‘reprise’-like Pad Export mix of Cosmic Sign – which really is just the pads, basically – while those buying the vinyl get the satisfaction of owning one of 500 limited edition coloured slates. You pays your money, etc…

Out: This week

About: You can find Holic Trax on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Doublet – Tee’s 5 EP

March 5, 2013 in Singles

Doublet Tee's 5 EP Holic TraxAfter all that darkness earlier, let’s lighten the mood a little with this fourth release from London’s Holic Trax label, a four-track affair that sees label boss Tomoki Tamura team up with Tuccilo under the Doublet moniker.

It’s quite a varied EP, too. The title cut, Tee’s 5, is a contemporary-sounding deep/tech cut with a ruff n’ rasping main synth hook that reminds me in an odd way of the Inspector Gadget sample used by Doug E Fresh in The Show – there’s also a T2’s DJ Tool mix if you wanna drop that hook into your sets on its own. Tamago, on the other hand, is a much more traditional-sounding deep houser with a garage-y organ line to die for, and naturally enough my pick of the bunch, while Joint Soft sees the pair back in a more contemporary vein but throws in an old-skool rave-y breakbeat for good measure.

Taken as a whole, the EP sounds like what it is – the fruit of two producers messing about in a studio together (Tuccilo’s Ibiza studio this winter, to be precise) and throwing all sorts of random ideas into the pot as they do so. In this instance, though, what’s come out is not a confused mess, but rather an EP that’s well worth checking.

Out: This week

About: You can find Holic Trax on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Mr G – Danceholics EP

April 25, 2012 in Singles

Now here’s a producer who needs no introduction from me. Colin McBean, AKA Mr G, has been a stalwart of the UK tech-house scene since it began (he says, introducing him) and his productions seldom disappoint. This one doesn’t, either.

We’re in familiar territory, right enough – there are no big surprises from the former Advent man here. But if it ain’t broke, as they say!  Danceholics itself is dramatic big-room tech with spoken “Haven’t I seen you someplace before?” vocal samples. Don’t Ever Give Up marries firing, Latin-inspired percussion with a big fat b-line and an almost garage-like sumptuous, rich sound, and comes with an accompanying Dub, while finally Guidance [T2 Edit] is a more stripped-down and strobe-lit jacker, sporting insistent fierce female vocal snips and a throbbing bassline that just doesn’t stop.

Like I said, Mr G’s been doing this stuff since time… and he still does it better than most, nuff said!

Out: This week

About: This comes on 10-inch vinyl (and digital download) and is the debut release on brand new label Holic Trax, an offshoot of London-based Japanese producer Tomoki Tamura’s parties of the same name. More info at their website and Soundcloud page.