Rishi K – Grey Area

September 7, 2014 in Singles

Rishi K Grey Area Savoir Faire MusiqueActually seems like a little while since TIWWD fave Rishi K made an appearance on this blog but here he is again with a typically high-calibre offering for the ever-excellent Savoir Faire Musique.

In its original form, Grey Area is quite a trad-style deep houser, with a chunky b-line, some great muted chords and a spoken female vocal wittering on about research chemicals. As you do. Remix-wise, Hall North takes us into dubbier, spacier pastures,while Manchester producer Loz Goddard drops the tempo somewhat and brings a little boogie/proto-garage flava to the party, as well as adding a bizarre sing-song male “you feel disgusted” vocal, and a seriously tripped-out extended breakdown in the middle.

The lingering chords and rolling beats of Loz’s mix grabbed me most at first but after a good few listens, this one’s just too close to call as regards a favourite – they’re all good.

Out: This week

About: Find Savoir Faire Musique on Soundcloud and Facebook.

Hall North – Consilium EP

August 6, 2013 in Singles

Hall North Consilium EP Glue MusicA meeting of minds here as one of the UK’s current hottest producers, Teesside lad Hall North, teams up with one of the true legends of the UK house and techno scene, Eddie Richards. Well, on one mix he does, anyway…

Consilium itself is a fairly dark, heads-down groove topped with disembodied snatches of what sounds like sci-fi/horror film dialogue – a cut that’s made to heard on big speakers at 4am. Anima is in a similar vein with its rock-solid, pounding kicks, more barely-there spoken vox and lashings of low-end rumble, but unsurprisingly it’s Richards’ remix of the latter that’s the standout here, a more stripped-down and slightly more sedate pass that brings some gorgeously warm, understated acid squelch to the party.

Proper heads’ tackle and no mistake, guv’nor!

Out: This week

About: This comes on a new London-based label, Glue Music, which has been set up by Richard Seeley who you might know from releases on veryverywrongindeed (among others). This is the label’s sixth release but their first TIWWD appearance – find out more from their website and Facebook page.

Hall North – Emancipation

September 12, 2012 in Singles

Hall North Emancipation DeepWit

Those of the ‘less is more’ school of thought will be happy with this latest from Denmark’s DeepWit Uncovered.

In its Original form, Emancipation ain’t nuthin’ but a deep/tech groove – essentially it’s a drum loop, a breakdown then a drum loop from start to finish, but that’s enough. Lee Pennington’s remix is a slightly more spangly variation on the theme, while Nick Robson’s remix is a pacier, more jackin’ affair with techier drums and what may nor may not be a snippet of the old Coolthamenta vocal?

But while all three are very playable, once again it’s Dave James that takes top honours in my books, his Ibiza Departures Remix being precisely the kind of stripped-down dub excursion you’d hope it might be. Mrs TIWWD prefers Lee Pennington’s though so, y’know, everyone’s happy.

Out: This week

About: You can find DeepWit on Soundcloud, on Facebook or at their own website.