Max Chapman – You Just Won’t EP

April 23, 2016 in Singles

Max Chapman You Just Wont Lost RecordsSome fine chunky, funky tech-house grooves here, from a man who’s more than a little adept at such.

You Just Won’t itself fuses vintage Chi-town beats with a surging, filtered b-line that’s bang up-to-date, topping both with a male voice saying “you just won’t get it” over and over. Luca Cazal then goes into full-on nostalgia mode on his remix, applying the vocal far more sparingly while swapping out the b-line for a 303-ish one to match the drums. Both are cool, but Move Back is even better, whether you opt for the sleazy throb of the Original with its hip-house vocal or the harder-slammin’ Electric Youth Remix.

Yet to hear anything sub-par from Chapman, and this is another surefire floorburner from the lad.

Out: This week

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Robosonic ft KRS-One – Free Flow

September 13, 2015 in Singles

Robosonic feat KRS-One Free Flow Simma BlackSimma Black come up with the bass/garage goods yet again on this latest three-tracker featuring the mighty KRS-One.

The Rap Versions finds a surprisingly party-oriented rap from the BDP main man doing battle with chunky (tech) house beats and the famous 900 Number horn loop. If you’re not much of a rap person then the Club Dub uses just a looping snippet of the vocal, but the standout mix for yours truly is the Low Steppa Remix. Here, it’s business as usual until around the 1:30 mark… then in comes a big dark speed garage bassline that could probably cause structural damage, and it’s game over.

Great stuff as ever from the Simma camp.

Out: This week

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Carlo Caldareri – Fresh EP

June 9, 2015 in Singles

Carlo Caldareri Fresh EP Form & FunctionFloor-rockin’ house vibes on this three-tracker from Form & Function.

My Drink is up first, which tops pushing, 90s-sounding drums and a fat n’ funky b-line with looping “buy me a drink” rap vox. Keep It Fresh also has hip-housey shouts, in this case sitting above a rude SG-ish bassline and no-nonsense rollin’ beats, while finally Get Satisfaction, the paciest cut of the three, is the latest of several tracks lately to take a vocal bite from Tone-Loc’s Funky Cold Medina.

All three will do the do for sure but Keep It Fresh nudges it for me.

Out: This week

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Rosenhaft – Weekendless

April 4, 2015 in Singles

Rosenhaft Weekendless Frole RecordsSome killer deep house grooves with a hip-house twist on this latest offering from Italian label Frole Records.

In its Original form, Weekendless is a midtempo deep house groover that lifts a hefty chunk of the vocal from Tzant’s 1998 big beat party anthem Sounds Of The Wickedness, and sports some weirdy-warpy synth drones and a nice chunky bassline. Desos’s remix heads even deeper and has a dubby, tribal, ‘lost in the jungle’ kinda feel, while Ciro De Gais and Maybe Twins pump it up for the younger floors, adding M1 organs and some serious rudebwoy bass respectively. Rounding out the EP is Southern Riots, a more trad-style deep houser with garage-y leanings that makes use of the classic Frankie Bones (as Break Boys) “my house is your house” vocal.

Not picking a fave here – each and every track deserves to be heard!

Out: This week

About: You can find Frole Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

in.deed – Groove On EP

March 22, 2015 in Singles

in.deed Groove On EP Kittball RecordsA nice simple two-tracker here from German duo in.deed, coming on Kittball Records.

On the A, Groove On itself is an energy-filled, attitude-drippin’ G-houser with a classic rap-style vocal, lashings of phat bass and nods to vintage Chi-town in the drums. Flip it over for Return Of The Jaded collab Oldschool Lovin’, a peaktime affair with big room drama in spades and a treated “gimme that old school lovin’ in that special way” male vocal.

The latter will likely get the most plays in the current musical climate, but it’s the sleazier vibes of Groove On that win out for yours truly.

Out: This week

About: You can find Kittball Records on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.

Jean Bacarreza – And Friends

March 2, 2015 in Albums

Jean Bacarreza And Friends Sleazy GAaand finally for tonight, congratulations to Sleazy G for reaching what’s a significant milestone in the life of any young label – the release of their first full-length artist album. Brazil’s Jean Bacarreza is the man who’s been selected to do the honours, though as the title suggests he’s drafted in a few friends to help him.

Now then… there are labels that pride themselves on their eclectic music policy and there are other labels, like Sleazy G, that cater specifically and explictly for a particular sound – in Sleazy G’s case, ‘G-house’ or as I like to call it, big strutty tech-house with hip-house vocals. With that in mind, if you figured And Friends might turn out a bit same-y, that’d be understandable… the good news though is that, while there are no sudden awkward detours into unfamiliar territory, there’s enough variety on offer to ensure that this album never gets boring, perhaps thanks partly to the number of collabs on show (with Heavy Pins, Ana A, Nytron, Saccao and Milk Effect, in various combinations).

Opener Beware sports some killer space disco stabs, Superstylin’ has a very Noo Yawk indie-dance/punk-funk feel, Mama’s Dance is a 3am big speaker destroyer that back in the mid-00s would have been labelled ‘dirty house’, Over You is a cheeky nu-disco squelcher with filtered R&B vox and proper-80s-electro synths… and that’s just the first four tracks. Suffice to say the quality and variety are maintained over the remaining five, with the big n’ bumpin’ G-House Hit (which isn’t a million miles from vintage Transport/Salted tackle) a personal stand-out.

Check your preconceptions and check this.

Out: This week

About: You can find Sleazy G and parent label Sleazy Deep on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Di Chiara Brothers – Our Mind EP

December 29, 2014 in Singles

Di Chiara Brothers Our Mind EP Red Lunar RecordsThe very first release from another brand new UK label here… say hello, everyone, to Red Lunar Records!

Italian duo Di Chiara Brothers are at the controls for RLR001. Our Mind itself marries fierce, pounding Chi-town kicks to synths and sampled diva vox that are highly reminiscent of old skool Italo house, and tops the lot with a disembodied male voice asking if you remember house music and how it made you feel (and no, it’s not the Blaze vocal you’re thinking of). Groove Syndicate supply a remix that smoothes off some of the rough edges, while rounding out the EP is Crazy Moment, a strutty, percussive cut topped with hip-house vox and filter disco-style stabs.

A fine way to start a label… more, please!

Out: Last week

About: You can find Red Lunar Records on Soundcloud and Facebook. Show some love people!

Sammy W & Alex E & Less Is More – Swing Those Hips EP

July 20, 2014 in Singles

Sammy W Alex E Less Is More Swing Those Hips EP Sleazy GAnd speaking of big, strutty grooves, what we have here are four tracks of typically, er, big n’ strutty G-house bizniss from Sleazy G.

Swing Those Hips tops its Chi-town bass squelch with soulful snips and just a single verse of the obligatory rap vocal. Weed is an ass-shakin’, shape-throwin’ affair with, again, just one rap verse – an homage to da ‘erb that renders the whole thing vaguely reminiscent of Bucketheads’ classic El Trago. Blow has stuttery drums and a 303 bassline that again recall vintage Chicago house, topped this time with a more in-your-face, crunk-ish rap, while finally Flo Shake! is a more archetypally ‘G-house’ cut but distinguishes itself with keyboard sounds that nod towards 80s electro.

It’s the first two tracks that stand out for me.

Out: This week

About: Find Sleazy G on Facebook.

Various – Platform 18

March 14, 2014 in Singles

Platform Vol 18 1605 Music TherapyGenerally like to end on an upbeat, dancefloor note on a Friday night so I’ll leave you with this latest in 1605 Music Therapy’s long-running V/A series.

The artists in question this time out are Duca, Egoism, Luke Kosmas, Optimuss and Pagano. Since this is number 18 in the series you should have a pretty good idea of the kind of driving tech-house and funk-fuelled techno to expect overall by now, so I’ll just say that those of a house persuasion should head for Duca’s New Rulez with its chopped hip-house vox, heavyweight Sandy B/Camisra-ish b-line and old skool ‘hey DJ!’ shouts, and for Pagano’s Everybody Hip Housin’, a high-octane, strutting affair with (unsurprisingly) another hip-house vocal. The latter cut wouldn’t have sounded remotely out of place in a hardbag set in a northern gay club circa 1995… and you can trust me on that one!

Out: This week

About: These are not the Soundcloud, Facebook and website links you are looking for. Oh no, wait, they are.

Marlon Hoffstadt – The Goodie Goodies

January 26, 2014 in Singles

Marlon Hoffstadt The Goodie Goodies WellDone! MusicLast one for tonight, and you’ll want to pay attention cos it’s a bit complicated! The Goodie Goodies is a new series from Berlin-based WellDone! Music, whereby for each release, one crew member will do three collabs with three of their fellow, er, WellDoners. Got that? Good. And kicking off the series is label boss Marlon Hoffstadt himself.

With the three tracks being the fruit of three different collaborations, it’s not surprising they’re all quite different. Go Now by HRRSN & Marlon Hoffstadt is way too commercial-sounding for these ears, with one of those “earnest 80s synth-pop”-type vocals. No matter though cos you also get Watchin’ You by Nicolai Toma & Marlon Hoffstadt, an intriguing slice of electronic music with a chipmunk’y female vocal that sits somewhere between minimal, future garage and electropop… but in a good way. And best of all, you get Keep A Dalla by ALAEV & Marlon Hoffstadt, a strutty, hip-house-y cut that’d sit nicely alongside all dat ‘G-house’ shizzle that Sleazy Deep/Sleazy G have been pushing of late.*

Misgivings about the first track aside, the other two are good enough that here, two out of three ain’t bad at all.

Out: This week

About: Evolving out of a Berlin party of the same name, WellDone! Music seem to mostly live on Facebook.

*I should point out at this stage that I don’t know hip-hop from the hole in my arse, generally speaking, so if it turns out the vocal is a line from the most famous Kanye West song in the world or something, you’ll just have to shoot/forgive me as you see fit.