Various – RetrOzone Vol 1

June 5, 2016 in Singles

Various Retrozone Vol 1 Ozone RecordingsWhat we’re gonna do is here is go back… WAY back… as Sheffield’s Ozone Recordings launch a new reissue series called, er, RetrOzone. ]

Think what Brodanse’s Danse Club do for old US garage records, but for 1991/92-style hardcore rave. Featured here are three lesser-known tracks from ’92 courtesy of Nebula II (Flatliners), Bass Generator (Rhubarb & Samples) and Trak 1 (Street Violence), plus Rush Pirates’ Vol 1, a brand-new, sample-tastic affair that nails the sound of those white-gloves-n’-whistles days perfectly.

A bit of a departure from the usual TIWWD fare this one, admittedly. But ’91 hardcore was pretty much where yours truly came in and I suspect there are quite a lot of other, older househeads out there who won’t be able to resist breaking into a big silly grin when they hear these tracks.

Whistle posse – make some fucking noise!

Out: This week

About: You can find Ozone Recordings on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Awaspect – Wake Up

May 5, 2015 in Singles

Awaspect Wake Up Sounds Of JuanThree very different mixes to choose from on what’s a particularly fine offering from Sounds Of Juan here.

In its Original form, Wake Up is quite a slow, druggy/chuggy tech-houser with a heavily distorted male voice speaking over cavernous kicks, throbbing bass and a simple, nagging synth riff that’s got definite rave-y overtones. The Danny Mills Remix ups the pace somewhat and is a bit more ‘textbook techno’, if you see what I mean – not in a bad way though, by any means.

But it’s the Phutek Remix that’s grabbing me the most, even if it is a bit outside the usual TIWWD ballpark. Fusing elements of 1992-style rave (echoes of Acen, for one) and mid-90s nu-NRG, I only played it once and I had to rush out in the street and hug strangers, saying “what’s your name mate where ya from what ya on?” and offering them my water*. Ah, memories…

Out: This week

About: Find Sounds Of Juan on Facebook or at the Krafted Music website.

* I didn’t ACTUALLY do that, obviously. I’d make right show of myself. But you get the idea.