Al Bradley – Remixed At 3am

October 6, 2013 in Singles

Al Bradley Remixed At 3am 3am RecordingsRegular readers will know I’ve long been a fan of 3am Recordings (it was on my watch at iDJ that we put out this back in 2004, for instance), and of label boss Al Bradley’s ‘3am Deep’ remixes for all and sundry. So this EP is something of a treat, as eight of said mixes for all and sundry, originally released on various other labels, are gathered together in one place.

Given that there are eight of ’em, I’m not going into each track/mix individually. But the original artists involved are 2 Billion Beats, Craig Stewart, Funkdamentalist, Honom, Max Conte & Blackmode, Nick Devon, Paul Hardy & McKai and Tim Wolff, plus Al himself in one instance. And in all eight instances, expect nothing but the finest deep house dancefloor grooves.

Special mention must be made of Craig’s discofied Karman Line and the twisted, druggy afterhours wrongnesss of Nick Devon’s So Addicted, but it’s all good. As they say.

Out: This week

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Various – Something For You Vol 3

September 29, 2013 in Singles

Something For You Volume 3 Something DifferentMore fine deep n’ techy house grooves on this latest in Something Different’s series of V/A eps.

Evan Iff is up first with Minor Luck, which (in Justin Harris Remix form, at least) is a sumptuous female-vocalled affair sitting right on the deep house/garage borderline. Junior Gee’s Stop And Spin [Funkdamentalist Remix] is a techier, glitcher and drummier cut, while Matches gives us Get Loose [Terry Grant’s Couples Only Remix], a seriously chunky, funky deep house dancefloor stomper. Skeleton Army are up next with Version X [Pete Moss Remix], an atmospheric cut probably best suited to warm-up or post-club play, while bringing the EP to a close is WLF’s Triplete M [Leigh Clark Remix], a proper journey of a track that marries dreamy disco elements to no-nonsense beats and a seriously ass-shakin’ bottom end.

If pushed, it’s the latter track and Minor Luck that stand out, but only just – this is sterling stuff throughout, making this definitely one to check.

Out: This week

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Funkdamentalist – Genesis

March 14, 2013 in Singles

Funkdamentalist Genesis Something DifferentAfter two in a row from my new favourite multiple-label-stable-based-in-Florida, we head back to the UK for the latest from a long-standing fave label of TIWWD’s, Something Different.

It’s another three-track affair. The title track marries a classic organ/synth riff with a snippet from the “in the beginning there was Jack” vocal –  a combination that frankly was never gonna fail with an ageing househead like yours truly. You then get two mixes of Transient Lust: the original is fat n’ funky in extremis, and pretty driving as deep house goes, while the Soul Sway Remix is a more laidback, late-night pass.

Three varying shades of deep house here then, but I’m happy to report it really is a case of ‘all killers, no fillers’.

Out: This week

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Various – Stocking Fillers EP

January 22, 2013 in Singles

Stocking Fillers EP Something DifferentFunny name for an EP that’s coming out now but never mind that, because four new tracks (or rather new mixes) from Something Different are never something to be sneezed at!

The four tracks come from Left Minded, Funkdamentalist, Soul Camp and Werner Niedermeier, as remixed by Dilby, Casual Encounters, Ellroy and Jesus Pablo & Adam Brass. Between them, they cover various shades of deep house, from the very now and techy The Grind by Left Minded to the more traditional/soulful Baby Don’t Go by Soul Camp (as remixed by Ellroy)… the latter being my favourite of the four, I think.

Got a lot on this week so having to race through stuff a bit but yeah, this is well worth checking, with something to suit deep/tech DJs across a range of styles.

Out: This week

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Funkdamentalist – Exposed EP

October 13, 2012 in Singles

Funkdamentalist Exposed EP Something Different

A deep n’ groovy little three-tracker here from Something Different, courtesy of Washington DC-based producer Funkdamentalist.

Exposed itself is a midtempo but quite jaunty deep houser whose organs and cut-up vox give it a garage-y kinda feel. Werner Niedermeier doesn’t flip the script massively on his remix but does add a squelchy bassline that sounds a little like a far more subdued Dooms Night, while rounding out the EP is another original cut, The Grind, a more meandering and percussive groove but with those early 90s organs still in effect, alongside “baby” female vocal wails and with some old skool pianos thrown in to boot.

‘Classic house vibes brought right up to date’ would be the overall story here, then. Niceness!

Out: This week

About: You can find Something Different on Facebook and Soundcloud.