Audio Units, Hamza & Omanu – Space Dust

November 28, 2015 in Singles

Hamza, Audio Units & Omanu Space Dust DeepWit RecordingsMore quality deep house vibes here, coming from those ever-reliable providers of such, Denmark’s DeepWit Recordings.

Four mixes of Space Dust to choose from. The original’s a dreamaway late-night throbber with female vocal snips, rolling drums, warm percussion, space-y synths (of course) and just a hint of Detroit-t synth-strings in the mid-section. First up to to the remix plate is Finest Wear, who gives us a more floor-friendly rub, though you’d still be talking early doors or very late play. Pat Lezizmo also ups the tempo slightly while retaining more of the Original’s ‘lost in space’ feel, while finally Niclas With Attitude comes with a stripped-back, slightly techier pass.

To be honest, thought, the differences between the mixes here are fairly minor – this is a ‘proper’ deep house bomb whichever way you slice it!

Out: This week

About: Find DeepWit Recordings herehere and here.

Hamza – Artforms EP

September 3, 2015 in Singles

Hamza Artforms EP Adaptation MusicIndia’s top dog house producer shows his versatility here with two quite different deep house jams.

The clue’s in the title with both… on the A you’ve got Acid Jazz, quite a lively number with, unsurprisingly, a jazzy, almost St Germain-ish feel as well as – if you listen closely – what sound like cut-up Hindi vox, though I could be wrong. Flip it over, and you’ll find Boiler Disco, a pleasingly understated disco-house workout that’s got bags of energy to its pulsating bassline, string stabs and sparkly synths, yet is refreshingly 100% free of the kind of cheesy, hi-octane filter disco excess the title might lead you to worry about.

If pushed then Acid Jazz just nudges it for me, I think, but it’s a close call.

Out: It just says ‘September’ so, y’know, now-ish.

About: This comes not on Hamza’s own Wind Horse Records, as you might expect, but rather on UK label Adaptation Music, who you can find here, here and here.

Kartech – House Shift

August 9, 2014 in Singles

Kartech House Shift Wind Horse RecordsSome very fine deep house grooves all the way from the Indian subcontinent now, with the latest from Hamza and Vipul Angirish’s Wind Horse Records.

In its original form, House Shift is a mid-paced instrumental throbber, probably best suited to warm-up play except on the most specialist of floors, while Hamza’s remix is a little bit chunkier and, as the track progresses, a little trippier too. The marginally tuffer Priyesh Patil and marginally more funk-ified Steve Conlan mixes are also very playable, and then finally bonus cut Saturn’s Solution is a little bit more strutty n’ techy but every bit as good.

As with the Chunnk single below, not picking a fave mix cos I’m liking all of them.

Out: This week

About: You can find Wind Horse, who are based in New Delhi and who’ve been in the game since 2009, here, here and here.

Hamza & Vipul – House Music Soldiers

January 17, 2013 in Singles

Hamza & Vipul House Music Soldiers Wind Horse RecordsVery tired tonight… so much so that I nearly wasn’t going to bother. But then I remembered that I did at least want to tell you about this. Cos it’s ace.

In case you hadn’t worked it out yet, there are certain things I’m a sucker for. Scat vocals and organs, for instance. House records with vocals that do nothing but extol the virtues of house music. And vocoders. This record has a very Flawless-like vocodered vocal informing us that “Everywhere I go, we got house music soldiers” (damn right), so I was pretty much forced to love it really. And I do.

Doesn’t hurt, of course, that it comes in four (subtly) varying shades of deep house thanks to remixes from Kartech, Steve Conlan and my good buddy Sebastian ‘Nightbird’ Davidson. All four mixes are very playable, but I think Kartech’s techier rub works best for me just cos it makes a little more of the vocal, with Seb’s blissy, deep disco-influenced rub a close second.

Out: This week

About: This comes on Hamza & Vipul’s own Wind Horse Records, which is certainly the best house label out of India that I’ve come across to date…

Various – Finest NY House 2012

December 16, 2012 in Singles

Finest NY House 2012Finest NY House 2012Not one but two sampler EPs here from King Street, following the label’s usual, somewhat confusing strategy of putting out completely different yet identically titled EPs for Beatport and Traxsource.

In the red corner then we have the Beatport Edition. This is a seven-track affair, with contributions from Fisher & Fiebak, Satoshi Fumi, T Ruggieri, Iban Reus & Oliver Schmitz, M2, vexuS T and Mass Digital. Here, the emphasis is mostly on drummy, tracky shit: Ruggieri’s Love Shines Through, Fumi’s Shiny and Mass Digital’s deeper Those Moments stand out.

In the blue corner, meanwhile, the Traxsource edition features a further seven cuts, this time on a more melodic/musical/funkier tip. Marco Bruzzano’s Rebirth is one highlight, Quentin Kane’s euphoric, Rod Stewart-sampling M.U.S.I.C another, with further contributions coming from Washerman, Alex Font, Phazed Groove, Urban Soul and Hamza.

As you might expect from a collection focusing mostly on up-and-coming names, there are a couple of tracks that fail to hit the spot but overall, both EPs do their job of showcasing the current house sound of NYC admirably.

Out: This week for the Traxsource edition; you’ll have to wait till December 24 for the Beatport one.

About: As well as their own website you can now find King Street/Nite Grooves/Street King on Facebook and Soundcloud.

Various – New Breed Of Deep House 2012 samplers

September 23, 2012 in Singles

New Breed Of Deep House 2012 Traxsource

The mighty King Street serve up not one but two samplers for their forthcoming full-length compilation New Breed Of Deep House 2012. But to be fair, you probably figured that out from the post heading!

As is King Street’s wont, there are two completely separate sampler bundles available: one for Traxsource, one for Beatport. I’m not going into all 18 tracks individually but of the two, the seven-track ‘Traxsource Edition’ is probably better suited for fans of traditional-style deep house, with lots of funky basslines, sampled disco vox and warm Rhodes hooks, while the ‘Beatport Edition’ errs towards the skinny-jeans-wedge-haircut-and-cardigan hipster tech-house side of things, with glacial synths and strobelight throbbers more in evidence.

New Breed Of Deep House 2012 BeatportBut that’s a very sweeping statement, a picture painted in the broadest of strokes, and there are plenty of top-drawer nuggets to be found on both releases. Domscott’s Ain’t Playing Games No More (Traxsource Edition) is a fine, funk-fuelled gem that’s got more than a touch of the Matty Heilbronns about it, while if it’s more experimental/cutting-edge sounds you’re after then Whim-ee’s You Can Amor (Beatport Edition), which sounds like the future garage sound of Berlin, will see you right for sure.

So best be on the safe side and get both, eh?

Out: This week

About: You know where to find King Street so I guess there’s room to tell you that the full list of artists featured on the two EPs includes (deep breath): Soundealers, Washerman, Domscott, Chocolate Avenue, Alfonso Ares feat Celia, Hamza, Tout Le Monde (all Traxsource Edition), Rey & Kjavik feat Kevin Iszard, SO DEAFI, Balcazar & Sordo, Shades Of Gray, Whim-ee, Nicko Vee, Kyoko Kamichika & Masahiro Suzuki, Nico Purman, 9west and Oscar Higinion (all Beatport Edition).

Hamza – Groove Guru EP

November 2, 2011 in Singles

Another label I’ve been feeling a lot lately are Unrivaled Music, and here’s yet another example of why, as Hamza – who I’m guessing, though it doesn’t explicitly say so, is the same Hamza who runs India’s leading house label Wind Horse Records – serves up three tracks of quality house/deep house for your dancing pleasure.

Groove Guru itself is a party-starting slab of funky-fuelled disco house done properly… with a fat-ass bassline and a vocodered vocal (I’m a sucker for vocoders), this would almost be worthy of the great Mr Lee himself circa Universe Of Love. And that’s praise indeed coming from me!

Funky Chuski treads a similarly funk/disco-inspired path, but this time with the addition of some serious jazz-funk saxuality… and then, just to prove our boy Hamza’s no one-trick pony, Giving It Up is an altogether deeper dancefloor nugget, with a heavy jazz influence. Oh yeah, and the female half-sung, half-spoken – and then chopped n’ sampled – vocal reminds me, for some reason, of Thandie Newton in the film Gridlock’d.
Incidentally, if you’ve never seen Gridlock’d (with Tupac, Tim Roth and the aforesaid Ms Newton), you really should… EXCELLENT film. But I digress. What we’re here to talk about is this record and, yeah, it’s yet another bomb from Unrivaled.
Out: This week.
About: The currently on-fire Unrivaled Music is of course part of Essex’s Endemic stable