BiG AL – Profoundness

April 25, 2016 in Singles

BiG AL Profoundness Haute MusiqueSadly I seem to have run out of Sunday, so while there are still a few bits n’ bobs from this week I’d like to tell you about tomorrow, for now we’ll play out with this typically classy deep houser from our old friend Adel Ghandour AKA BiG AL, coming on his own Haute Musique imprint.

Three rubs of Profoundness to choose from. In its Original form its a chuggy, dub-tinged affair with cut-up vox, strings sweeps and a pleasingly unhurried feel overall. The Bucher Remix rocks tuffer kicks and has something of a druggier, 4am, tribal kinda vibe without getting stoopid about it, while Jero Nougues reaches into the disco goody bag and pulls out clappy beats which he then applies to a remix that takes us on a more epic, blissed-out journey.

All three are good but the Original takes the gold for me.

Out: This week (on general release)

About: You can find Haute Musique on Soundcloud and Facebook.

BiG AL – East // West EP

October 31, 2015 in Singles

BiG AL East // West EP Haute MusiqueMore very deep house vibes here, albeit these ones – coming from BiG AL on his own Haute Musique – will be just as at home on the dancefloor as on the sofa.

East Coast Drive is up first, an unhurried number comprising solid kicks, disco handclaps and synth whooshes, an irresistibly jaunty-assed bassline, otherworldly Theremin-like sounds and a treated “let’s make it count” (?) vocal. Flip it for West Coast Drive, which opens with the kind of atmospheric synth-sweep intro that graced a thousand 90s jungle tear-outs, but then instead of fierce Amens introduces more of those no-nonsense 4/4s, another phat n’ squelchy b-line and some gorgeous female vocal snips, including a jazzy, scatty section in the beatless mid-section breakdown.

PROPER deep house bizniss, nuff said!

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 9 Nov.

About: You can find Haute Musique on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Soul Academy – Your Love Keeps

September 4, 2015 in Singles

Soul Academy Your Love Keeps Haute MusiqueDeep house from, unsurprisingly, the soulful side on this latest from Canada’s Haute Musique.

Four mixes of Your Love Keeps to choose from. The original’s an unhurried affair, with synth sounds that hark back to the earliest Chicago deep house à la Mr Fingers, sax parps and a soulful male “your love keeps” vocal. Yigit Atilla’s remix doesn’t flip the script massively but does tuffen up the drums and adds some now-sounding bass throb, Tony S funks things up with some hefty slap bass, and then finally Moe Turk & Joe Mitri take us into more blissed-out, ‘Beefa-friendly territory while also pitching down the vocal slightly.

All good, but Tony and Yigit share top honours for me.

Out: This week (on general release)

About: Find Haute Musique on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Anthony Mea – Landscape

July 3, 2015 in Singles

Anthony Mea Landscape EP Haute Musique

Let’s end tonight with the latest from Anthony Mea, fresh from his D&B excursions on Spring Tube Liquid and back in the deep house groove on BiG AL’s Haute Musique imprint.

In its original form, Landcsapeis a sumptuous, soul-tinged late-nighter with pads that just don’t stop and a looping female “glad it’s taught ya” (?) vocal. Evgeny’s Midnight Dub shouldn’t really need too much explaining, but just in case is a sparser, mellower pass bordering on downtempo territory, while finally Pano Manara’s Tribute Mix is another deeper rub but featuring the vocal this time.

Very classy stuff indeed, but then for Haute Musique that’s pretty much par for the course. Ditto Mr Mea, come to that!

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 13 July

About: Find Haute Musique here and here.

Adam Byrd – After Sunset EP

June 19, 2015 in Singles

Adam Byrd After Sunset EP Haute MusiqueSome superlative deep, jazzified house grooves on this latest from Haute Musique.

There are three mixes of After Sunset itself to choose from. The original’s a laidback affair perfectly suited to Ibiza sundown sessions, with gently shuffling beats, soaring saxomophone and plainitive electric geetar. BiG AL’s Deep Re-Think is more obviously aimed at deep house dancefloors and has dubby overtones, while the Christos Fourkis Somewhere Else Remix takes us further into all-out smooth jazz territory. You also get two mixes of Sweetest Sin: the warm, lazy and trumpet-soaked original and a struttier, bassed-up refix from Tony S.

The jazz-phobic will definitely want to look elsewhere but for the rest of this is sterling stuff, with Al and Tony unsurprisingly leading the charge.

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 29 June

About: Find Haute Musique here and here.

Soul Academy – Give It

May 31, 2015 in Singles

Soul Academy Give It Haute MusiqueLast one for tonight, and we end with some very smooth deep grooves courtesy of BiG AL’s Haute Musique imprint.

In its Original form, Give It can safely be filed under “deep and soulful” with its crisp beats, wukka-wukking funk geetar, parping sax and soulful, echoing “give it” male vocal that does battle with a second, spoken vocal (“making a record’s kinda like building a house… what it needs is a solid base… and if it’s gonna stand the test of time, you gotta dig real deep”). The ‘bass’ pun doesn’t really work written down but you can see what they did there I’m sure!

Remix-wise, Jero Nougues takes us into blissed-out, ‘Ibiza sundown/sun-up’ kinda territory, while Deephope get down n’ funky, but the cream of a fine crop to these ears is BiG AL’s own Rub-A-Dub mix, a deep-as-you-like gem that, funnily enough, has an almost UKG-ish feel in the beats department.

Out: This week

About: Find Haute Musique here, here and here.

Jero Nougues – Blacklight

January 31, 2015 in Singles

Jero Nougues Blacklight Haute MusiqueFour mixes to choose from of this latest offering from Argentinian wunderkind Jero Nougues.

In its original form, Blacklight tops lively, rolling drums with barely-there female vocal snips, insistent shakers, trumpet and sax parps, a spoken/whispered male lead vocal (“I here the rhythm/I feel the bass/I touch the blacklight/I see your face”) and what sounds like some kind of woodblock percussion instrument (xylophone? marimba?). The overall effect is one-part lounge, one-part Latin, one-part tribal… and 100% “5am at Shelter”. Deephope’s remix is essentially very similar but eschews the tribal percussion in favour of simple warm 4/4s, the Phasen Remix has a lil’ more disco swing in its veins, while Yigit Atilla heads seriously deep on his stripped-back, late-night refix.

Just that remix line-up should have the deep heads salivating already anyway, so suffice to say this won’t disappoint, with Deephope and Yigit sharing top honours for me.

Out: This week

About: This comes to you courtesy of the ever-checkable Haute Musique, who you can find here and here.

Greenfish – Lovestruck

November 28, 2014 in Singles

Greenfish Lovestruck Haute MusiqueMore sultry, sumptuous deep house grooves here courtesy of Canada’s Haute Musique.

In its original form, Lovestruck is classic-style deep house with a distinctly Heard-esque sound palette, albeit with thoroughly contemporary-sounding, twitchy percussion. Evegeny’s Cinematic Mix doesn’t do much that different but somehow feels ‘bigger’, while Jero Nougues beefs up the kicks somewhat for a more obviously floor-friendly pass.

Not picking a fave here, all three mixes are great!

Out: This week on Beatport, everywhere else from 8 December.

About: Find Haute Musique here.

Deephope – Digital Jazz EP

August 3, 2014 in Singles

Deephope Digital Jazz EP Haute MuziqueLast one for today, and we’re ending on a definite high note with a killer slab of deep goodness from Big AL’s boutique label Haute Musique.

Digital Jazz itself is up first, an unsurprisingly jazzual, uber-deep affair that wouldn’t have sounded at all out of place on Boulevard. Portofino Sunrise then supply a remix that takes the track into Balearic/beach house territory… I’m preferring the original personally but you can see PS’s rub getting plenty of love in Ibiza sundown sessions. Home is up next, a slow-building, atmospheric, late-night deep houser coming complete with a trippier, spaced-out refix from Rishi K. And then finally there’s Naked, a twitchier, dubbed-out cut that’s tailormade for afterhours floors and comes accompanied by a self-explanatory Bonus Beats mix.

‘Quality, not quantity’ is HM’s ethos – they’ve released just 13 records in over two years. And it certainly shows here!

Out: This week (on general release, it’s been on Beatport for a couple of weeks)

About: Find Haute Musique here and here.

Spennu – Deep It Right EP

March 15, 2014 in Singles

Spennu Deep It Right EP Haute MusiqueAnother one that’s been on Beatport for a couple of weeks but is only just getting a full release is this two-track, five-mix EP from Spennu, AKA Sezer Uysal.

The title track in its Original form is a classic-style deep house dancefloor groover, with quite busy drums, a fat n’ funky b-line, jaunty piano chords and a sampled, spoken inspirational vocal. Greenfish’s remix is sparser and more stripped-down, while the Kirby remix (my pick of a fine bunch) looks to vintage New Jersey for inspiration. I Could Not, meanwhile, is a more contemporary-style, bassy deep houser which is then given a rather lovely late-night makeover by Portofino Sunrise.

With mixes to suit deep house DJs of a range of micro-persuasions, this is one you’d be a fool not to check. Do you hear me? A fool.

Out: This week (see above)

About: This comes to you courtesy of a label I don’t think have featured on TIWWD for a while, Big Al Ghandour’s Haute Musique. Find ’em on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.