Filthy Geeks & DJ Roland Clark – We Love Our House Music

March 16, 2014 in Singles

Filthy Geeks Roland Clark We Love Our House Music DualismAnd from one US house veteran to another! Apparently this team up between the legendary Roland Clark and the UK duo of Stu Allan & Adam Wagstaff, AKA Filthy Geeks, first dropped last year… must have missed it then but not to worry because here are no fewer than eight new mixes to choose from.

All the mixes see Mr Clark in full-on preacherman mode, preaching – of course – the gospel of house: “We live for this music, we’d die for this music, we dance to this music, we cry to this music/Body rock to this music, don’t stop to this music, put our hands in the air and don’t care if we lose it”. The mixes come from Luca M & JUST2, Al Bradley, SundayClub, Gus Bonani, Ricardo Galindo, KP Deep Mesh, Carlos Alfaro and Cales & Mr Hyde… and because there are eight of them I’m not going into each and every rub. Suffice to say that house lovers of many different tastes will be catered for, but Al’s 3am Bodyrock Dub and the KP Deep Mesh Mix are standouts for yours truly, with SundayClub’s darker, more twisted pass also deserving an honourable mention.

Out: This week

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